Blogger’s Notes > Colour Block T-Neckline Dress

Colour is one of the happiest things in this world, which is why every girl should own one of Hollyhoque’s Colour Block T-Neckline Dress! Sheila and her sister love it so much they each have one!

For it reflects yummilicious colour combinations like


 As seen on Sheila:


– Blue-White-Grey




– Black-Maroon-Grey

As seen on Sheila’s sister:




For the Colour Block T-Neckline Dresses in Blue-White-Grey and Black-Maroon-Grey, as stocks are down to the last pieces, leave us a comment with your name and email or drop us an email at stating the colour combination of your choice to purchase! For the Colour Block T-Neckline Dress in Green-White-Brown, you may head to purchase!


Backorders > Collection 74

Hi Ladies,

For those of you who have received payment verifications from us, your parcels have just been shipped to the PO earlier today. You should be able to receive your parcels within 2 working days.

However, we have discovered a couple of defects with some of the items, and will be emailing the affected customers tomorrow morning. You may either opt for a full refund, or join the backorder(s) available and be entitled to 15% discount(s) off the price(s) of the item(s).

Sheila is in the midst of drawing up the backorders (closing on 3 March 2010 (Wednesday), 2359 hours or when all slots are taken, whichever earlier) at the moment, so stay tuned! 🙂

On the note of backorders, for the on-going backorders (closing on 1 March 2010 (Monday), 2359 hours or when all slots are taken, whichever earlier), the expected dates of arrivals should be

Cross Back Bustier Top (Grey, Pink) – estimated to arrive in 3rd week of May April

Checkered Neckline Top (White) – estimated to arrive in 3rd week of May April

Mesh Cutout Babydoll Top (Cyan) – estimated to arrive in 3rd week of May April

Buckle Me Up Sandals (Nude, Yellow, Black) –  estimated to arrive in 1st week of May April

Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats (Nude, Black, Lilac) – estimated to arrive in 1st week of May April.

Thank you in advance for joining! 🙂

A Fashionista’s Confession > Eileen, 21

ASOS Inspired Scoop Neck Dress

Every girl needs a casual LBD for everyday! This dress fulfils all my requirements: It is tight and fitted yet not clingy, versatile and most importantly, it lets me flaunt and flatter my figure. There are so many reasons to love this dress as it takes me from school to shopping at town easily – all I have to do is dress up with suitable accessories like a long necklace and high heels.

The dress is made using stretchy cotton that skims over tummy bulges (no more worries about having that extra helping at dinner!) yet hugging the curves of the hips and chest to give that illusion of a highly-coveted hourglass figure. It is definitely a time-saver too, one can just throw this on and look immaculate and chic without the addition of any accessories. The slight boat neck also shows off collarbones which are subtly sexy to many.

For a casual day out, a transformation is possible with this versatile item – simply hike the hem up and pair it with shorts! This look is fantastic for dates as it keeps you looking flirty with bared legs and shoulders yet keeping you warm (and hiding those flabby arms) with the long sleeves, which of course, may be pulled up to reveal toned forearms as well.

Definitely a keeper, if only it comes in more colours…

Dear Eileen, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD2.00 discount applicable on your next purchase at! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!

A Fashionista’s Confession > Queen Regal Keyhold Dress (Pink)

By Stephanie, 22

I bought this dress especially for Chinese New Year. I love the floral neckline with an oriental button, along with the satin body in soft pink. This piece comes with inner layer and a side zip for easy wearing,
A good dress for Chinese New Year and definitely dinners! 🙂


Hello Stephanie! For your entry, you have won yourself a SGD2 discount code (to be sent to your email account) applicable on your next purchase at!  

Two Things :) /Edited

Dear Ladies,

Your long awaited backorders for some of the more popular apparels from the previous collection are now up, and closes on 1 March 2010! Estimated Date of Arrival: 3rd week of May (definitely worth the wait!) 

Backorders for the shoes from the previous collection are now up too, and closes on 1 March 2010! (Estimated Date of Arrival: 1st week of May – definitely worth the wait!)

