Your Feet’s Haven

Hollyhoque’s footwear is especially manufactured to deliver style without scrimping on the comfort level! We love how the sandals and flats are so casual they come into play more often than you think they would, definitely!


Buckle Me Up Sandals
Yellow, Nude, Black

Yellow, a colour not commonly seen elsewhere, for the adventurous you.


Nude, if you are into this season’s most popular hue.


Black, if you want to be on the safe side. It goes with any outfit!


Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats
, Black, Lilac

Nude, to reinstate your fashion taste bud.


Black, for endless sashaying.


Lilac, need we say more?


Be there for our next collection (to be launched by 9 February 2010). You won’t close’s browser empty handed. 🙂


  1. redhotchillipepper7 says:

    oh no.. the previous shoes backorders are closed? I have not placed my order yet :(((

  2. Hi~
    launching on 9th Feb, what time?

  3. littlemissie says:

    Oh great! So which email account do i email to?
    Thanks for the quick reply!

  4. littlemissie says:

    Hi i have just collected my clothes from the meetup earlier on…
    I love the Chiffon Flutter Sleeves Pleat Front Top to bits but it’s my sister’s and i love to buy another one!

    Just to check do you still have stock for the Chiffon Flutter Sleeves Pleat Front Top (White)? Pls reply me asap! Thanks! =)

  5. theaddicts says:

    Nude or black flats nicer?

    • Black is common and easier to match, while nude is the in colour ths season! 🙂 We’ll leave u to decide! Have your brown flats arrive babe?

      • theaddicts says:

        Haha i’m more to basic color person i will feel weird if i wear other colors, nt sure why! but i think i got to try out different colors else it’s soooo boringggg haha!!

        yeap have received it, thanks so much dear for the help else i got to join backorder and waiiitttt ;(

  6. passionluv says:

    hihi,can i noe the top tad joyce is wearing?issit a dress or wad? i cant seem to see in the sneak preview.=)

  7. How much are the sandals?

  8. jessilynlovemuffins<3! says:

    i cant wait for the launch!! hopefully i’ll be able to get the shoes despite my exams!!! (:

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