Hollyhoque Collection #74 > Preview

Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress
Black, Purple, Fuchsia

Hollyhoque Label!

It is always simple to be a typical office lady. Admit it, you want to be different. To create an atypical outlook in the office, look stylish in this perfectly chic dress, complete with black stilettos and your long mane pulled back in a chignon bun!

Features long sleeves, droplet cut out at shoulder, fully covered back and V Neckline.

This dress is also suitable for a dinner date with your boyfriend at the posh restaurants and chillaxing over a drink or two with your friends or just hanging around the clubs/pubs.

Sheila has one in Black, though for fair skin tones, you may wish to go for Purple. Fuchsia is more than lovely too!  It’s good on its own or pair it with our Faux Leather Abstract Belt for that extra oomph!


Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan
White, Black, Brown, Pink

Hollyhoque Label!

Have you ever seen a lace lined cardigan so vintage in appearance? Slightly cropped and complete with puffed sleeves, it’s really too good to be true.

Features exquisite lace trims, slightly padded at shoulders, ruched details at sleeves for puff effect, cloth wrapped buttons and is so princessy!

This is one helluva statement-making cardigan that you cannot miss! You can put a corsage in your hair and slip your feet in some wedges for a vintage finish. Otherwise, leave the cardigan unbuttoned over a tank top paired with your favourite denims or bandage skirts and ballerina flats for a casual weekend look!



Satin Lined Work Dress
Black, Fuchsia, Grey

Hollyhoque Label!

Start off your work week with this amazing piece that is comfortable and no less gorgeous! It is easy to throw on, especially on those lazy days yet fully functional on its own with no need of accompaniment of an outerwear.

Features elastic band at back of waist and satin lined at front.

This dress is also good if you are looking for a subtly appropriate adornment to your presentation in school. The colours available for picks are manufactured just for this purpose!
Remember, dress to impress!


Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress
Purple, Blue, Black

Look like a diva in this polka dotted M neckline dress which is so sweet and pretty! We especially love how the sweetheart neckline is lined a different and conspicuous colour from the dress itself. An inspiration borne straight out of a Taiwan magazine!

Features striped trims at the side, colour block M neckline, elastic banded at the back of waist, thick straps and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

This dress is cute but nothing like trying too hard. Channel your girl next door vibes and win your beau’s attention with this dress now!

In fact, this dress is such a big hit with Sheila and Joyce, the former has one in Blue while the latter has two in Purple and Black!


Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress

Be the walking portrait bearing sophistication when you don this number for the aura sent to your crowd is resounding yet not overbearing!

Features adjustable straps, M shape bustier, elastic banded at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

Put on a black blazer and appear professional at that meeting spotting your eye candy. Don’t forget your black kitten heels and curl your hair for that uptown look!

Front Pocket Boat Neckline Top
Blurple, Grey, White

This top is one of those back to school basics that you must have at least a colour, for it will definitely come in handy in the freezing lecture theatres!

Features functional pockets and gives off a sporty feel.

Best worn with shorts, the colours are staple enough you will surely have a hard time deciding on just one.


Duo Colour Strip Tube Dress
Black, Pale Pink

Encapsulate your friends and love ones with this remarkably sweet and flattering dress!

Features elastic band at back, M shape neckline and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

Wear it to the movies with your boyfriend complete with our Old English Lace Lined Puffed Sleeves Cardigan, or go for weekend high tea with your girlfriends.

Nicole is head over heels with the dress in black because of the unique colour combinations!

Cross Front Toga Alike Dress
Navy Blue
, Dusty Pink, Grey

If your closet bible entails less is more, then this dress is manufactured in your interest.

Features cross strap that accentuates shoulders, elastic band at back, especially good for girls with narrow shoulders and comes with a side zip for easy wearing.

You will look tres chic and hot in this number! It will soon be a piece you cannot do without in your wardrobe for the simple elegance it can let you command at all important social events.

Sheila has one in Dusty Pink and is so in love with it, though you cannot go wrong with Navy Blue or Grey if your picks are those!

Lace Insert Satin Dress
White, Navy

Lace inserts are all the rage now! Look elegant in this dress, and win that major client over at the presentation in the meeting room. Do remember to complement this dress with a blazer to be absolutely corporate chic.

Features intricate lace details, elastic band at the back and comes with side zip for easy wearing.

This number is a perfect day to night outfit when we need to meet that special someone we have been longing to see all day, be it after school or after work. He will be so touched to see you go through lengths to dress up for him!

Our Star Picks

Sheila > Asymmetrical Cut Out Dress,  Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan & Cross Front Toga Alike Dress

J > Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress – J commented that Sheila looked exceptionally cheerful in it!

