Thank You

for standing by Hollyhoque while we moved to dot com. It sure hasn’t been easy, and we know we are still far from being your perfect shopping site, but we are trying, real hard, to get there!

We thought it would be good to share with you girls why we made the major decision to move to dot com:

Auto-Invoicing – This means that you need not wait for an invoice from us as it is auto-generated. You may proceed with payment once you receive the invoice. It definitely saves us alot of work. Apart from that, the sooner we receive your payment, the sooner we’ll be able to despatch your parcel, effectively reducing the time for you to receive the pretty items!

Item Status – While we were still functioning on our LJ, we could be too caught up with invoicing to update the status. With a dot com, however, the status is updated almost instantly upon an item being sold out.

Email Notification – Complaints about us not emailing you when an item is out of stock are one too many. We would love to inform each and everyone of you, but due to time constraint, we are only able to liaise with customers whose items are still in stock. Returning to the previous point, now with a status update on our dot com of each and every item, you will be able to tell if the item you fancy is still in stock.

If you girls are still having problems with our dot com despite the tips in the previous post, please feel free to email indicating the in stock items you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Please do check your junk for our emails, especially for hotmail users!

In stocks for the following items are running fast! Lay your fingers on them before they are sold out.
– Cut-In Structured Button Back Body Con Dress
– Splatter Paint Tube Dress
– Duo Stripe Colour Can-Can Dress
– Ruched Front Tube Skorty Romper

Duo Stripe Colour Can-Can Dress (Grey), as seen on Sheila:

Ooh, this piece is simply love! It brings out tanned complexion so well!

What are you waiting for? Click here to start your shopping experience with Hollyhoque now now now!

We appreciate everyone of you, really!



  1. pinkmirage says:

    hello! i sent email and left a msg at the dotcom website bit did not receive any replies! ): i am really very interested to get the Duo Stripe Colour Can-Can Dress (Turquoise) and embroidery frills neckline frilly tiered dress (sea green) if they are still available! (:

    do drop me an email if they are still available! i will make payment promptly! (: *screened*

  2. littlestarlet says:


    will there be a backorder for Button Front Trimmed Casual Dress (Grey/Blue)??

  3. theaddicts says:


    MY EMAIL IS : *screened*


  4. onesquare says:

    hello! i have sent in my payment alr so now i should wait for sheila to reply me right? anw, a small suggestion here… maybe can let us know which items are exclusively manufactured by hh? (: cuz we all love exclusively manufactured items im sure!

  5. serenitude says:

    Hello! this new .com sounds really good ! has very pretty layout too! anyway,little feedback here,is it possible to expand the ‘capacity’ of the site,as yesterday,during the time of launch,it was v.hard to get into the site.I reckon it’s cos there’s a lot of ppl accessing the site at the same time,to get from page 1 to 2,it always go into error mode.To click and view more pictures & descriptions of the item,it also keep going into error mode. Could only view all the items properly after quite sometime from the launch. However,by that time,some of the items are getting sold already 😦 Any tips for this problem? 🙂

    Anyway,I’m really looking forward to the shoes! Looks so preeettyy!

  6. i appreciate my dearest SHEILA too 🙂 thanks for all ur hard work put in. now is so fast…& is really much more efficient!

    WELL DONE! 🙂

    also thanks to you babe, the one who reply to our comments in HH.wordpress. so sorry i forget ur name…but ur constant replies make us know that you are there & we r not “stranded” helplessly. THANK YOU!!

    so looking forward to the next preview post by HH agn. is really aids me in deciding my items fast cos of the well description on HH.wordpress 🙂

  7. Hi there dear, I’m really interested in Ruched Front Tube Skorty Romper in White! But i can’t seem to check out successfully? Like my order is not reveiwed, i can’t get to the ast step? ): Btw, I’ve already made payment for the Embroidery Frills Neckline Frilly Tiered Dress (Blu-Grey) that i ordered previously, so if i were to order the romper i wouldn’t have to pay additional postage fees right? Please get back asap thanks! (:

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