Sales + What’s Available Posts

Hi girls!

Please note that payment verification emails for our Sales + What’s Available Posts will be sent via as our gmail account has exceeded its limit at the moment. 😦

If you had not receive an invoice for the item(s) you commented for, it means that the item(s) you is/are looking at were pending/sold by the time we got to your comment.

Thank you for the overwhelming response! 🙂



  1. liviandlove says:

    Hi dear,

    Would like to know where’s the payment verification at now? Like now verifying emails received at what time. I emailed at 9am+ ytd to ask if i can combine postage for 2 seperate invoices but there was no reply. I then proceeded to email my payment details at 9pm+.


  2. galleria7835 says:

    Hi there,

    Will the thread get updated for the leftovers of the sales & what’s available posting? I would like to see what are the leftovers so that i can comment on it..


  3. if i dont get the order form within 24 hours or by now if i dont get means no more alr?

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