Preview > Hollyhoque Collection 78; Sunny Side Up!


Diamond Dazzle Cutout Dress
Purple, Grey, Navy

Hollyhoque Label

A piece inspired from Gossip Girl, it’s been sometime since such a well-designed dress like this one appears before our eyes. Oh what a sweetie this dress portrays, with its diamond cutout that dazzles the crowd. It makes it absolutely wonderful that this dress comes in a forgiving and astounding A-lined bottom which is totally irresistible!

Featuring stretchable structured material, elastic band at back, toggle opening at back of collar and comes with a side zipper for easy wearing.



Lace Trimmed Baby Doll Top
White, Baby Pink, Pale Grey, Blurple

Hollyhoque Label

The devil’s in the details. A cutesy baby doll top coupled with lace trimmings, which girl wouldn’t be sold? You need a baby doll top for the endless project meetings, the weekly girly gatherings, the last minute date your boyfriend springs on you and even the supermarket-ing trips with your dearest mummy! This lacey top is a gorgeous number on its own; you can save on the accessories!

 Featuring structured material, intricate lace detail, unique square cut neckline and comes with a side zipper for easy wearing.



Lace Overlay Sweetheart Spaghetti Top 

Yellow, Pink, Navy, White, Black

Hollyhoque Label

This top has lace overlay in a sweetheart fashion that accentuates the bust. Prance around in this frilly top with its lovely lace detail to own the instant envy of your girlfriends! It’s so versatile you can simply pair it with a pair of basic denim shorts for casual wear, or tuck it in a black bandage skirt for work. It’s the perfect top because it goes with almost anything!

Featuring rayon cotton, intricate lace detail, adjustable straps and elastic band at back.


Our Picks ♥ Joyce in Navy and White.


Pin Stripe Boyfriend Shirt
Grey, Black, White

If you think the season for wearing boyfriend shirts is oh-so-passé, you are so wrong! Boyfriend shirts are here to stay for they highlights androgyny and our never-ending girl charm. The vertical pin stripe, that will never ever go out of style striking this boyfriend shirt also creates the illusion of a smooth silhouette! What’s not to like? The only difficulty lurking right now, is the choice of colour if you are restricting yourself to just one!

Featuring cotton, functional but hidden buttons and comes with a complimentary thin belt.



M Shape Satin/Chiffon Bustier Dress
Pink/Navy, White/Pink, Green/Grey

Hollyhoque Label

This dress truly is a definite head turner! We love how the colours of the bodice and bottom complement each other; When colour palettes are concerned, don’t you just trust Sheila’s taste? This spring/summer’s hottest hues are encapsulated herein this masterpiece. Did we hear that you haven’t received any compliments on your dress sense from your boyfriend? Bore him no more. Throw on this dress, appear demure and he’ll be yours for all its worth.

Featuring satin for bodice, chiffon for bottom, M shape neckline, intricate pleats at the front to accentuate the figure, elastic band at back, V strap back and comes with a side zipper for easy wearing.



Mini Vintage Floral Dress
Yellow, Purple, Pink

Hollyhoque Label

Dress to impress with his one. If the flora and fauna enchant you, take a walk in the garden donned in this dress, exuding a little vintage essence that captivates your audience. The beautiful floral print is not to be missed.

 Featuring soft cotton, wide scoop neckline, pleats and adjustable tie ribbon at waist.



Multi Way Basic Knit Dress
Royal Blue, Black, White, Grey and Pink

Hollyhoque Label 

Don’t forget to throw a piece of this dress in your duffel bag to that dream holiday destination coming right up! A staple piece to have, it’ll surely be your favourite one amidst our eccentric weather these days, turning chilly every so often. You will be elated to know that this piece can be worn as an off shoulders and/or a top. Comes in five pretty shades, there’s bound to be one to be made your love!

Featuring stretchable knit, band at bottom, raw hemming at neckline and sleeves.


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Grey and Pink, Nicole in Black, Sharon in Navy Blue.


Mesh Overlay Kimono Dress
, Black, White

Hollyhoque Label

Be fascinated by this dress, wowed by the lace trimmings and mesh overlay peek-a-boo like how we did! The flattering cut of this dress conceals all your flaws like no other! We fancy this dress with covered flats for the girl-next-door look, or black stilettos for the corporate socialiate aura.

