Launch > Hollyhoque Collection 71

Dear all,

Click here for Collection 71 now!

Thank you for all the support thus far!

We wouldn’t be here without you. πŸ™‚


  1. i have left an comment on the post itself yesterday at 8pm+
    but you just sent me an email stating u didnt receive any email enquiry from my latest order??

    pls get back to me the soonest can thanks. =((((
    by now, i think all are pending already. =((
    hais. i really dont know wat happen.
    but the lauching time can only let me order at nite as i got sch in the noon time.
    but i sent in my orders, you say u didnt receive it.
    means by now, i dont tink i am able to get it.
    no offence, but i really think very ………….!!!

  2. hello sheila. hmm. i have sent in email at 8pm+… but not sure if the items are still available. can u pls send me an email even if the items i ordered are sold out?? so tat i wont be waiting for the email. sorry for the trouble

    • Hello dear! Actually you can just leave a comment on the post itself. The items you are looking at are most likely pending/sold if you don’t receive an invoice within 48 hours. Sorry about it! 😦

  3. Basically got all my orders confirmed!! yay!!
    overjoyed =p

    When is the next launch? lol

  4. was waiting patiently(twice) for the launch but just realised that it’s launched at lj instead.
    just commented for the ted barker inspired in red. hopefully can get.

    i love HH clothes! huge temptation!!!!

  5. i agree with the pricing. ted baker was 26 in the site and 27 in LJ 😦

    • Dear all, the prices on the dot com were messed up. The chiffon top is supposed to cost $24 but it was $23 at the dot com when it should be the price for the leafy tube, please give Sheila some time to get the dot com fixed and I will try my best to prevent similar hiccups.

      Rest assured that all prices have been decided on way before the launch!

  6. hihi

    im new to hollyhoque, how to place order?
    just leave comments? does not seem to be getting reply…

    someone pls enlighten me, thanks!

    • Leave a comment with the item/s you are interested in and your email and we will send an invoice via email to you if the item/s you are looking at is/are still available.

  7. i din realise that it was launched at LJ! i placed my order alr, i do hope i have a piece:)

  8. hi sheila,

    in ur LJ, u stated $1 off for each item purchased as a form of apology.

    just nw when i see the price of the tunic in .com of the knit tunic is $24.

    now in LJ is $25. so there’s no differ right?

  9. Or maybe u could launch this collection in LJ then in the meantime, work out the kinks in the other system? cos i have been waiting since yesterday….

  10. Good things are worth waiting for gals! =)

    Give them some encouragement, credits to them taking this BIG step in setting up a dot com….young babes with huge aspirations!

    Bound to have hiccups / teething issues when first go LIVE, sure they will be able to resolve this issue soon πŸ˜‰

  11. Hi tried to log in but encountered some others have the same problem

  12. yup! quite a waste of time… disappointment for 2 times…

  13. Shelia, I agree w what the other girls said. Can you just stick to LJ? The new site is great too but it’s really annoying if it keeps crashing ALL THE TIME. It’s like, wasting our time and effort waiting for the launch. No offences though. We’re all dying to grab the apparels. πŸ˜‰

  14. Hey, the website is crashed again. 😑
    As at 14:30 of 13 January 2010

  15. hi, i have problems logging to the website as well. =(

  16. yeah I can’t access the site either 😦

  17. cant access too 😦

  18. the server crashed again? hmm.. then when will the launching time?? haha

  19. princessielle says:

    can u just use livejournal? we r like the guinea pigs for ur site! oh manz!!

  20. did the server crash again?

  21. yes. forbidden. when will it be done?

  22. Oh dear, it’s 210pm and the error message is back!

  23. sian… keep refreshing but the same prob occur

  24. yeah, still cant log in

  25. very disappointing here too. just continue with lj

  26. Can’t access! 😦 I kept having this msg “403 Forbidden” on my tab. What’s wrong babe?

  27. ongjiayan says:

    hey babe. i cant log in to ur web still =(

  28. im v disappointed that the same problem happened during launching time 😦

  29. ahhh cannot get in the site 😦

  30. hi babe

    your website still down? can’t wait to view this collection!

  31. )): there is something wrong with the site. couldnt see anything! i hope i dont miss the launch! )):

  32. Hmm.. the website’s down? Or is it my comp’s down? I can’t access it! =( Sigh!

  33. sheila! i cant access ):

  34. Will there be a backorder if response is good? cos I will miss the launch at 2pm.. ):

    • Not sure as of now, but backorders (if any) will be capped to maintain exclusivity. View the collection at the earliest possible time of your convinience ok dear! Thank you for the support!

  35. cannot launch abit later?
    i have school at 2pm 😦

  36. ok nice, idk wat is going on…. DON’T EXPLAIN! thanks!!!

  37. hey, am wondering about the white shirtdress backorder some time ago? how’s the progress? i didnt receive any email, and i’ve tried to email you guys a few times but i get no reply..

  38. babe, possible to make the launch earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon? will be at a meeting at 2pm and i don’t want to miss the launch!

  39. Can’t wait! Hope I can view it in time. Btw, will 24hrs still be given for us to make payments before re-opening the slot to others or will the fastest persons to pay after receiving invoice get the item? (i.e: even though paid within 24hrs but item still given to whoever paid soonest)

  40. is it possible to launch it either in the morning or at night? 2pm is such a weird timing :S

  41. keep up the gd workkk! have to been great so farr πŸ™‚ luv the new site!

  42. Sounds so enticing !! >< All our money gonna be spent here man…..

  43. Will there be any BO for this collection? I’m going to miss the launch 😦

  44. Love the new website!!! Cant wait for it to launch!!! Great Jobs BabeS!!!! Keep up the good work and bring more new and lovely stuff in for us!!!!

    • Thank you Simin! We hope you love the collection tomorrow! There are lotsa great apparels coming up on Hollyhoque for you girls to prepare for Chinese New Year and Velentines’ Day!

  45. Hi,
    Noticed that you have indicated the launch to be changed to Wednesday 13 Feb. Do you mean it to be Wednesday 13 Jan instead?


  46. hi girls, i think u mean 13 Jan instead of feb? πŸ™‚

  47. do you think that you could change the launch time to night instead? Alot of us have work and school in the morning.. thanks!

    • Sheila is available in the day tomorrow, thus we thought it is better for her to be around to attend to the emails. Thanks for your suggestion though, we’ll factor it in our consideration!

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