A Fashionista’s Confession > Jocelyn, 15

Chiffon Overlay Sleeveless Top (Mint)

This top actually caught my eye the moment I saw it but sadly, all of it was sold and the backorder was closed. Still, I emailed Hollyhoque to ask if there was a chance that I can purchase this awesome top. Believe me, I was jumping around the house with joy when I came to know that extra pieces had been ordered. I happily made payment and awaited my top’s arrival. It finally did and it is lovely.


Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats (Nude)

I also fell madly in love with this pair of flats. Without any hesitation, I purchased it! I wore it on day one of Chinese New Year together with the top and I paired it with shorts. They were super comfortable! I felt so good when I wore them out and felt even better when my relatives complimented me! Thank you for the great efficiency and I am definitely looking forward to shopping with Hollyhoque! 

Hello Jocelyn! For your confession, you have won yourself a SGD1.50 discount code (to be sent to your email account) applicable on your next purchase at www.hollyhoque.com!  


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