Two Things :) /Edited

Dear Ladies,

Your long awaited backorders for some of the more popular apparels from the previous collection are now up, and closes on 1 March 2010! Estimated Date of Arrival: 3rd week of May (definitely worth the wait!) 

Backorders for the shoes from the previous collection are now up too, and closes on 1 March 2010! (Estimated Date of Arrival: 1st week of May – definitely worth the wait!)

Thank you for joining, you may refer here for your BACKORDER STATUS. 🙂

In relation to tomorrow’s launch, we are sorry to inform you that the shipment for our highly raved Old English Lace Trimmed Cardigan has been delayed. Its estimated date of arrival is the 1st week of April. Therefore, Sheila has decided to launch the cardigans upon its stocks arrival. 😦

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Hop on to  Hollyhoque now for your wardrobe fix! 🙂



  1. cherry92202 says:

    hello!! When i reached home from school, all the items i wanted are pending alr!!!!:((( sad!! if possible, can HH launch their collection at night(most of us will be at home by then)?=D i know the server may crash as a result but sudden launch of collection will be quite unfair, esp to students who ended class late:(( pls have backorders!!!:DDDD

    P.s: I LURRVE HH!

  2. Hi sharon! I read a comment abt private sales. What is it abt? :))

    • Sheila is intending to invite Hollyhoque’s loyal supporters and big spenders to a private sale (date and venue undecided) where they can purchase past items at fraction of the prices and be the first few to strut off with unreleased items. 😀 Excited??

  3. Please ask sheila open BO for Satin Lined Work Dress Black 😀

  4. oh mann! i just reach home and everything is pending!? especially Polka Dots Meet M Neckline Dress ! 😦

  5. the launch was so sudden!!! good thing i had an early morning class today or i wouldn’t have woken up so early :p btw sharon! wanted to ask whether the cross front toga alike dress was loose on nicole?

  6. Hey dear which color did nicole took for Lace Insert Satin Dress ?

  7. Hi! did something go wrong with the polka dot dress launch? one moment it’s on the pending status, and now it’s not.


  9. hi sharon! i just purchased 4 pieces from the new collection tgt with my friends OMG!! haha but it is in 4 separate orders, cuz we were afraid that we wldnt get the stock if we were slow. so is it alright for me to transfer the money tgt, then email the payment details tgt with the respective order numbers?


  10. windmill00qi says:

    yeahs! bought my polka dot dress!

  11. arrrrgghh~~!! y it’s a sudden launch ))))): i hope i dun miss any pcs. arrrgghh~!

    • Almost all items are still available leh babe! Did u get what u want? Lemme knw! We haven’t send out mailing list yet. I got a shock this morning too! Haha, Sheila hor!

  12. hi! the cardigan won’t be launched in this collection? the dotcom doesn’t have it but here it seems like we can order first and get the stocks later? 😀 really like the cardigan!

  13. what time is the launch tmr? 😀

  14. Hey sharon!
    does it mean that we can still order the cardi tml? just that it will be mailed out when it arrives?

  15. calciumsulphate says:

    hello! may i know what time will the collection be launched? =DDD

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