Preview > Hollyhoque Collection 77; Whims and Fancies


Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress
Dusty Pink/Black, White/Black, Black/Hot Pink

Hollyhoque Label

Enamour and captivate the crowd with this sophisticated number, start twirling on the dance floor with that special someone. Don’t forget to don on that mega-watt smile and cast your charm. More importantly, slide into the highest pair of inches you can find to feel like a million dollars!

Featuring luxe satin, adjustable straps, pleats at waist to enhance silhouette and comes with side zip for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer.


Black/Hot Pink, as seen on Sheila:


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Black/Hot Pink, Zoe in Dusty Pink/Black


Bejeweled Smocked Mid-Waist Tube Dress
White, Dusty Pink, Turquoise

Hollyhoque Label

It’s bling bling time! A statement-making dress to overshadow even the best dressed lady at any event! Your appearance will send tongues wagging and boys drooling! This dress should be complimented for its absolute glamour and definite attention grabber!

Featuring chiffon, jewels lined on satin, unique cut out at bust, elastic banded at back and comes with side zip for easy wearing. Not sheer.



Uptown Girl Biker Jacket
Black, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

One of a kind and oh-so-chic, you got to have at least one colour of this jacket! This jacket is perfect for school or work to keep you warm and snuggly! Your unique fashion sense to highlight that androgyny can be sniffed out miles away when you are seen in this masterpiece.

Featuring thick quality cotton, pleats at shoulders than accentuate the frame, functional zip that can be worn in multiple ways depending on feel.

Our Picks ♥ Joyce in Grey, Nicole in Black, Sheila in Black, Sharon in Black and Grey


Lace Overlay Buckle Front Cardigan
Black, Teal, White

Hollyhoque Label

Entice your beau with this beauty, a subtle sexiness we promise. The intricate lace overlay are so feminine you cannot resist fingering it all over. Wow your girlfriends at the next gathering, turn up all pristine looking and throw this cardigan over in those air-conditioned high-end eateries for that extra oomph!

Featuring thick quality cotton, matching colour lace overlay, cut out at hem for the edgy look and hidden buckle.



Weekender Button Placket ¾ Sleeves Top
, White, Cream

Hollyhoque Label

This is one essential top not to be missed. We love how the button placket comes plastered on the frontal of this top, zapping the otherwise boring index of this top straight down to zero. Dress it down with denim bottoms for a fun-filled weekend, or stray the look a little by dressing it up with a black bandage skirt for a laid back corporate look. That’s two looks, for the price of one!

Featuring stretchable cotton (same as ASOS Scoop Neck Dress and Princess Sleeves Top), functional buttons and pocket at side for the cutesy look.



Simply Tie String Basic Top
, Off White

Hollyhoque Label

This piece is simple but still up to beat for the tie string serves as the adornment to it, yet never too over the top! This top is so versatile and easy to match, pair it with anything and off you go!

Featuring rayon cotton that is very cooling on the skin, adjustable tie strings and wide scoop neckline.


Cold Hold Knit Pullover
Peach Pink

Hollyhoque Label

Don’t you just love our pullovers? They are perfect finishes to low temperatures anytime, anywhere. Loosely drape it round your neck or secure it around your waist to look preppy and cool the whole day long!

Featuring knit, v neckline and vertical knitting to create a slimming effect.


Carefree Mesh Overlay Sleeveless Top
Navy Blue
, Black

Hollyhoque Label

Covet style and poise when you put on this top, it is one such item you won’t want to pull out of your to-buy list. We fancy this with a pencil skirt and a pair of black stilettos for a classy look, or a pair of covered shoes and skorts for a joyful look!

Featuring lycra and M shape mesh details.



Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress
Navy Blue/Silver, Fuchsia/Red, White/Green

Hollyhoque Label

This sophisticated bodycon fit is tres gorgeous and of so much Herve Leger favour, you ought to own one for your runway! We assure you won’t be cast down at any mileu, not ever, when you are wrapped in such a dress. Match this alluring piece with a patent clutch and black boots to complete the bold look you were always after.

Featuring thick quality satin, unique neckline, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Not sheer. 


Our Picks ♥ Joyce in Navy Blue/Silver, Nicole and Zoe in Fuchsia/Red, Sheila in White/Green


Varsity Whiz Knit Dress
, Black/White

A necessity and a refuge to run to when the weather turns chilly, this knit dress is here to stay in your closet. With the chanelsque colours but never too solemn, trust us, you will look delectably intellectual in it.

Featuring thick quality knit material that is comfortable on the skin and vertical knitting to create a super slimming effect.



  1. lalaland87 says:

    will varsity whiz knit dress be coming out for BO?? i really like it alot.. =D

  2. liviandlove says:

    Hi dear, I totally missed the launch! Just saw it. 😦
    Anyways, is the Weekender Button Placket ¾ Sleeves Top (Beige) sheer and is the arm area stretchable?
    Am thinking of joining the BO for Carefree Mesh Overlay Layering Top (Navy) but would like to know if the mesh part is hard? Am not exactly sure what mesh is (is the texture something like chiffon? :x). -.-

    TIA! 🙂

    • Weekender Button Placket ¾ Sleeves Top (Beige) is not sheer at all dear! The material is slightly stretchable. 🙂 I am not too sure if Carefree Mesh Overlay Layering Top (Navy) will be on backorder. 😦

  3. hello!!! i love that Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress!!! my skin colour is a lil yellowish, which colour wuld u recommend? i’m near uk10! will the dress fit me well??? hehe..

  4. rachbutterfly says:

    Hey Sharon, will the biker jacket be able to fit a UK10? OMG I’m so stoked for this collection to be launched!! Hurry, Sheila!! =D

  5. melodyteo says:

    Hi, will the length for knit dress be okay or too short for a 1.65m? v nice dresses in this collection 🙂 & the jacket looks chic!

