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Ever wonder which dress in our current collection masks different auras on different ocassions?

We think, it has to be our Splatter Paint Tube Dress!

The splatter paint, attached to a solid colour (Tropical Grey, Frutti Tutti Blurple or Fruitti Tutti Plum) skirt adjoined with a black waist band simply soars the comfort level, and effectively fits even a (big) UK8 or (small) UK10 well.

We understand your love for versatility, but this piece really has it all.

Put on the Frutti Tutti Plum for Chinese New Year visitings or Valentine’s Day with that special someone. The Plum is simply irresistable.

Or the Frutti Tutti Blurple/Tropical Grey on those I-have-nothing-to-wear days to school, and even work! The trick is to throw on a shrug or cardigan and all eyes will definitely be on you for that effort to look stylishly chic!


Look at how Nicole and Joyce pulled their Splatter Paint Tube Dresses off! Partying has never been more fun!

Tropical Grey and Frutti Tutti Blurple, as seen on Nicole and Joyce:

If you ask me for my choice of colour, I say the safer bet is to go for Tropical Grey, Fruitti Tutti Blurple for something more unique and Frutti Tutti Plum for an unfound you!

Click here before stocks run out! We are so loving this dress!


  1. xiaobendann says:

    Hi.. HH only accept paypal payment for oversea? Local can’t pay via paypal? haha it comes pretty handy at time for paypal hahah!

  2. athnamas172 says:


    Emailed you guys but have not received a reply… i’m wondering if there are still stocks for Ruched Front Tube Skorty Romper (Black) and Faux Leather Abstract Belt (Brown)?

    I used the link on hollyhoque’s website to enquire as well as sent an email… however no replies…. =(

    I have also commented for items on the livejournal site (what’s available part 1 and 2)..

    Hope that you will get back to me soon..


  3. Hi babe i have not receive any payment verification from you. i paid yesterday. my inv no is #100000278

  4. hi babe

    i have yet to receive a payment verification till now?

    may i know if everything is in order for my item, pls?

    thank you.

  5. both models so pretty!! joyce has a v nice face shape with sharp features, whereas nic has the “dun mess with me” cool look!

  6. Hi dear, I didnt receive an invoice after i checked out my item ! (:
    So can i know which account I should send an email to after i made payment ?

  7. hi, just need to noe whether my order is cfm-ed and have u received my payment email..

    email add: *screened*

  8. Emo Attack says:

    what is joyce-new model’s blog?

    interested to read…

    she’s so pretty..

  9. hey babe!
    I have no idea why I cant order from the website and ever since yesterday i’ve sent emails and Ask Hollyhoque a question because I wanted to get the one in Blurple! its extremely frustrating because you guys didnt reply yesterday etc ): is there any left?! can I get the tropical grey one if theres no more Blurple?

  10. Pls let her know asap coz I really want to get hold of that dress!really appreciate!thks

  11. Hi I order the splatter dress in plum but can I change it to grey instead?I hv nt receive an invoice too!can u help me check *screened* n I wun get the backorder rite?

    • There are still a limited number of in stocks for Tropical Grey dear, don’t worry! I’ll let Sheila know and she’ll send you an invoice asap. Thank you!

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