Rise and Shine to /Edited

Hollyhoque’s Collection #73!

After checking out our Latest Collection, do also take a browse at our exclusively manufactured footwear under the SHOES tab* alright!

* If your usual shoe size for Charles & Keith is X, opt for

size X + 1 for Buckle Me Up Sandals, and Size X for Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats.

The sizing for Buckle Me Up Sandals is very similar to Stitch Lined Ribbon Front Suede Flats
while the sizing for Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats is very similar to Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels.

Thank you for shopping with us, we appreciate everyone of you!



  1. Hi,

    When is the details for the meet-ups going to be informed?

  2. theaddicts says:

    is my dress mailed out today already?

  3. hey!
    i transfer my payment on the 7th feb but still not verfication done. please check!

  4. hey dear! Do you still have Checkered Neckline Top Navy ?? I was regretting it alot when i saw it available and i didn’t order it and when i check back it’s gone ?! 😦 😦 Awwws.
    Will there be Backorders ?? 😀

  5. theaddicts says:

    grrrrrr i got my invoice and paid for the dress already but haven got any verification email from sheila 😦

  6. hellogrape says:

    Hi! i would like to ask a question. is it possible to still receive free registered mail if i have 2 orders that adds up to over $100?

  7. hi
    can i just check? for Brush Strokes Lace Trimmed Sleeveless Dress Black .. izit very tight fitting? and is for uk size wat? cos it it seem like very short .. i am standing at 1.58… will it be very short?

    Cos previously i bought Abstract Art High Collar Double Droplet Cutout Back Dress (Greyish /White) the length is oso 32” but is very short. so it dont seem to be true to measurement?

    • The dresses are indeed 32″ dear, but due to our body shapes, it might get “lifted” and seemed shorter. 🙂

      • but i just measured Abstract Art High Collar Double Droplet Cutout Back Dress and is only 29-30” when there stated 32” and it turned out really short for me. =(

        and i really like Brush Strokes Lace Trimmed Sleeveless Dress Black but not sure if the length will be the same as the cutout back dress. if not i will be buying another short dress again

        • Hello dear, for the Abstract Art High Collar Double Droplet Cutout Back Dress , we have stated the length as 31″, measured by placing the dress flat on the floor. The Brush Strokes Lace Trimmed Sleeveless Dress Black’s length is 32″, measurements taken in the same way. Thank you. 🙂

  8. jessilynlovemuffins<3! says:

    hey love,

    there’s no size 36 for sandals? there’s no option ):

  9. Heyhey, will there be backorder for the checkered neckline top in white? =( At first I could order it, then when I came to the checkout page it turned to pending status, gahhh:(

  10. Hi, what if I opted for the meet up at bishan on saturday during my order and I can’t make if. Can I change it to self collection?

  11. bittersweethui says:

    just wondering which part of bishan the meetup will be at? at the mrt station??
    i just got the Checkered Neckline Top in navy.so excited!! (: so tempted to get the sandals as well!
    hahas 😀

  12. seaprinxe says:

    i like Mesh Cutout Baby Doll Top, hope you can make it into a dress (: with more colours too!

  13. hi dear,

    i can’t seem to get into the site. 😦

  14. theaddicts says:

    hi dear, am i able to collect my items from sheila today at her place? 🙂

  15. Hey, would like to know if the item will reach me by friday should I opt for normal mail instead of meet up. Thanks 😀

  16. may i check if u knw whether the length for Brush Strokes Lace Trimmed Sleeveless Dress is true to the measurements stated on the site? cos it doesnt look like 32″ at all on the model! seems pretty short! ):

    • Yes dear, it is true to the measurement! Joyce is standing at 1.64 m, perhaps that’s why it doesn’t seem that long for her. 🙂 The material for that piece is really comfy!

  17. dearie do you have the measurements for the sandals? it seems like they’re not up on the site 😦

    • Hello Sherlyn, I think Sheila missed that out. 😦 She’s not available right now but if it helps, take a size up for the sandals and the same size for flats as with your usual C&K sizing. Sorry about it!

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