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By Patricia Wee, 26

I have dressed myself in the Slit Expose Back Flirty Dress (Magenta), all fresh and bright in the morning, to harness lots of luck in the new year! I went to hunt for food though due to Chinese New Year, it was more like a ghost town. How can I forget to take a photograph with the God of Wealth outside NTUC Supermarket?

This dress is so unlike my other dresses that tend to fall or slip for it does not! I managed to stay comfortable the entire day without unsightly adjusting of the dress! Best of all, there is this silt at the back which I love yet I can wear a normal bra without worrying that my bra is taking a peek!

My hubby likes the Cross Front Chiffon Top (Cream) very much! (I like it too of course!) He chose this top for me during the launch the other time. The top is comfortable and sexy without exposing too much, and the material so cooling and suitable for Singapore’s humid weather! Here is a picture of my hubby and I outside our house!

Next, check out my Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats (Nude). Nice and comfy! No blisters! Well done! This pair of flats also received many compliments from my relatives. Some even attempted to try it on. I was so proud to tell them that I am an ardent fan of Hollyhoque! 🙂


Sheila, thank you for your collections. I will support u always and I can’t wait for the next launch!

Thank you too Patricia! Your entry is so sincerely written we are moved! We wish you and your hubby eternal bliss. 🙂 For your entry of 3 reviews which we have selected all, you have won yourself a SGD3 discount code(to be sent to your email account) applicable on your next purchase at www.hollyhoque.com! That should ease your pocket a little!

If you are also keen to submit an entry, simply send 2 photographs of you in Hollyhoque’s apparels (from Collection 55 onwards) to blog@hollyhoque.com and selected entries will be entitled to a SGD1 to SGD3 discount code (depending on entry submitted) applicable on your next purchase.

The format of your email should look like this:
Subject of Email: A Fashionista’s Confession
Your Name and Age:
Item name/colour: (from Collection 55 onwards)
Your review: (and any other information deemed necessary)
Attach photographs (JPEG files): 2 photographs at least (We of course welcome more!)

*The creativity injected in your entry and qualities of the photographs sent play a determining role as to whether your entry will be selected.

For Hollyhoque’s wordpress related enquiries, feel free to drop us an email at blog@hollyhoque.com!


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