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In our next collection, we introduce you two designs of Hollyhoque’s very own footwear! Casual or formal, it’s your choice, but we say, get both or regret later! 🙂

Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats
Gunmetal Grey (Blue Stitches), Brown (Pink Stitches), Khaki Nude (Green Stitches)

Hollyhoque Label

Have the endless walking on shopping trips during weekends tormented your feet much? Your feet deserves some pampering!

Hollyhoque brings you sassy flats that diminish the boring index to zero! If you are one who likes things plain and simple, then the Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats in Gunmetal Grey (Blue Stitches) is probably made for you. Look at how happy Joyce is slipping into a pair!

If you are searching high and low for a pair of flats with quirky colour combinations, then pick the Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats in Brown (Pink Stitches)!

If your wardrobe is bursting with dark coloured clothings, we suggest you bringing home the Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats in Khaki Nude (Green Stitches) for the colour stands out against dark shades well!

Sheila and I are so deeply in love with the flats she kept a colour each for herself and I am going to order a colour of each for myself during the launch! You should too!


Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels
Noir Black, Dusty Navy, Khaki Nude

Hollyhoque Label

Are you a heels person? Well, I am. The worse thing that can happen to any female, in my opinion, is to lack the appropriate footwear to pull off her sophistication.

Owing a pair of Hollyhoque’s Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels definitely alleviates your problem a little!

Go for Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Noir Black if your black pencil skirt is awaiting some adorning.

Flora Motif Kimono Top in Navy Blue and Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Noir Black, as seen on Sheila:

She successfully pulled off the semi-casual look, so if you think heels are only for formal ocassions, chuck that idea aside!

Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Dusty Navy Blue, my absolute favourite. It’s an uncommonly seen colour for heels, yet it spells nothing but elegance. Did I mention that the inner hot pink is such a stark contrast to the external dusty navy blue and is so lovely?

Otherwise, strut away in Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Khaki Nude, if you are one who is always on the cutting edge of fashion and have an inkling that this colour is definitely this season’s must have!

Needless to say, Joyce walked home (figuratively) with a colour of each!

Sizes for the flats and heels run from 36 to 40 (for now) and while you are advised to take a size up for the flats, do keep to the same size for the heels. Sizes are with reference to local brand, Charles & Keith.

Now, are you totally looking forward to our next launch already? But before that, we want to HEAR YOU!

Quote your price for the flats and heels by leaving a comment!

And! Don’t Sheila look amazing in the Flora Motif Kimono Top in Navy Blue?

Have you got yours yet?

Click here if you haven’t, stocks are running low for the navy blue, with both white and beige sold out!

At your request, backorders for some of the more popular items have also opened! Join now alright, and be here for our sneak preview for the next collection, coming right up!


  1. Are you guys able to manufacture sizes 34/35 cuz my feet are pretty small ):
    The flats and heels are really pretty!

    • Noted dear. 🙂 We are in the midst of changing our suppliers and hope to manufacture the shoes at size 35. Thank you! 🙂

      • Actually, my foot is about seven inch i guess, so what size should i wear? Normally I’ll wear a size 35 for Giovanna shoes.

        • Hi dear, according to our measurements, I’m afraid the shoes are too big for you. Sorry about that! 😦

          Size 36 : 9.25″
          Size 37: 9.5″
          Size 38: 9.75″
          Size 39: 10″
          Size 40: 10.25″

          Height of heels is 3.5″ high.

  2. hellohuiyi says:

    the flats are so pretty!

    i have rather skinny and small legs. pls manufacture 34/35 too! d= C&K 35 is too big for me, esp after a few wears..

    i’d pay <23 for flats. ( : feel like gettin all 3 colours! haha!

