It is a Rough Road that Leads to the Heights of Greatness

To all devoted customers of Hollyhoque:

With the conclusion of last weekend’s successful error-free launch, I would like to take this time to clarify what happened during the previous launches.

The crashes a majority of you experienced previously was caused by a bug within the cart software. It resulted in crashing despite only facing a traffic load that the webhost was more than comfortable with receiving.

To illustrate it in simpler terms, Hollyhoque is like a MRT station with gantries, if the passengers keep coming in at a particular timing, eventually the whole station will get overcrowded and chaos will ensue. Passengers inside the station will complain why it is so crowded to move around, while the  ones outside the station will complain that they cannot even get in.

Certainly, there are solutions to this which involve adding more servers or even doing load balancing costing thousands of dollars per month, Shelia would not want to pass this unneeded hosting cost to her dearest customers. While the bug is fixed, I advise Hollyhoque not to launch at a specific timing due to the unpredictable traffic flow which may result in massive slowdown of the site and unhappiness from the customers when shopping.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your tolerance and patience as well as John for his support and clear up any misconceptions regarding the crashes being associated with the webhost. For those who are more IT-savvy, is currently on :

# Dell PowerEdge R410
# 2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core E5520 CPU (Nehalem – 16 CPU)
# 8GB Fully Buffered ECC Memory
# 2 x 300GB SAS (15,000rpm HardDrive)

The setup is one of best in Singapore without a doubt and using Singapore bandwidth, enabling its customers to achieve loading speeds of 2-10 secs.

If your Blogshop is currently facing issues with Gmail 500 email/hr limit or looking to transit to .com, do contact me at



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