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Backorders for Collection 75 will close on 10th March at 2359 hours, or when all slots are filled, whichever earlier. For Backorder Status, please click here.

We sincerely thank you for your overwhelming support and happy shopping, as always! 🙂



  1. hi sharon! i made ordered 2 pieces (vintage lace top and cross front toga alike) at ard 4plus in e morning, not too long after collection 75 was launched. and i made payment the same day in the evening and emailed my payment details to sheila. and 4 days later when i still havent rcved my payment verification, i asked sheila if she rcved my payment details but apparently she hasnt. i tot i forgot to mail her the payment details but i later found out that it was indeed sent and already in my email’s ‘sent’ folder, but somehow the email just din get through to sheila. but by then she told me that the vintage lace top was already sold and i have to join backorder. i was just wondering how is the process by which orders are handled at hh. i made my payment within 24hours but the payment details email din get through somehow. and my item wasnt kept for me even though i made my payment within 24 hours 😦

    • Hi dear, let me extend my sincere apologies for this unfortunate encounter. We had initially reserved the items but as we did not receive your email (though you have sent it) within the stipulated time frame of 24 hours, we will have to pass on your item to the other buyers. I hope you will reach a resolution with Sheila on this. Many pretty items coming up in the next collection! 🙂

  2. bittersweethui says:

    omg babe!! i thought the BO is till tonight 2359? but i just clicked on the BO tab & there’s nth there? =/

  3. sushixpepz says:

    hihi there

    so sorry if i sound rude…
    sorry again

    may i enquire if the V Neckline Braided Frecian Dress’s Chiffon material is supposed to be quite rough and not as that smooth? and the braided neckline has stray threads coming out? is it supposed to be like that….?

    do you know anyway to soften the chiffon of this dress without spoiling the dress?
    so sorry to trouble

    • Hello babe! The material used for V Neckline Braided Grecian Chiffon Dress is in my opinion, a matt kind of chiffon (not smooth) which is really suitable to Singapore’s weather. I actually prefer this type of chiffon, and I hope you do too. 🙂 As for the braid, it’s usual for stray threads to be sticking out because of the material used.

      I think you can use a fabric softener to “soften” the texture! They are available in supermarkets! Hope it helps! 🙂

  4. chooieetrain says:

    i was wondering why there wasnt any email sent to me after i checkout from the website? i’ve checked my spam inbox and the relevant pages but there wasnt any email.. i thought sheila might have been busy clearing emails but it has been 3 days and no email or anything. i have also made payment for the top i’ve ordered, but then without any comfirmation nor anything, i dunno what to do now. :/ please get back to me, thank you so much.

    • Hi babe! Which email did you sent your payment details to? (:

      • chooieetrain says:

        erm, the email i use to log in to is my yahoo mail as i cant put my login email to hotmail, which is my main email account but i ‘ve been checking my yahoo mail this few days and no email.. if you could can you please email the invoice or the subsequent things to
        *email screened

        my account in hollyhoque is under the email of :
        *email screened

        thank you once again!

  5. rachgong says:

    Hi, if i received wrong items, how do i go about getting the correct stuff?

  6. dairyfrost says:

    Sheila please produce “Vintage Lace Sleeved Top” as a dress! Cos I’m not a fan of shorts or jeans/pants.

    I would definitely purchase it! 🙂

  7. boohoogirl says:

    Hi sharon! 🙂 Just to check have sheila verified the payment ?? I’ve transfered on the 5th but have yet received payment verification though 😕
    Thanks babe 🙂

  8. SengYie says:

    Hi, I wanted to join BO for vintage lace sleeve top in black but i went the website, logged in but there’s no ‘add to cart’ button to click. how? please help me with this, thx.

  9. passionluv says:

    hihi, i send a couple of mail regard to my order and payment. as i hav made my payment earlier on for the off shoulder top in lilac, but onli have the reply from the person in charge only after payment was done, and she state it wld b slight loose for a petite, so issit possible to cancel my order and refund and gif the chance to other buyer? one of my email title was: urgent !!
    thanks..i send to

  10. Hi Sharon, I just joined the backorder for the vintage lace sleeved top on and it’s my first time joining the BO in this new website. Payments will still be Verified and we’ll be notified when they verifiesit right? Cos Ive made the payment and had yet to receive any verification, so I’m a little worried. Haha

  11. Hey! I’ve purchased it this morning! And made payment? Is it okay? :/ cause i thought BOs were opened this morning alr!

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