Thank you for joining, you may refer here for your BACKORDER STATUS. 🙂

In relation to tomorrow’s launch, we are sorry to inform you that the shipment for our highly raved Old English Lace Trimmed Cardigan has been delayed. Its estimated date of arrival is the 1st week of April. Therefore, Sheila has decided to launch the cardigans upon its stocks arrival. 😦

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Hop on to  Hollyhoque now for your wardrobe fix! 🙂

Hollyhoque Collection #74 > Preview

Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress
Black, Purple, Fuchsia

Hollyhoque Label!

It is always simple to be a typical office lady. Admit it, you want to be different. To create an atypical outlook in the office, look stylish in this perfectly chic dress, complete with black stilettos and your long mane pulled back in a chignon bun!

Features long sleeves, droplet cut out at shoulder, fully covered back and V Neckline.

This dress is also suitable for a dinner date with your boyfriend at the posh restaurants and chillaxing over a drink or two with your friends or just hanging around the clubs/pubs.

Sheila has one in Black, though for fair skin tones, you may wish to go for Purple. Fuchsia is more than lovely too!  It’s good on its own or pair it with our Faux Leather Abstract Belt for that extra oomph!


Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan
White, Black, Brown, Pink

Hollyhoque Label!

Have you ever seen a lace lined cardigan so vintage in appearance? Slightly cropped and complete with puffed sleeves, it’s really too good to be true.

Features exquisite lace trims, slightly padded at shoulders, ruched details at sleeves for puff effect, cloth wrapped buttons and is so princessy!

This is one helluva statement-making cardigan that you cannot miss! You can put a corsage in your hair and slip your feet in some wedges for a vintage finish. Otherwise, leave the cardigan unbuttoned over a tank top paired with your favourite denims or bandage skirts and ballerina flats for a casual weekend look!



Satin Lined Work Dress
Black, Fuchsia, Grey

Hollyhoque Label!

Start off your work week with this amazing piece that is comfortable and no less gorgeous! It is easy to throw on, especially on those lazy days yet fully functional on its own with no need of accompaniment of an outerwear.

Features elastic band at back of waist and satin lined at front.

This dress is also good if you are looking for a subtly appropriate adornment to your presentation in school. The colours available for picks are manufactured just for this purpose!
Remember, dress to impress!


Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress
Purple, Blue, Black

Look like a diva in this polka dotted M neckline dress which is so sweet and pretty! We especially love how the sweetheart neckline is lined a different and conspicuous colour from the dress itself. An inspiration borne straight out of a Taiwan magazine!

Features striped trims at the side, colour block M neckline, elastic banded at the back of waist, thick straps and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

This dress is cute but nothing like trying too hard. Channel your girl next door vibes and win your beau’s attention with this dress now!

In fact, this dress is such a big hit with Sheila and Joyce, the former has one in Blue while the latter has two in Purple and Black!


Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress

Be the walking portrait bearing sophistication when you don this number for the aura sent to your crowd is resounding yet not overbearing!

Features adjustable straps, M shape bustier, elastic banded at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

Put on a black blazer and appear professional at that meeting spotting your eye candy. Don’t forget your black kitten heels and curl your hair for that uptown look!

Front Pocket Boat Neckline Top
Blurple, Grey, White

This top is one of those back to school basics that you must have at least a colour, for it will definitely come in handy in the freezing lecture theatres!

Features functional pockets and gives off a sporty feel.

Best worn with shorts, the colours are staple enough you will surely have a hard time deciding on just one.


Duo Colour Strip Tube Dress
Black, Pale Pink

Encapsulate your friends and love ones with this remarkably sweet and flattering dress!

Features elastic band at back, M shape neckline and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

Wear it to the movies with your boyfriend complete with our Old English Lace Lined Puffed Sleeves Cardigan, or go for weekend high tea with your girlfriends.

Nicole is head over heels with the dress in black because of the unique colour combinations!