Nicole > Lace Insert Satin Dress – Nicole felt that the dress did not do itself justice being left on its own, but when she put it on, she was literally blown away!

Joyce > Asymmetrical Cut Out Dress &  Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan

Sharon > Satin Lined Work Dress – Sharon thought that this dress was fuss free and the lined satin made it elegant. & Cross Front Toga Alike Dress – This dress was love at first sight for Sharon. The design = wow.

Stay tuned to our launch! 🙂



  1. dustinthegust says:


    any extra slot for the blackAsymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress?

    *email screened

  2. dustinthegust says:


    any more of the BLACK Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress?

    *email screened


  3. Hello sharon!
    But i didn’t buy the ASOS Inspired Dress and Princess Sleeves Top. Only bought the stud embellishment dress and the color block toga dress 😦 Is it similar to this?
    Haha thanks for the help! Will be anticipating for the carligans! 🙂

  4. Hello Sharon,
    Can I just check again with you, for the asymmetrical one shoulder cut out dress is it the same material as the studded embellishment dress and the color block toga dress? Will it be very body hugging/tight fitting for uk 8?
    And for the old English carligan in white can it be paired with the toga alike dress in dusty pink? I think it will look cute 🙂 how much will you be selling for the carligan? Totally can’t wait!! 🙂
    Thanks Sharon! 😀

    • The material for the Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress is the same as ASOS Inspired Dress and Princess Sleeves Top, super thick and good! Joyce is a UK6/8 and it’s fine for her. 🙂

      Yes! White goes well with most colours so if you were to get a colour of the cardigan, make it white!! 😀 😀 The cardigan will be around $24.50, the lace details are totally intricate! 🙂

  5. Will the duo coloured dress be too long for a 1.5m?

  6. Hi, I missed the launch timing so the dresses I wanted are all pending now. However, I did sign up to get a slot on the waiting list for Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress Purple and Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress in white.

    How long do I have to wait to know the outcome of the waiting list?


  7. love the satin lined work dress but abit too short for work! can you try to make dresses around 34 inches! thanks so much and hope u can manufacture it longer!

  8. hi!! can Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress fit a uk 10? i can’t decide if to take the purple or fushia! have a rather chubby face so dont know which colours goes with it! pls advise!

  9. hi

    for Lace Insert Satin Dress Champagne, is the colour true to the photo? isit sorta of silvery peach?

  10. rachbutterfly says:

    Such a pretty collection! I already made payment for the printed rose dress and the lace insert one. Want to collect them tonight! =)

    And I love the cutting of the polka-dot dress, but I’m not a huge fan of polka dots. =( Can you ask Sheila to recreate this dress with a different print? =D

  11. hey for the faux leather abstract belt, is it loose on nicole? what’s nicole’s waist size? cos the belt’s measurements seem too big for a 24″ waist yet seems to fit nicole fine?


  12. hey! i’ve palced my order for the checkered neckline top and made payment alr. Could you all check if it’s confirm? 🙂

  13. jingwashere says:

    hiii does the due tube dress fits uk6 cos i see that its kinda loose for nicole?
    and the polka dot dress does it fit uk6?

  14. zeroonetwothree says:

    omg, i see that alot of you are eyeing the same thing i liked, and i really hope i can get it!! i need both dresses badly for important occasions that would fit in perfectly! ):

  15. hello!
    very lovely collection!
    what size does the duo color stripe dress fit? can the pale pink one go with the black old english cardigan?

    • I think the cardigan in white goes better with the dress! 🙂 Sheila just informed me that the cardigans might only arrive next week, so she’s rather torn at whether to launch them at a further date, ie, not with this collection. 😦

      • i see.. that’s ok i will still get it anyway. 🙂
        can the duo color stripe dress fit a 17″ ptp?

        any news on the launch timing tomorrow? hehe..

        • I’m not too sure about the launch timing dear, I didn’t even know Sheila’s going to launch tomorrow until you girls told me! Haha. 😦 Check back our wordpress/twitter. Sheila should announce the launch once it’s up I guess?

          I don’t have the measurements for the rest, but it is pretty stretchable. 🙂 🙂

  16. Hey Sharon! The asymmetrical dress is made of the sane material as asos inspired dress right? But will it be as body hugging or tad looser?? is the fuchsia dress colour true to pic? Thanks hun 😀

  17. Hi for th Lace Insert Satin Dress,Front Pocket Boat Neckline Top, what uk size does it fits up to?

    &th Polka Dots is really nice, love it.

  18. hello! wanted to enquire a lil on the backorders! Wanted to ask if Checkered Neckline Top White (BACKORDERS) and Cross Back Bustier Top – Pink (BACKORDERS) can fit uk 10 nicely?