  3. bailadorhann says:

    hello i don’t have c&k shoes..but i normally wear size 39 for giovanna shoes..which size do you think i should take for the flats? hmm anw also wanted to ask, is sheila very busy now? cos i sent her that i wanna get an item which is available in the old site after enquiring, but two days passed and she have not sent me an invoice..can you help me check pls? =] Black Monroe Rara Waist Skirt‏

  4. Hi there, will the Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Khaki Nude suit a person who has wide foot? This is crucial as prev i bought a nude heels from earl grey party and it was super duper tight ):

  5. i have a question. do the insole measurements of the heels provided on the website include that of the tip of the shoe (which technically will not come into contact with our toes at all)?

    cos ur earlier comments say that the heels fit true to the c&k sizing… but if that was the size,

    i’m a c&k size 37, but that corresponds to the insole measurement for size 36 of ur heels (assuming my foot covers the entire insole measured (i.e. excluding the tip part)).

    If u included the tip in ur insole measurements, that a c&k size 37 would fit ur size 37.

    Pls advice. Thanks!

    • Hello dear! For in-sole measurements, we actually put our measuring tape into the flats or heels, excluding the tip. 🙂 At times, the sizing of C&K might not be the same for different models of their collections. Hope it helps!

  6. serenitude says:

    wow! the shoes are so pretttty! cant decide which colour to get! Flats probably <$23 , heels <$27. The Hollyhoque tag looks really pretty too 🙂

  7. <$24 for flats..
    <$26 for heels… 🙂

  8. hello! i’m quite new to buying shoes online, so i have some reservations about sizing issues.

    im a C&K 36/37, with most of my covered shoes at 37.
    i just took measurements and found out that most of them are 9.25″, with a few loose but comfy 9.5″ ones. i’ve got broad feet though they are relatively short. =X

    which size do you suggest i take for the flats?
    will they expand after wearing for a few times?

    lastly, i can’t wait for the launch tonight! love the shoes so much!
    hopefully i’ll be able to rush home in time. (:

    • This is solely based own my on opinion. I’m a size 35/36 for C&K, size 35 for Mondo and Trendy Zone, but size 36 for Cotton On is a tad loose for me!

      I’m taking size 36 for the flats (a tad tight), I have tried size 37 (a tad loose). My feet sucks. Flats will expand just a little after a few wears, like all others.

      I haven’t tried the heels yet, but according to Sheila, it fits true to C&K for her, so I’m probably getting size 36! Hope it helps dear!

  9. indescribalee says:

    wondering if i should get a size up for the heels cos i think i have broader feet?

  10. veeeee777 says:

    hi dear! can i know whats the material for the insole for both the flats and heels? is it like cloth material or? thanks!

  11. blueberrybagel says:

    OMG! I am in love with the heels. I worn out my heels recently, so I am going to get the heels. (:

  12. jingwashere says:

    oh dear sizing true to Charles & Keith but i dun own a pair!!! =(
    what abt 37/38 havaianas?

  13. omg… I can’t decide the colours! I want all the colours for flats! haha…
    is the heels comfortable?

    i’m looking at S$23 for flats and S$25 for heels.

  14. kellieteo says:

    Hey sheila, pls manufacture size35 for heels…
    I wear size 35 with padding so size 36 with padding will be too big 😦
    I’m really looking forward to size 35 for heels and I’m sure many girls will appreciate if there is size 35 for heels!

  15. hello! i think the flats should be around $25 mailed while the heels maybe $28 mailed? (:

    anw sidetrack abit. just a suggestion, maybe sheila can have a backorder update on hh site so customers can keep track of their BO status? thought it might be easier for that than having to answer each of customer’s BO enquiry thru email! 🙂

  16. Omg, i think i would just get all 3colours for th flats! (:

  17. windmill00qi says:

    oh ya! forgot to ask! if im size 37 for heels and 38 for flats, shld i be getting the same for the heels/flats?

  18. windmill00qi says:

    i hate sheila! she’s totally making me broke with such nice items! :(( rar!
    anw, it will be nice to launch before friday! so that those ppl who are collecting on friday can collect the heels+flats too! weee.(but tt means more work for sheila and bf 😦 )

    as for the price, may be $24 for flats and $27/$28 for heels? omg.i want them so pls kp the price low low low.HEE.

