Special Feature: Mermaid Structured Pleated Bodice Tube Dress

Marvel your friends with our remarkably flattering Mermaid Structured Pleated Bodice Tube Dress! If you are busy piling your wardrobe with the colours suitable for Chinese New Year, do take time off for the everyday worthy colours like Black and Navy Blue for this piece too.

After all, you don’t want to be seen in the Chinese New Year shades of red long after the festivities are over, no?


 Wear this over a soft cardigan to keep warm at the movies with your boyfriend, or a nail art session with your girlfriends. You will never go wrong with the easy to match colours of Black and Blue!


Special Feature: Criss Cross Waist Duo Tone Dress

Having the Monday blues subdue you late Sunday evening?

Already opening your wardrobe to plan for what to wear tomorrow?

Too lazy to mix and match top and bottom together?

Get our Criss Cross Waist Duo Tone Dress in Grey or Red!


The perfect work dress to throw on when dressing up is not on top of your list, yet you want to look presentable. Pair it off with wedges/heels and some bangles, whilst letting your hair hang loosely over your shoulders. Don’t forget to put on your brightest smile when you meet your boss!

The Navy Blue is all pending at the moment! Wait no more, click here to purchase this season’s hottest work dress before they are all pending!

Sorry, and Thank You

Dear girls,

Have you started your shopping experience with our latest collection at Hollyhoque yet? Our server was finally up and running at 2300 hours. Please accept our apologies to all who awaited patiently for that to happen. Our bad. 😦

For those of you who have collected your flats or heels, are you loving them? 🙂 Well, something will make you love them more, if you feel a size bigger is too loose, and a size smaller, too tight. It’s really good stuff!


In relation to the server crash, we know it is the third time this is occuring but Sheila really is trying her best to prevent such occurences.  Sheila hopes to set up the dot com because it will be efficient in the long run, from auto-invoicing to status of item availability and in the near future, VIP viewing whereby some of you can have first hand purchases. Sheila has actually changed two hosts since the dot com started and upgraded the server to enable larger traffic flow but the traffic flow really isn’t predictable. Like yesterday, it went higher than expected which caused the server to break down from overwork and Sheila immediately sought help from the hosting company. Unfortunately, it took them about an hour or so to get the site up. 😦

In addition, we would like to deeply apologize for the post on here (which have since been removed) should it offended anyone of you in anyway. The writer seriously didn’t mean it in the way  it was read that had caused so much unhappiness and misunderstanding.

Lastly, thank you very much for writing in and giving us such valuable opinions, we will definitely work harder to bring a better Hollyhoque to everyone of her supporters! Please do not give up on us just yet, Sheila is trying her best to bring Hollyhoque to the next level. We would also like to genuinely thank you girls for being with us all these while. We know we wouldn’t be here without you. Please give us some time to get the dot com as a pristine shopping destination for all of you. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! 🙂

Launch > Hollyhoque Collection 72

Preview > Hollyhoque Collection 72


Mandarin Collar Oriental Halter Dress
Fuchsia, White, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

This dress is aptly Chinese New Year worthy. We love how east (mandarin collar) and west (halter) intertwine here. Put this on, your visitings seriously can’t get better. You can also put this on for Valentine’s Day prior to Chinese New Year, for this piece will keep you looking chic in posh restaurants but more importantly, blow your date away with that uptown fashion sense.

Look at how Joyce flaunts this dress together with our Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Dusty Navy! This combination is the ultimate bomb!

Featuring structured satin (NEW material), cloth buttons, smock banded at the back and side zip for easy wearing. Not sheer.


Ruched Waist V-Slit Bustier Dress
Hot Pink, Purple, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

Sick of the usual tube dresses? Well, this one sure is different. We love how this dress encompasses a v-slit at the bust area and together with the ruched waist, so accentuates the curves! The vibrant colours also add value to the happiness scale. Own one of this blockbusters in its gorgeous hues!

Featuring polyester-like material seen on Splatter Paint Tube Dress, bubble gum colours, pads at bust area, smocked back and side zip for easy wearing.


Line Quilted V-Neckline Dress
Light Grey/Black, Purple/Dark Grey, Blurple/Black, Dusty Pink/Grey

Hollyhoque Label

A simple next-door-girl portrayal with this dress, but never underestimate the alluring factor associated with it. This dress is great when worn casual or dressy as it can bring you from chillaxing sessions to dinner dates! We especially adore the line quilted-like details at the bust area!