  19. whitepaperclip89 says:


    Want to check if the last lace insert dress will be able to fit a uk8-10? 🙂

    thanks, love the collection!

  20. Hello sharon!
    What time will the collection be launched on 25th? 🙂
    Can i know what’s the material for Cross front toga alike dress? What color do you think suits fairer skin-tone?

  21. hi, for the rose spag dress, what is the bust area like? are there cups like a corset?

  22. Hey, is the launch going to be in the morning/noon/night?

    Btw, my PTP is 14.5″, will Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress and Satin Lined Work Dress be too loose to me?

  23. both picture for the Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress shows different colour for the neckline in black and blue. why is this so? hmm.. and the .com pic joyce is wearing the purple one?

  24. hi is the asymmetrical cutout dress of bodycon material? & can it fit uk 8?

  25. misslindssmiley says:


    May I know Satin Lined Work dress and the Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress, how much are you intending to sell?
    And can the Satin Lined Work dress fit UK8?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hello dear! I think they are less than $26! Yes both dresses fit UK 8! 🙂

      • misslindssmiley says:


        Thanks for replying…realised that I have double posted the comments. So sorry!

        Just another quick question..how abut the lace insert dress, is the photo on top the navy blue one? How much are you considering to sell?
        As I am fair, which colour do u think i shld get?

        Heehees, sorry to bombard u so many questions!

        • Hello dear..it’s not navy blue actually, it’s teal. Very pretty and Nicole loves it! For fair girls, I would suggest you going for white. The material really ups the classiness index. I think it’s nothing more than $26.50! For satin, it’s super worthy! 🙂 🙂

          • misslindssmiley says:

            Okok…i will think about it! 🙂 Hopefully i would not look too fat in it since i am on the meaty side.

            • I was a small UK 10 like 5 years ago too! Then I started jogging twice a week, ate lesser and now I’m a UK6/8! Really need to lose all the weight so can look pretty in most clothes lor! Sigh the woes of a girl! 😦 Haha! No problem, let me know if you have further enquiries and I’ll attend to them as best as I can! 🙂

  26. i saw the launch date already! pls ask sheila to launch at night =/ i got appointment in the noon! am sure everyone would be at hm at night. hee

  27. itsjustnuts says:

    cant wait for the new launch
    aiming the cardigan & the polkadot dress!!!

    pls let it be a noon launch!!!!

    i have night classes!:p

  28. misslindssmiley says:


    For the Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress and the Satin Lined Work Dress, how much are you considering to sell?

  29. hello, any idea whats the ptp and what uk size Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress and Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan can fit? Thank you =)

  30. oh ya! pls ask sheila to launch at night! 😛

  31. will the Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress be long for a 1.52cm? haha.

    and i like the Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress! dunno whether to take black or fuchsia. hehe. is the purple colour one true to the pics?

    • It should be slightly below knee, ok in my opinion! Nicole is 1.55 metre, for your reference. 🙂

      Yes, purple is true to the picture! I like it paired with our Faux Leather Abstract Belt! Take black and pair with the white one, I just bought the belt from Sheila, it’s sooo nice!

  32. Hi!wow this collection is really stunning!!really hope I can make it for the launch!I can’t decide on what to get!I really like the polka dots dress and can’t wait to see the other colours.the rose prints dress is super nice too!!not forgetting the satin insert dress and satin lined one too.hooow!?haha..

  33. Hello there!
    I’m realy awestruck when i browsed through the preview!! I can’t wait seriously!! I’m kinda eyeing the polka dot meet M neckline dress, it’s super pretty!! But i’m worried as i have bigger arms and broader shoulders due to swimming and sports! Maybe i’m nearer to uk 10? Can i fit in? Please advise! When they said elastic at the waist, is there a big elastic band at the back?

    • Babe! A small UK 10 is more than fine, don’t worry! There is a elastic band at the waist area, so it’s pretty stretchable. 🙂 You girls are making me want to buy a piece!!! I like the purple one!

      • Oh my! Haha, I’m so getting it! I don’t know what the purple one looks like but the blue one looks good! Sheila is really a great designer! Anyway, i bought the buckle up sandles in nude and i love it soo much!!

        • I also have the sandals in nude! I am going to join BO for the other colours! Haha. Join BO for yellow lah, vibrant and happy!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the compliment dear, Sheila will be happy to hear that!