  19. Hi, may I know what the insole measurement for the size 40 flats will be? I’m a size 39/40, so if I have to take one size up for the flats… There’s no 41. =( And I wannnttt the shoes! Hahaha. Stupid big feet. =P

  20. redhotchillipepper7 says:

    I’m not so sure of my C&K size, but i’m sure of my vincci size though!
    Are they the same?
    I’d say.. $24 for the flats and $27 for the heels!

    The heels & flats look so yummy I’m thinking of getting 2 colours each omg!!

  21. memoriesndreams says:

    l like the heels! great for work..
    IMO, abt $28 is reasonable for heels…qutie a competitive price c/f outside retailers 🙂

  22. littlemisspinkk says:

    $24 for the flats?
    $27 for the heels?

    I like the flats! Can’t wait for the launch! 🙂

    Will the launch be in Jan? 😛

  23. i LOVE the shoeeeesssss. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    quick launch them pleaseeeee.

    mayb the flats- $23
    the heels- $26

    I’ll get bothhh!! for cny!! ❤
    and get meetups too!

    big hollyhoque fannn!! :DD

  24. hi im a 36/37 ck size. would u advise i take 38 for the flats and 37 for the heels? thanks! both

    my 2 cents: 25 for flats 28 for heels

    • Hello! I’m a C&K size 36 for flats and size 35 for heels. I’ll be taking size 36 for flats (a tad snug because the cutting is small but I think it’ll expand just a little after a few wears). Size 36 for the heels because they fit true! Hope it helps!

  25. siying ♥ says:

    loving them ALLLLLLLL!!!!! ❤
    if i have the money, and 89769817639871263 feet, i'll definitely get em all! =)

  26. joycelynsing says:

    I would say maybe about $23 for the flats. Meetup will be better. When will launch out? I need to save the money to get that flats. hehe.

  27. itsjustnuts says:

    so sad 😦
    my normal C&K sizing is 34. and the flats dun have 35.. if have i can get and put padding 😦 😦
    consider 35 plssssssssssssssssssss

  28. onesquare says:

    hi sharon! wondering if the shoes would come in size 35? i think $27 for the heels and $24/25 for the flats would be resonable(:

    and i see the cut in bodycon on backorder! ahh! i dont know whether i should get it but i alr bought like 2 pieces from the collection! D: or should i wait for the next collection.. when is next collection? got alot of dresses or more tops? 😀

    • Hello, yes! I just realised the dress is on BO too! Hmm, the next collection houses a fair share of dresses and tops, but nothing similar to the Cut-In Structured Button Back Body Con Dress! I’ll leave you to decide. 🙂

      And nope, the footwear don’t come in size 35..:( I am a Trendy Zone/Mondo size 35, Charles & Keith size 35/36. I fit the flats in size 36 pretty fine as the cut is smaller. I haven’t try the heels yet but with padding I should be good. What colours are you going after for the flats/heels!

      • onesquare says:

        omg i cant rlly decide! but will the next coll be out before the backorder closes? cuz my feet are pretty flat and skinny :/ shall wait for the exact measurements to be out hopefully i can fit! i like the heels in navy blue and NUDE! for the flats they are all so pretty but i think i prefer the one in grey (:

        • Yay! I love the flats 8 cm is sooo sooo just nice right. Heh. The heels in black are pretty too right. I CAN’T DECIDE, may just get all 3 colours and feed on grass for this mth. Haha.

          • haha actually i wldnt mind having heels that are higher! like 10cm! cuz im rlly short :/ haha yeaa i rlly cannot decide too howww so is there size 35 available? cuz i saw in above comments you say you taking size 35 for flats yourself? haha

  29. hello !

    omg, the heels seems so pretty. i want the black one ! 😀

    for the price estimation..
    i would think that.. flats to be $25 and heels to be $27 ? (:

    i missed HH’s launch the previous time !

    sheila, do launch this soonnnnn! 😀

    alles ❤

  30. Hi!
    May i know how high are the heels?

  31. rebeccaleong says:

    maybe 28 or below for heels and 25 or below for flats? my bestfriend and i bought five pieces from the latest collection !! will look forward to the next one.