Featuring satin that is super soft to the touch, unique colour combinations, inner lining, elastic band at back, side zip for easy wearing.


Bounty Rose Casual Mini Dress
Blue, Purple

Hollyhoque Label

Lemming to flaunt your sexy legs? This dress is yours to keep. This fuss free dress is also your solution to brunches/high teas with your girlfriends during the weekends. Deck on those chunky bangles and a pair of heels and you are good to go. We love the bounty roses akin to those on cheong sums and this definitely is another piece of Chinese New Year loot for you!

Featuring lycra, entails a super slimming effect, features inner lining and slight capped sleeves.


Mermaid Structured Pleated Bodice Tube Dress
Teal, Red, Dusty Pink, Black

Hollyhoque Label

Personally, I prefer Teal of the lot, but I have to admit Red and Dusty Pink are no defeat to this tube dress.

Made of structured cotton, features pleats near the waist, banded at back, side zip for easy wearing and can even fit up to a (big) UK10 or (small) UK12!

Be the sexy goddess this Chinese New Year for the colours Red and Pink oozes of festive spirit. Otherwise, throw on a simple cardigan and don on those killer heels of yours to go clubbing in this number!


Mesh Overlay Baby Doll Top
Dusty Pink, Red, Cyan

Don’t we all like Baby Doll Tops and their versatility? Well, this mesh overlay one isn’t like the others. It’s special and chic, all roll in one. Hop into a pair of denims and throw on this top for a chit chat session with your girlfriends. Or, put this on with your formal bottoms and you are ready to go to work!

Featuring mesh and fully lined with cotton, pleats at chest area to accentuate bust, smocked back, adjustable straps and side zip for easy wearing.


 Cross Back Chiffon Bustier Top
Grey, Dusty Pink

Hollyhoque Label

We have bustier dresses, how about a top for that matter? A casual and simple throw on piece! The sweet heart neckline is to die for, really.

Featuring lycra for bodice and satin for straps for contrast, smocked back and pleated front to accentuate the bust.


Tie Sash Toga Dress
Navy Blue
, Coral, White

Hollyhoque Label

Too shy for shoulders parade? Then you should be in the league for toga dresses!

Featuring lycra, Megan Fox inspired design, loop at strap for that peekaboo effect and elastic banded at low waist.

Our Picks ♥ Sheila in coral, Nicole in navy blue, Joyce in White

Remember our previously sell out Dual Colour Mod Dress? It’s making a comeback, this time in Dark Fuchsia and absolutely pretty! Apart from that, we have one other unreleased design so stay tuned to our next launch, date/day and time…

to be unveiled soon so watch this space!

Quote Your Price

In our next collection, we introduce you two designs of Hollyhoque’s very own footwear! Casual or formal, it’s your choice, but we say, get both or regret later! 🙂

Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats
Gunmetal Grey (Blue Stitches), Brown (Pink Stitches), Khaki Nude (Green Stitches)

Hollyhoque Label

Have the endless walking on shopping trips during weekends tormented your feet much? Your feet deserves some pampering!

Hollyhoque brings you sassy flats that diminish the boring index to zero! If you are one who likes things plain and simple, then the Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats in Gunmetal Grey (Blue Stitches) is probably made for you. Look at how happy Joyce is slipping into a pair!

If you are searching high and low for a pair of flats with quirky colour combinations, then pick the Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats in Brown (Pink Stitches)!

If your wardrobe is bursting with dark coloured clothings, we suggest you bringing home the Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats in Khaki Nude (Green Stitches) for the colour stands out against dark shades well!

Sheila and I are so deeply in love with the flats she kept a colour each for herself and I am going to order a colour of each for myself during the launch! You should too!


Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels
Noir Black, Dusty Navy, Khaki Nude

Hollyhoque Label

Are you a heels person? Well, I am. The worse thing that can happen to any female, in my opinion, is to lack the appropriate footwear to pull off her sophistication.

Owing a pair of Hollyhoque’s Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels definitely alleviates your problem a little!

Go for Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Noir Black if your black pencil skirt is awaiting some adorning.

Flora Motif Kimono Top in Navy Blue and Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Noir Black, as seen on Sheila:

She successfully pulled off the semi-casual look, so if you think heels are only for formal ocassions, chuck that idea aside!

Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Dusty Navy Blue, my absolute favourite. It’s an uncommonly seen colour for heels, yet it spells nothing but elegance. Did I mention that the inner hot pink is such a stark contrast to the external dusty navy blue and is so lovely?

Otherwise, strut away in Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Khaki Nude, if you are one who is always on the cutting edge of fashion and have an inkling that this colour is definitely this season’s must have!

Needless to say, Joyce walked home (figuratively) with a colour of each!

Sizes for the flats and heels run from 36 to 40 (for now) and while you are advised to take a size up for the flats, do keep to the same size for the heels. Sizes are with reference to local brand, Charles & Keith.

Now, are you totally looking forward to our next launch already? But before that, we want to HEAR YOU!

Quote your price for the flats and heels by leaving a comment!

And! Don’t Sheila look amazing in the Flora Motif Kimono Top in Navy Blue?

Have you got yours yet?

Click here if you haven’t, stocks are running low for the navy blue, with both white and beige sold out!

At your request, backorders for some of the more popular items have also opened! Join now alright, and be here for our sneak preview for the next collection, coming right up!

Please Note > Invoice No. #100000XXX – pending

Hotmail Users
Do add sales@hollyhoque.com to your contacts to prevent our emails from being classified as junk!

Invoice No. #100000XXX – pending
essentially means that your order has been received and confirmed, and it is currently pending for payment!

Thank you for noting! 🙂

Blogger’s Notes > Splatter Paint Tube Dress

Ever wonder which dress in our current collection masks different auras on different ocassions?

We think, it has to be our Splatter Paint Tube Dress!

The splatter paint, attached to a solid colour (Tropical Grey, Frutti Tutti Blurple or Fruitti Tutti Plum) skirt adjoined with a black waist band simply soars the comfort level, and effectively fits even a (big) UK8 or (small) UK10 well.

We understand your love for versatility, but this piece really has it all.

Put on the Frutti Tutti Plum for Chinese New Year visitings or Valentine’s Day with that special someone. The Plum is simply irresistable.

Or the Frutti Tutti Blurple/Tropical Grey on those I-have-nothing-to-wear days to school, and even work! The trick is to throw on a shrug or cardigan and all eyes will definitely be on you for that effort to look stylishly chic!


Look at how Nicole and Joyce pulled their Splatter Paint Tube Dresses off! Partying has never been more fun!

Tropical Grey and Frutti Tutti Blurple, as seen on Nicole and Joyce:

If you ask me for my choice of colour, I say the safer bet is to go for Tropical Grey, Fruitti Tutti Blurple for something more unique and Frutti Tutti Plum for an unfound you!

Click here before stocks run out! We are so loving this dress!

Thank You

for standing by Hollyhoque while we moved to dot com. It sure hasn’t been easy, and we know we are still far from being your perfect shopping site, but we are trying, real hard, to get there!

We thought it would be good to share with you girls why we made the major decision to move to dot com:

Auto-Invoicing – This means that you need not wait for an invoice from us as it is auto-generated. You may proceed with payment once you receive the invoice. It definitely saves us alot of work. Apart from that, the sooner we receive your payment, the sooner we’ll be able to despatch your parcel, effectively reducing the time for you to receive the pretty items!

Item Status – While we were still functioning on our LJ, we could be too caught up with invoicing to update the status. With a dot com, however, the status is updated almost instantly upon an item being sold out.

Email Notification – Complaints about us not emailing you when an item is out of stock are one too many. We would love to inform each and everyone of you, but due to time constraint, we are only able to liaise with customers whose items are still in stock. Returning to the previous point, now with a status update on our dot com of each and every item, you will be able to tell if the item you fancy is still in stock.

If you girls are still having problems with our dot com despite the tips in the previous post, please feel free to email sales@hollyhoque.com indicating the in stock items you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Please do check your junk for our emails, especially for hotmail users!

In stocks for the following items are running fast! Lay your fingers on them before they are sold out.
– Cut-In Structured Button Back Body Con Dress
– Splatter Paint Tube Dress
– Duo Stripe Colour Can-Can Dress
– Ruched Front Tube Skorty Romper

Duo Stripe Colour Can-Can Dress (Grey), as seen on Sheila:

Ooh, this piece is simply love! It brings out tanned complexion so well!

What are you waiting for? Click here to start your shopping experience with Hollyhoque now now now!

We appreciate everyone of you, really!

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