  34. babe! the dresses are so pretty but i am so broke! hahaha contemplating whether to get some of the pieces such as the polka dot one and the cross front toga. my friend is like eyeing 3 pieces!

    hahah are you guys going to say when is the launch or just launch w/o notice so that the server would not crash again? if like that i must prepare to refresh and comment! haha. and are there any other pieces not featured in this preview? so so looking forward to the launch! :DD

  35. ahhhh all the designs are suuuper nice, can’t wait can’t wait! i’m so gonna go broke after this 😦 btw how many other designs are there that haven’t been put up for the preview? 😀

  36. yanlingchua says:

    Ohmygod! This launch is awesome! I am eyeing for that Duo Colour Strip Tube Dress! May I know what are the colour combination for the black one? Hehe! & the Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress is so similar to the ASOS Inspired Scoop Neck Dress! 😀 I have the one in black but I love this asymmetrical one as much too! Omg!!!

    • Yes the material for the Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress and ASOS Inspired Scoop Neck Dress is the exact same. Heh. The colour combination for the black tube dress are unique, you have to stay tuned to the launch!

  37. for the Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress, would it be able to be altered into a top?

  38. i love this collection! eyeing like 2 pieces from here! Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress is ultimate love! what colour shld i take if im slightly tan? (:

  39. Hellooo! For the Lace Satin Insert Dress, the one in white, will the lace be white or black? (:
    And for the Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress, how long is it? (:
    And wht is the colour combi for the Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress in purple? (: Like eg. the one in blue, majority is blue, and the chest there is black.

    • The lace is white dear! The dress is at 32″. The main body is the same blue, just that the M Neckline spots a different colour! Hope it helps. 🙂 I don’t know what colour to get! 😦 You?

      • Hahaha! I thought the M neckline in blue is nice:)But I haven’t seen the one in purple! So I guess I’m deciding between the two. How about the Lace Insert Satin Dress? Both colours are fab! I like the lace in white but I like the teal colour too:( Which do you think is better? 🙂

  40. Will the black flouncy dress be launched in this collection as well??? 🙂 Would love to get it as i missed it the previous collections 😦 😦

  41. arrrgghh~! i love the first 6 designs!! esp in love with Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress in purple/fuschia…so pweeeeety. but so short )))):

    im stuck with the colours to choose for the rest of the 5 designs!!! HEEEELLLLPPPPPPP me ))))))))))))))):

    • Hello! You haven’t drop by for awhile. 🙂 🙂 I prefer the Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress in Purple, very unique in my opinion. If it’s too short you can pair it with grey leggings, match super well!

      Take Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan in white or pink, so sweet! Sheila is taking all colours though. Haha.

      Satin Lined Work Dress, I love the black, but am taking the grey because too many black dresses in my wardrobe!

      Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress, I like it in purple because the contrast is so stark! Sheila told me the colour she saw in the Taiwan magazine is originally blue though.

      Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress, the quality is sooo good, I have feel it myself!

      Front Pocket Boat Neckline Top, take blurple, unique!

      Hope it helps! I think you are going to go bankrupt. Hahaha.

      • babe!! i always “HATE” sheila for this…make mi stuck & bankrupt!! )))):

        Asymmetrical One Shoulder Cut Out Dress in Purple is really nice..but i wear leggings not nice..calves HUGE!!

        Old English Lace Trimmed Puffed Sleeves Cardigan – im thinking btw white or brown. i told sheila brown like ah ma? HAHaaaah

        Satin Lined Work Dress – grey nice cos of the contrast.fuschia not so oustanding for the contrast.black boring..u make a good choice 🙂

        Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress – i want to see e purple!! >.<

        Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress – yeah super nice lehs..i nv have rose prints b4..scare i cant carry out lahs. but i tot of trying..

        Front Pocket Boat Neckline Top – is this somwwhat off shoulder??

        babe!! i THANK YOU for being sheila no.2 to me. it's really a love-hate r/s with HH man!!! gawd!!~

        • Babe u r a UK 8 right? You are fine ma, where got huge calves! My boyfriend also hates brown, kinda oldish (but vintagey) I guess? Ok just for you only, I’ll see what I can do to let you “see” the purple for Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress ok! If you wana step into a flora dress, the Printed Roses Spaghetti is the best one to start with. I don’t think Front Pocket Boat Neckline Top is off shoulder, it just has a wide neckline! Haha! Hope it helps! (: (:

  42. i am in love with at least 3 pieces from this collection! can’t wait. 😀

  43. everthing looks so awesome! can i know what other colours are there for Printed Roses Spaghetti Dress? 🙂

  44. goddessundercover says:

    can the polka dot meet M neckline dress fit a UK8-10?

    thanks! 🙂

  45. windmill00qi says:


    may i know which are the ones tt are manufactured by HH?

  46. When when?!

  47. yay can’t wait! please launch at night!

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