Please Note > Invoice No. #100000XXX – pending

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Invoice No. #100000XXX – pending
essentially means that your order has been received and confirmed, and it is currently pending forΒ payment!

Thank you for noting! πŸ™‚



  1. hello, may i know since i have make payment, why is it still appeared as pending? please revert at your soonest

    • It’s just a system flaw dear! You’ll be fine if you have received a payment verification email from Sheila!

      • well, am seriously felt disappointed on this matter. i have made a payment, and sheila was acknowledge that she have received the fund and ask me to provide address, at the end, you are unable to provide the items to me without informing me until i posted a comment through here!

        please do refunding at your soonest!

        • Hi dear, in order to secure your item, you have to make payment within 24 hours. Otherwise, we’ll have to let the other interested buyers have your item. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. hi, i’ve already made payment but the status still shows pending. my order is #100000090.

  3. after payment the status still states pending? πŸ™‚

  4. Emo Attack says:

    Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dress (white)

    will it be available for backorder?

    or do u have available piece now? =(

  5. hi…can i know e Aisha Cutout Dress in white is still available in Hollyhoque livejournal?

    i wish to purchase a piece. thanks.

    pls invoice me at *screened*

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