Featuring mesh overlay, attached inner slip with adjustable straps to prevent frontal from flipping, elastic band at back and comes with a side zipper for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer.


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Black, Sharon in White.


Cross Back Chiffon Bustier Top
Navy Blue

Hollyhoque Label

This top needs no introduction! We have bustier dresses, how about a top for that matter? The pleated sweet heart neckline is to die for, really. A casual and simple throw on piece!

Featuring lycra for bodice and satin for straps as contrast, smocked back and pleated front to accentuate the bust.


Abstract Art High Collar Double Droplet Cut Out Back Dress

Hollyhoque Label

This dress ought to be a gem for its unique double droplet cutout back that is so uncannily sexy yet does not reveal any part of your normal strapless bra. We suggest having you take a piece in White for elegance. Pull your hair back in a bun and with a pair of black stilettos, hit town all chic and sassy!

Featuring stretchable silk lycra material. Fully lined, not sheer.



  1. Heya, is the laced trim babydoll top still available? How much is it and what’re the sizes like? I don’t quite know how this work, and now it’s alr more than a month since april(launch). Thank you!

  2. Lace Overlay Sweetheart Spaghetti Top !
    Bring back yellow and pink please ?
    Will be praying hard for a BO ! 🙂

  3. Hi babe
    I am supposed to get a refund because the item that I want from HH whats available collection has a defect. Till now, i still have not receive the refund.

    is it possible to help me pass a msg to sheila? had tried emailing to but no one replied 😦

  4. leejialin says:

    Will there be any backorders for the Multi Way Basic Knit Dress? I went to hollyhoque website at 11am in the morning and most of the items are pending already! Now I cannot get anything I want from this collection. =(

  5. haha i’m not fast enuff this time la..
    i need BO! =) when, sharon?

    btw, i got the grey biker jacket =) thanks for your help!

  6. Hello! for the diamond dazzle cut out dress, is the grey colour true to the picture?:) and for the boyfriend pin stripe shirt, is the white colour true to the picture too?:)

  7. vintage555 says:

    For the lace trim babydoll top, it is stated made of structured material, is it cotton? requires ironing or will it creases easily?

  8. I think you guys should make the boyfriend shirt in white less sheer! Like, add an extra layer of lining or something. I thought the tie front knit top in white was kinda sheer too. Quite a turnoff if I wanted to buy some items in white. Quality seems better too if your clothes aren’t sheer. I noticed for quite a few items, Sharon keeps advising to wear nude undies. Is that all we can wear with HH’s clothes?

  9. Phua Wei Qi says:

    hey! would you be telling us the launch date?

  10. so many nice pieces!!! roughly how much is the multi way basic knit dress going to cost? 🙂 too many colours to choose from! also, the pin stripe boyfriend shirt shown is in white? kinda looks like grey to me but is it just the lighting?

  11. mymelodyz :
    will there be any shoes in this collection too? I m waiting for the Grey flat shoe to be launch. >.<

    Hollyhoque :
    No, they have yet to arrive!

    May I know when they will be arrive and launch? =X

  12. misslindssmiley says:


    I am in love with this collection! I love the Lace Trimmed Baby Doll Top in Blurple, Lace Overlay Sweetheart Spaghetti Top in Pink , Multi-Way Knit Dress in Pink and Mini Vintage Floral Dress! May I know if Sheila has decided the pricing for the above items?

    For the Mini Vintage Floral dress, which colour is nicer and more suitable for fair girls?

    Still undecided what to get since I can only get one item due to lack of $… *sobz*

    • Aww thanks for the support dear! (: Sheila did not tell me the prices, she will only decide them prior to the launch actually. I like the Mini Vintage Floral Dress in Purple, though all colours look good on any skin tone, really!

  13. DEAD is the word to use on me now!!!! 😡 im just soooooooooo dead!!! easily 6items, i need to ctrl man!!

    dear Pin Stripe Boyfriend Shirt shown is in white? it looks greyish…hmmmm~so e grey pc will be darker?