Cross Front Toga Alike Dress
Navy Blue
, Dusty Pink, Grey

If your closet bible entails less is more, then this dress is manufactured in your interest.

Features cross strap that accentuates shoulders, elastic band at back, especially good for girls with narrow shoulders and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

You will look tres chic and hot in this number! It will soon be a piece you cannot do without in your wardrobe for the simple elegance it can let you command at all important social events.

Sheila has one in Dusty Pink and is so in love with it, though you cannot go wrong with Navy Blue or Grey if your picks are those!

Lace Insert Satin Dress
White, Navy

Lace inserts are all the rage now! Look elegant in this dress, and win that major client over at the presentation in the meeting room. Do remember to complement this dress with a blazer to be absolutely corporate chic.

Features intricate lace details, elastic band at the back and comes with side zip for easy wearing.

This number is a perfect day to night outfit when we need to meet that special someone we have been longing to see all day, be it after school or after work. He will be so touched to see you go through lengths to dress up for him!

Our Star Picks

Sheila > Asymmetrical Cut Out Dress,  Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan & Cross Front Toga Alike Dress

J > Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress – J commented that Sheila looked exceptionally cheerful in it!

Nicole > Lace Insert Satin Dress – Nicole felt that the dress did not do itself justice being left on its own, but when she put it on, she was literally blown away!

Joyce > Asymmetrical Cut Out Dress &  Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan

Sharon > Satin Lined Work Dress – Sharon thought that this dress was fuss free and the lined satin made it elegant. & Cross Front Toga Alike Dress – This dress was love at first sight for Sharon. The design = wow.

Stay tuned to our launch! 🙂

A Fashionista’s Confession > Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats, Brush Strokes Lace Trimmed Sleeveless Dress,

By Sharon, 25

I like how the Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats go with my new jeans from Levis. I wore this combination with a white blouse for a dress down Friday at work. The flats are so comfortable I walked the entire day yet was blister free.

On Saturday, I paired the flats with Brush Strokes Lace Trimmed Sleeveless Dress. I think they really go well together. My boyfriend was full of praise for the dress as he loves the oriental catch near the neck and also the material. I think this dress can be worn on casual dates as it is made of quality light denim.

Hello Sharon! For your entry of 2 reviews which we have selected all, you have won yourself a SGD1.50 discount code (to be sent to your email account) applicable on your next purchase at!  

Modes of Delivery

At Hollyhoque, we offer 4 modes of delivery in respect of your orders:

1. Normal Mail
2. Registered Mail
3. Self Collection
4. Mass Meetup

1. Normal Mail

You will receive your parcel within 1 to 3 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) from the date your parcel is despatched. However, there could be possible delays at SingPost’s end due to unforeseen circumstances. Do note that if you opt for normal mail, Hollyhoque will not be held responsible for any lost mails. On our part, to minimise the risk of lost mails, all parcels are stamped with our return address before despatch.

For SingPost, you can enquire about your lost mails here or call them at 1605 (local) or +65 6841 2000 (overseas).

In the unfortunate event that your parcel is misplaced, it is up to our sole discretion and goodwill to offer you the same item(s) at fractions of their original prices.

2. Registered Mail

Registered mail requires an additional charge of SGD2.24. This is our recommended mode of delivery. You will receive your parcel within 2 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) from the date your parcel is despatched.  However, there could be possible delays at SingPost’s end due to unforeseen circumstances.

After your parcel has been despatched, you may email us for it’s tracking number. A tracking number, or registered article number (RA#), allows you to check the status of the parcel with SingPost. The status of your parcel can be tracked here.

3. Self Collection

Self Collection is available at Upper Thomson Road, subjected to a day/date and time to our convenience.

4. Mass Meetup

Mass Meetup is available at our designated location, but is only conducted on an ad hoc basis.

