With Compliments, the Hollyhoque Team :)

Hello girls!

The Hollyhoque Team knows that you are eager to secure the lovely designs from the next collection, but we would like to address several issues in the hope that you will understand our positions better and have a happy shopping experience with us.

Launch Date/Day/Time
Ever since our transition to www.hollyhoque.com, we haven’t been able to pre-empt you in advance on the Launch Date/Day/Time with regard to our collections in order to reduce traffic to our site so that our dot com would not overload and crash. We would like to extend a million apologies. Our move to dot com has been eventful; but it alleviates the agony of us having to send an invoice for each order, enables the status of items to be updated almost instantaneously and in the near future, caters for VIP viewing where some of you can be entitled to make first hand purchases.

Certainly, there are solutions to launching at a definite Date/Date/Time which involve adding more servers or even doing load balancing costing thousands of dollars per month. We reckon this to be unneeded hosting costs and would not want to pass them on to you in the form of higher prices of our items as here at Hollyhoque, we do pride ourselves for affordable pricing.

Our exclusively manufactured items are indeed exclusive, because we control the number of slots for in-stocks and try not to have backorders unless the items are really highly sought after. Even so, we have limited number of slots to fill for the backorders, and backorders may at times close earlier than the stipulated dates/days/times when all slots are filled. We definitely want each and everyone of you to feel unique while donning our items!

Payment Verification
With effect from the next collection:
Internet Banking users are to indicate your IB Nick and Date/Day/Time of transfer;

ATM Users are to attach a FULL snapshot (scanned receipts are strictly not allowed) of the entire ATM receipts from top to bottom with your email addresses written across at the bottom centre in legible handwriting.

We are sorry to inconvenience most of you at the expense of some of you, who have attempted to reuse ATM receipts. Heretofore, we will not hesitate to post your name, email address and address on our wordpress should you be caught reusing your ATM receipts in your orders. Multiple offenders will also be reported to the authorities without delay.

Delivery of Parcel
Please rest assured that we treat every order with care. While we have ensured the delivery of your parcels to SingPost, we would like to express that once the parcels leave our hands, the onus is no longer on us to ensure the safe delivery of them. We recommend you to adopt registered articles (+$2.24) to ensure that your parcels are delivered right up to your doorstep. 

Our competitive prices offered is one very good reason why you should adopt registered articles, as the overall cost of any one order should remain in an affordable price range, albeit with an additional burden of $2.24.

Regrettably, we are also unable to accomodate to compensation of lost parcels as there will be some who will take advantage of the situation.

Hollyhoque genuinely thank all of you for the support and reassurance given since we begin. Do continue to stay with us and we promise to bring you more fabulous designs!

With Compliments, the Hollyhoque Team 🙂



  1. I’m staying up all night just to make sure I dont miss the launch cos I know I can’t wake up early!
    Hahah it’s exciting and tiring at the same time :X
    I want to be VIP too! Been buying from HH for a very long time 😀

  2. I hope I am entitled to VIP too! 🙂
    continue to keep up the good work! You’ll always have loyal fans supportin you 🙂 like meeeee

  3. Kimberly says:

    how is the VIP for HH chosen?

  4. ch010308 says:

    totally understand HH’s stand. 🙂 will keep checking back so i wun miss getting my knit top! 😀 am afraid the VIP scheme will be a disadvantage to girls like me who loves HH’s stuff n eagerly camp for HH’s launch eveytime but most of the time cant get much cos i need 18″ptp but most clothes only up to 17″ 😦

  5. truly understand HH’s stand of not announcing the launch date/time b4hand.neverthless i still LOVE HH. alr aiming on the knit top & blazer. gg to click damn fast during launch time man!! HAHAHAHAHA=p

    & yesh yesh..i want to be HH’s VIP!!! i deserately need this )))))):

  6. I love Hollyhoque! 🙂
    Have been checking out the site every few hours today just in case I miss the launch, hahaha.

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