  14. Love the pictures! Background is so cool! haha. I have the multi way basic knit dress and I love it! ❤

  15. boohoogirl says:

    Oh my !! I’m in love with this collection though !! Didn’t manage to get the top i wanted in the previous collection!! =x I love the Multi Way Basic Knit Dress !! Will the royal blue be brighter than normal navy color? As i wanted it to be able to pair with leggings or shorts ! =) Love the Abstract Art High Collar Double Droplet Cutout Back Dress as well!! awwws !

  16. Hi dear, it would be great if Sheila could put a time &date of th launch on cause I always missed out th items that I wanna get, and sometimes those items doesn’t have Bo. So it’s kinda upset. Hah. Anyway This collection looks awesome. And it would be great if sheila would considerg manufacturing wedges &baggg. (:

    • Hi dear, as stated previously, we are unable to state a launch time to prevent our dot com from crashing due to a one time heavy traffic due to the refreshing of our site. Thanks so much for understanding, the launch will definitely be sometime this week!

  17. Mini Vintage Floral Dress is lovely! 😀

  18. Hi Sharon! Any unreleased designs for this collection? Any shoes for this collection? Thanks!

  19. Hi! Will HH be launching the pink shoes/heels as seen on Joyce together with Multi Way Basic Knit Dress in pink?

  20. mandapiglet says:

    I like the mini vintage dress!

  21. Hihi very nice collection!! May i know how does the back of lace trimmed babydoll top looks like? Isit the same as the front, just without the lace? Thanks! 🙂

  22. starrycloset says:

    omg, i love M Shape Satin/Chiffon Bustier Dress.
    please tell me it can fit up to 17/18″ ptp!?!?!? is the waist part stretchable. most dresses i buy, i have problems getting the waist part past my bust 😦

  23. leeemonjuice says:

    The boyfriend shirt looks nice! Is it sheer for both white and grey? 😦 is it able to fit uk 10/12?

  24. angelbehindme says:

    OMG!! What a yummy collection! I like like 6 items? *oh gosh*
    May I know if Mesh Overlay Kimono Dress, Lace Trimmed Baby Doll Top, Lace Overlay Sweetheart Spaghetti Top and Multi Way Basic Knit Dress can fit a big UK10? =x

  25. flyingfree27 says:

    Hi, does the baby pink for Lace Trimmed Baby Doll Top looks true to the picture? It looks more like cream/nude to me in the picture. Thanks!! I’m sooo excited about the launch!!!

  26. will there be any shoes in this collection too? I m waiting for the Grey flat shoe to be launch. >.<

  27. hellojiabin says:

    What did you keep? I like the Multi Way Basic Knit Dress and Mesh Overlay Kimono Dress in pink, black and white. But i can only buy one. Which colour is nice on fair skin?

    • You like the exact same items as me! I’m thinking it over still. 🙂 I think you should take pink if you are the girlish kind, or black if you are not! 🙂

      • hellojiabin says:

        Yeah! We think alike! Tell me when you decided cause i can’t too! I think i gettng black and maybe pink for Multi Way Basic Knit Dress. What about Mesh Overlay Kimono Dress!!

        • Hello Jiabin! If I have to choose one for the Multi Way Basic Knit Dress, I’ll go for Royal Blue because it is not as common as black, yet easy to match. (: As for the Mesh Overlay Kimono Dress, I think I’ll opt for White, it looks sooo demure!

  28. Kimberly says:

    may i know if the lace trimmed babydoll top be too big (long) for a 1.5? like is the length same as the mesh cutout babydoll top?

  29. rachbutterfly says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. Another gorgeous collection!

    Will the Diamond Dazzle Cutout Dress, M Shape Satin/Chiffon Bustier Dress, Mini Vintage Floral Dress and Lace Overlay Sweetheart Spaghetti Top be able to fit UK 10?
    The cutout dress and M shape bustier dress look too small for me. =(

    • Hi dear, the M Shape Satin/Chiffon Bustier Dress, Mini Vintage Floral Dress and Lace Overlay Sweetheart Spaghetti Top should be able to fit up to a (small) UK 10! As for the Diamond Dazzle Cutout Dress, it might be a little tight fitting! Hope that helps!

      • rachbutterfly says:

        Hmm ok, thanks! Will wait for the exact measurements to be up before deciding. So excited for the launch!

  30. how much would the mesh kimono dress and the abstract art dress cost approximately? 😀

  31. windmill00qi says:

    when will it be launched? 😀

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