  6. hi will the varsity whiz knit dress be too big for a petite UK4?
    and which colour would u recommend?i’m kinda fair.
    and how much will it be?:D

  7. lalaland87 says:

    Hihi, Varsity Whiz Knit Dress.. =D
    Does it fit size 10? isit possible to wear it without legging for height at 162cm?

  8. tyingxuan says:

    hi, will Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress fit for a height of 1.68m and uk size 8-10?

  9. cherry92202 says:

    hey! may i know the length for Bejeweled Smocked Mid-Waist Tube Dress?:D thanks!

  10. omg so many nice pieces in this collection 😀 if i had to pick one colour for the biker jacket which would you suggest sharon? even though i’m quite tempted to get both haha! hoping to bring it for my overseas trip soon 🙂

  11. Hello dear,

    Is the Uptown Girl Biker Jacket in grey true to the colour in the photo above? 😀

    I loveeeeee the jacket. (: Hope I won’t miss the launch! ):

  12. Heh sharon! Do you know which color did Nicole get for the knit dress? And what other items she had gotten?

  13. starzdu5t says:


    may i know if the tube dress and biker jacket fit a uk8-10? 🙂

  14. leejialin says:

    Will the Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress be loose on a UK size 6? I have a small build but I’m afraid the dress will be too loose or too long!

  15. misslindssmiley says:

    Hihi there!!

    Hope u still rmb me! 🙂
    I love the Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress. HOw much will it cost? and what is the sizing? WIll dusty pink or black be nicer for fair girls?

  16. Hello!!
    Between the Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress and the Bejeweled Smocked Mid-Waist Tube Dress, which will fit a uk10 better?? I intend to get a dress for an upcoming wedding dinner

  17. how much will the Lace Overlay Buckle Front Cardigan be priced at?

  18. the Varsity Whiz Knit Dress in White/Black is it the one shown in the preview?

  19. oooh i love this collection! can i ask around how much will Varsity Whiz Knit Dress be priced ah? thanks! 🙂

  20. silvergal says:


    Just to know which day will you be updating? Bcoz I have a bday dinner on fri, dunno if I can get one of yr dresses for the dinner…

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    you can email me at *screened

  21. mymelodyz :
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi, may I know is there any shoes will be launch in this coming up collection? I saw a nude flat shoes in sheila twitter photo before. I m very interested in it. =)

    opps. Sorry. I just checked, I mean is a Grey flat shoes.

  22. Hi, may I know is there any shoes will be launch in this coming up collection? I saw a nude flat shoes in sheila twitter photo before. I m very interested in it. =)

  23. rachbutterfly says:

    Ooh, I’m definitely getting the biker jacket in grey! And I’m eying the mesh top as well..hope they’re not too small for me!

  24. Lace Overlay Buckle Front Cardigan in the picture is teal colour? it looked more like navy to me! haha.

  25. Phua Wei Qi says:

    hey!!! may i ask how much would Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress be?

  26. shoppingaffairs says:

    Hey babe, can u put up the photos for the rest of the colors?

  27. i love the Uptown Girl Biker Jacket in black!!!!! but i got so many jackets cum blazors + cardi..with SG weather how to survive man!! tell mi how lahs.. :(( ltr she gg launch more nicer jackets agn, then i think next time i can just wear jackets out will do =p

    Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress nice lohs,but too short for me.btw Varsity Whiz Knit Dress is not HH’s label right?

    & i love Carefree Mesh Overlay Sleeveless Top =DDDDDD

    • You are in the same plight as me leh. I also have many jackets/blazers/cardigans, and they take up so much space (because they are thick and bulky!). Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress is actually like a mini dress, super pretty but super sexy as well. Heh. Yes dear, Varsity Whiz Knit Dress is not HH Label, but still chic nonetheless. Carefree Mesh Overlay Sleeveless Top is suitable for Singapore’s crazy weather lah. Like now. It’s sooo hot. 😦

  28. Haha I prefer the black one for the biker jacket. 🙂 yep I hope the knit dress will not be too v cut! Cus I don’t like it to be too v cut as it might reveal cleavage! 😦

  29. windmill00qi says:

    Collection looks yummy!!! Will e collection only b out after sheila’s back?

  30. onesquare says:

    oh my what a large collection! i have my eyes on the Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress in White/Green, the colour combi is so unique! but i have a tad too many bodycon dresses… how? ):

    is either Cold Hold Knit Pullover or Varsity Whiz Knit Dress sheer? and can the cold hold knit pullover be stretched longer to be a tunic?

    also, is Simply Tie String Basic Top the same one that hh brought in last time but in light blue? i missed it that time! ):

    sry for the many questions babe hee so excited! 😀 hope i wont miss the launch… ):

    • Sheila loves the Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress in White/Green to bits! Heh!

      For Cold Hold Knit Pullover and Varsity Whiz Knit Dress sheer, they are fine above nude undergarments I feel. The Cold Hold Knit Pullover is a top and cannot function as a tunic.

      Yes, the Simply Tie String Basic Top is coming in Black and White this time round! Don’t miss it again ok! (:

  31. Hello Sharon! I love the uptown biker jacket! 🙂
    does it has shoulder-pads on the jacket?
    Is the material the same as the blazer? 😀
    For the Varsity Whiz knit dress which color combi do you think is nicer and how much will the jacket be?

    • Hi! I don’t think it comes with shoulder pads. You can check with Joyce, she has one in grey! (: The material is of thick quality cotton, yes something like the blazer. I lke the Varsity Whiz Knit Dress in White, super nice! The jacket will be priced around $30, but it’s worth every cent I assure you! I’m getting both colours yo. 🙂 🙂

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