A Fashionista’s Confession > Amanda, 21

Puff Sleeves Shirt Dress

Before I bought this dress, I asked my boyfriend for his opinion and he replied that it was so-so. However, I was in love with this piece so I went ahead and bought it.

When I wore it out for the first time to meet him, he couldn’t stop raving how good his fashion sense was because he remembered asking me to buy this dress! While I, on the other hand, argued that it was I who wanted it very much initially and had nothing to do with his fashion sense! We had a fun bit of arguing but one thing that we couldn’t deny was the superb quality of this shirt dress with its cute looking puff sleeves!

Pair it up with slippers and I’m ready to hit town and school! A versatile yet chic looking shirt dress together with the complimentary brown belt, it creates a slimmer waist for me! But that’s not all, because the puff sleeves give a twist to the plain looking shirt dress!

I would have to admit that the dress is rather short so I have to pair it with a pair of shorts. Even though it’s short, I still love the length because it’s definitely perfect for Singapore’s scorching weather! I would definitely want to see more shirt dresses that comes in different prints, colours and of cause at a longer length!

I’m absolutely loving clothes from Hollyhoque!

And three cheers to everyone in Hollyhoque, you guys make it into what it is today.

Dear Amanda, for your confession, you have are entitled to a SGD1.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at www.hollyhoque.com!  



  1. boohoogirl says:

    hi can i check what’s the material of this shirt dress?? 🙂

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