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Ruffled Front Tube Top

Black is IN, or so we say!

After seeing Sheila in her Ruffled Front Tube Top (Black) here, are you lemming for a piece too? The weather’s been a killer of late, we figure a stylish and chic tube top like the Ruffled Front Tube Top has got to be our best friend, no?

As seen on Sheila:

We love how the ruffles accentuate the bust area, especially for girls who are not as well endowed!



Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dress

Have you also seen Sheila and Zoe in their Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dresses? To see more of Sheila in the dress, you may wish to click here.

As seen on Sheila:

How can I forget Zoe, flaunting the dress like it’s made for her here?

As seen on Zoe:

Credits: Zoe,

If you are looking to own a piece of either or both of the above, simply drop an email to and we’ll be more than happy to manually invoice you! Stocks are selling fast, so it’s fastest fingers first!


Ruffled Front Tube Top (Black) measures 12.5″ to 16″ across, 20″ down – $22* (exclusive of postage)

Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dresses (Black) measures 13.5″ to 16.5″ across, 32″ down  – $25.50* (exclusive of postage)

*+$1.50 for local postage (+$0.50 for subsequent item), +$0.20 for certificate of posting, + $3.74 for registered article



  1. Just wondering if you still have any extras for Duo Stripe Colour Can-Can Dress in Blurple? (:

  2. boohoogirl says:

    Hi dear,
    Is the Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dress in black all sold ? =((

  3. Hello Sharon!
    Any news on when the new collection is going to be launched? End of this week or next week? 🙂
    have been waiting for a week hahaha! Cant wait for a new collection again! Wanna get the old english carligan!!

  4. yanlingchua says:

    Hi Sharon, may I ask why haven’t I received my dress. Has it gone missing? ):

  5. Hi, Is the Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dresses still available? I m very interested to get one. I had sent a email to order but still no yet reply… >.< Please dont tell me already sold out… T___T

    • I’m not too sure babe, Sheila is taking care of the sales. But if you do not receive an invoice from us within 24 hours, then mostly likely the dress is out of stock, because we really have limited pieces left. So sorry! 😦

  6. hi dear, just realised that the measurements for the top and dress are mixed up, but the prices aren’t =]

  7. are they any other colours left for the Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dresses? 🙂

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