A Fashionista’s Confession > Slit Expose Back Flirty Dress (Magenta), Cross Front Chiffon Top (Cream), Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats (Nude),

By Patricia Wee, 26

I have dressed myself in the Slit Expose Back Flirty Dress (Magenta), all fresh and bright in the morning, to harness lots of luck in the new year! I went to hunt for food though due to Chinese New Year, it was more like a ghost town. How can I forget to take a photograph with the God of Wealth outside NTUC Supermarket?

This dress is so unlike my other dresses that tend to fall or slip for it does not! I managed to stay comfortable the entire day without unsightly adjusting of the dress! Best of all, there is this silt at the back which I love yet I can wear a normal bra without worrying that my bra is taking a peek!

My hubby likes the Cross Front Chiffon Top (Cream) very much! (I like it too of course!) He chose this top for me during the launch the other time. The top is comfortable and sexy without exposing too much, and the material so cooling and suitable for Singapore’s humid weather! Here is a picture of my hubby and I outside our house!

Next, check out my Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats (Nude). Nice and comfy! No blisters! Well done! This pair of flats also received many compliments from my relatives. Some even attempted to try it on. I was so proud to tell them that I am an ardent fan of Hollyhoque! 🙂


Sheila, thank you for your collections. I will support u always and I can’t wait for the next launch!

Thank you too Patricia! Your entry is so sincerely written we are moved! We wish you and your hubby eternal bliss. 🙂 For your entry of 3 reviews which we have selected all, you have won yourself a SGD3 discount code(to be sent to your email account) applicable on your next purchase at! That should ease your pocket a little!

If you are also keen to submit an entry, simply send 2 photographs of you in Hollyhoque’s apparels (from Collection 55 onwards) to and selected entries will be entitled to a SGD1 to SGD3 discount code (depending on entry submitted) applicable on your next purchase.

The format of your email should look like this:
Subject of Email: A Fashionista’s Confession
Your Name and Age:
Item name/colour: (from Collection 55 onwards)
Your review: (and any other information deemed necessary)
Attach photographs (JPEG files): 2 photographs at least (We of course welcome more!)

*The creativity injected in your entry and qualities of the photographs sent play a determining role as to whether your entry will be selected.

For Hollyhoque’s wordpress related enquiries, feel free to drop us an email at!

About Us

pronounced as “Holly Hock” is derived from the name of a flower, Hollyhock, which literally translates into “fruitfulness”. Established in April 2008 and based in Singapore, Hollyhoque is the brainchild of its owner, Sheila, and is currently being co-managed with J.

Of late, to alleviate their workload, Sheila and J have also engaged a part time blogger, Sharon, to assist them in managing Hollyhoque’s wordpress.

The duo’s ideal for Hollyhoque remains steadfast since its humble beginnings: Hollyhoque shall be every girl’s dream wardrobe updater and favourite fashion store. Hollyhoque’s apparels largely consists of uniquely manufactured items carrying its very own in-house label and many other items sourced from practically all over the world!

Aimed generally at fashion forward ladies between the ages of 16-35 years old, Hollyhoque carries an extensive range of today’s fashion at wallet friendly prices. While it relegates the livejournal platform and nestles in the era of dot com, Hollyhoque looks to covet this new chapter with anticipation and bring a plethora of more self-manufactured designs, thereby redefining fashion on a whole new level.

Dear girls,

With this post, we hope to clarify that Sheila and J are in charge of Hollyhoque’s sales, before/after sales enquiries and backorders. You can reach them at and Sharon, on the other hand, is in charge of Hollyhoque’s wordpress. You can reach her at or by leaving a comment at Hollyhoque’s wordpress. 

In short, Sheila/J and Sharon’s scope of work are mutually exclusive, so do send your emails and comments to the right destinations and rest assured that we will definitely direct attention to them at the earliest possible! 

In addition, we also seek your patience and understanding to allow us between 24 to 48 hours for payment verifications/attending to your emails and between 24 to 72 hours for parcels to be despatched due to our increasing customer base. Thank you so much! We appreciate each and everyone of you.

For your future reads, the information above has also been replicated in the tab “ABOUT US”, as it may change from time to time.

Have a good weekend! 🙂