Sorry, and Thank You

Dear girls,

Have you started your shopping experience with our latest collection at Hollyhoque yet? Our server was finally up and running at 2300 hours. Please accept our apologies to all who awaited patiently for that to happen. Our bad. 😦

For those of you who have collected your flats or heels, are you loving them? 🙂 Well, something will make you love them more, if you feel a size bigger is too loose, and a size smaller, too tight. It’s really good stuff!


In relation to the server crash, we know it is the third time this is occuring but Sheila really is trying her best to prevent such occurences.  Sheila hopes to set up the dot com because it will be efficient in the long run, from auto-invoicing to status of item availability and in the near future, VIP viewing whereby some of you can have first hand purchases. Sheila has actually changed two hosts since the dot com started and upgraded the server to enable larger traffic flow but the traffic flow really isn’t predictable. Like yesterday, it went higher than expected which caused the server to break down from overwork and Sheila immediately sought help from the hosting company. Unfortunately, it took them about an hour or so to get the site up. 😦

In addition, we would like to deeply apologize for the post on here (which have since been removed) should it offended anyone of you in anyway. The writer seriously didn’t mean it in the way  it was read that had caused so much unhappiness and misunderstanding.

Lastly, thank you very much for writing in and giving us such valuable opinions, we will definitely work harder to bring a better Hollyhoque to everyone of her supporters! Please do not give up on us just yet, Sheila is trying her best to bring Hollyhoque to the next level. We would also like to genuinely thank you girls for being with us all these while. We know we wouldn’t be here without you. Please give us some time to get the dot com as a pristine shopping destination for all of you. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! 🙂



  1. itsybitsybanana says:

    am loving the flats very much! 🙂

  2. I just received my loots from this collection and I’m loving the heels and Mermaid Structured Pleated Bodice Tube Dress in Teal! So so pretty!

    Will you have anymore shoes in the next coll? Can’t wait for more heels to come! Its super comfy and the height is just right! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Love HH so much! (:

  3. bittersweethui says:

    hi dear,
    would just like to check if i will get a reply email after reverting back with my paymt details thru the order comfirmation?
    i didnt get anything so would just like to check cos
    my first time ordering from the .com so wld just like to make sure that my paymt has been received >.<

    sorry for the trouble!
    thanks (:

  4. wadonearth says:

    Hey babe!

    Just wondering bout the backorder i did on the sheer knitwear that just arrived!
    I received an email saying that items will be mailed out but i would prefer a meetup instead.
    Is it possible if i could do a meetup during the next meetup for this item?
    My email’s *screened*.:) Thanks so much!

    • Hi Majellah! We have already packed your parcel ready to be posted out first thing tomorrow. As there are many parcels to be mailed, it might be a little hard for us to locate yours. 😦 Sorry about it, we hope you understand! See you on Fri! 🙂

  5. people have collected their shoes alr? that is fast! i thought the meetup was 6th feb?

  6. mandapiglet says:

    When I checkout for my items and an invoice is send to me, the item still remains in the cart even though its been checkout. Maybe you guys wanna work on this as well? And I can’t wait for my shoes to arrive! Woots woots! Love HH!

    • Ok thanks for the feedback dear! But it’s actually ok for the item/s to remain in the cart because you are not hogging to it/them, just that it’ll be a little troublesome for you to have to remove them prior to the next purchase. 🙂 Thank you for the support!!

  7. hi ,
    i’m sorry to bother u in this way .
    i have make an order for my clothes during ur previous collectio and had already made my payment .
    i had also send u all the neccessary doc but then i haven received any news from you all yet .
    whenever i checked my order , it is still listed as pending .
    so that means u all haven received my payemtn right ?
    i have tried to email to u all numerous times since 23/1 but i received no reply .
    hope to hear from u all asap ..
    i dont dare to make any more order due to this incident . i dont noe if u all can recievd my order and it sound really dumb to keep deposit money into ur acct without received anything .
    my email is *screened*
    thanks a lot .

    • Hi dear..Sheila have chked and that she had already replied you twice. She has just forwarded the chain of emails to you again, mayb you would like to check your junk mail? 🙂 Thank you!

  8. ?? I don’t use that! I prefer Foot Petals.

  9. hi, i think there’s something wrong with the dot com website. like, the first time i submitted an order, my name became Angela Chan.. Just now when I clicked my account, it was signed in as “suemaine kuah” with all her orders and addresses.. I wonder if this problem could be fixed as it concerns our privacy.. thanks.

    Anyway, I’ve been loving all your collections! 😀

  10. hey sheila!
    its alright about the server crashing.
    i’m willing to wait for the backorders to arrive.
    just one question, i’m a C&K 37 what size should i take for the flats?

  11. Hi sheila!

    great collection!

    but i was so sad, when i was trying to figure out if i could add my items to my cart after completing the shipping info and when i got back to checkout, my item was gone! 😦 was trying to get the brown flats, so pretty!

    would you be able to provide a step by step screen shot guide to shopping at

    thanks, gosh and please open up a backorder soon for the shoes! love it and I still cant believe it was gone cos i was all ready to make payment and even open up my ibanking already! 😦


  12. hey hey! 🙂 so the Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats are not launched yet right? 🙂

  13. no worries babe, a great collection that worth waiting for. =)

  14. hey. just wanted to know, is the white tie sash toga dress sheer?

  15. Just a suggestion, can items when added to cart, be held in there (i.e locked for you) for 5 mins? cause it’s impossible to check out immediately when you’re still browsing.

    By the time I was done browsing (v quickly btw), the shoes I added to cart were OOS already.

    • We tried asking our webdesigner, but he said that it can’t be done for a specific time, unless for good. But it wouldn’t be fair to let another one hog the item/s in the cart till she decides to buy too. Sorry dear, pls join the BO ok? 🙂

  16. hey. i added in the items i wanted into my cart den i continued shopping but now, they stated that the items are currently out of stock… so do i still have the items?

  17. boohoogirl says:

    Hi dear,

    Is the flats in khaki oos ?? It’s still available but i cant check out =((

  18. jollyjoanjoyful says:

    will the shoes be added???

    i can’t seemed to find it.

  19. HELLO, i would like to purchase the Ribbon Front Suede Flats in Brown (Pink Stitches). may i know how much isit?
    pls reply to: *screened*


  20. hey, i want to get the heels in navy. i see the size 40 measurements and i want to get size 40 but under the choose option, there is no 40. how? :S

  21. it’s working already! 😀 Heh don’t worry too much 🙂

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