  32. athnamas172 says:

    really unable to open backorders for the romper?? =( sobs. was looking forward to getting a piece through backorders……….. any pieces available from dead buyers? hee.. *keeping my fingers crossed*

  33. I’d say maybe about $23 for the flats and maybe $27 for the heels? 🙂

    How high are the heels btw?

  34. hi..can do a preview before e launch? please….. (“,)

  35. Hey sharon!
    Can you please persuade sheila to open a backorder for
    Cut-In Structured Button Back Body Con dress in fuschia??!!!
    I really like that piece and its kinda sad cus i miss the 24hr limit to transfer tads why my piece is gone. And i really dont mind to wait till March actually cus i don’t intend to wear this for CNY too. And i only want to get it in fuschia color babe 🙂
    And honestly, i dont mind paying more cus i like the design, the material and the color alot! 🙂

    • Hello! Oh dear what a pity! I think Sheila has already decided on her BOs though so it’s a tad hard. 😦 I’ll try and also to ask her for last pieces due to deadbuyers and keep you informed. 🙂 Gdnight!

  36. turnandturnagain says:


    I’d say definitely keep it under $30 for both pairs.

    For me, i wouldnt mind paying
    1) Up to $28 for the heels
    2) Up to $27 for the flats.

    Love the navy heels it’s lovely! 🙂

  37. omg i love the shoes! but i have super big feet! like a size 8 and charles and keith sometimes can’t even 40! 😦
    i would say less than $28 for both! and meet up please!! 😀

  38. is the shoes launched in one collection? 🙂

  39. sheilaa!
    please let the shoes be less than $25!
    i didn’t manage to find nice flats anywhere so i was waiting for yours!
    pls let us know when will you be launching too!
    cant wait to get the shoes 🙂

  40. hmmm maybe arnd S$25 for suede flats, arnd S$28 for suede heels.
    for meetups will be better 🙂

    what colours are all of u keeping each??
    so excited!!!

  41. oh def under 30$ please! are the heels comfy? any blisters when worn for abt a day? also, please make smaller sizes like 35! iirc nicole was a 35 too eh? n those heels with a cute yet subtle pattern wld be not so boring too!:)

    • Not too sure yet because no one tried walking for a day! But we should think it to be rather comfy because of the material used! Yes dear, thank you for your comment!

  42. Hope is less den $26! :>
    Btw, do you do meetups at TP or town? (:

  43. theaddicts says:

    hey sheila.. just sent u an email do check 😀

    • Pls give her some time as she is buried with emails. Thank you!

      • theaddicts says:

        hmm wanted to ask her if i can purchase the heels since i’m meeting up her tml for collection of items 😀

        • Stocks are not with us yet and we do not entertain pre-launch sales to be fair to the rest. Apologies dear! Thank you for the interest!

          • theaddicts says:

            OK 😀
            flats $24-$25 would be good..
            heels $27 would be good 😀

            If i’m wearing c&k 36, which size shld i take? heels and heels the same measurements? 😀

            Love the Suede Heels in Noir Black , easier to pair. The navy blue one is unique ! What’s the inner color for the noir black?

  44. can it be below $40? :]

  45. less than 26$ mailed for the flats…
    for heels i tink $33 mailed 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment dear! We are thinking of doing mass meetups so you girls can save on postage fees! Heh! It’ll definitely be under $30 for both, I think!!

      • woah! it’s great that these shoes will be made affordable to us! thanks 🙂

        will be buying one pair of flats as least, excellent for a casual day out (shopping or dates or dining etc)…very fabulous! kekkee

        too bad im not a heels person but i really like e design of e silohuette u all have designed…. lol

        most prob where will meetups be? cos im living in e east (cant make it for weekdays cos working)

  46. less than $26 for flats.
    less than $28 for heels.

  47. heyy! for the flats – around $20 to $24? For the heels – $25 – $27?(:


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