Backorders > Collection 77

Dear girls,

Due to the overwhelming response, we will be opening backorders for a couple of items in Collection 77, which will be up by the end of tomorrow. The backorders will close a few days from now (do check back tomorrow on the exact date/time), or when all slots are filled, whichever earlier.

A gentle reminder that with effect from this collection, we will be singling out

deadbuyers (via email addresses and residential addresses) who
– do not make payments for the items carted out; and/or
– cart out several items in an order but make payments for less than the number of items carted out for

who will
– have their orders render null and void in the following collection, that is, subsequent to the one they were deadbuyers for. Slot(s) for the item(s) carted out will be re-added to our system. Their orders will only be acceded to subjected to the availability of in-stocks after all other orders have been catered for; or
– receive full refunds in the event payments have already been made for the orders.

All parcels will be duly despatched on 15 April 2010/Thursday @ 1530 hours for orders with payments made for items (in-stocks) before 15 April 2010/Thursday @ 1000 hours.

Please kindly allow a grace period of between 2 to 3 days for parcels to reach you from the day/date of despatch.

Lastly, thank you for shopping with Hollyhoque! We look forward to serving you again! (:



  1. Hi Sharon!
    Have you got your biker jackets?
    Which one do you prefer ah?
    I’m still racking my brains which color to get..
    argh! i cant decide!! =)

  2. justforcommenting says:

    when will backorders be closed? 🙂
    am wondering when do i have to finish deciding by 😛
    thank you!

  3. valeriechx says:

    I really liked these 3 items
    – Luxe Lace Overlay M-Shape Bustier Dress (Black/Fuchsia)
    – Varsity Whiz Knit Dress (Black),
    – Simply Tie String Basic Top (Black)

    I logged in as soon as i could but i was already too late to get them.

    and I am very disappointed that there’s no backorder for all 3 items that i was eyeing. :(:(:(

  4. Hi, can i know if there will be backorders for Simply Tie String Basic Top (Black/White)? (:

  5. windmill00qi says:


    there will no backorder for the tops?

  6. rachgong says:

    hi, will there be backorders for the varsity whiz dress? It’s really nice!

  7. what about simply tie basic top!!

  8. strongrecipe says:

    Hi, just like to ask if u have instocks left for Cut-in Structured bodycon dress (a few collections back in Jan) Thanks 🙂

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