Hollyhoque Collection 78; Sunny Side Up! > Parcel Despatch Dates

Hi Ladies,

We hope you love Hollyhoque’s Collection 78; Sunny Side Up as much as we do! From now on, our collections will be theme and stocks on hand will be meticulously selected to match the theme, so hopefully it’ll make shopping with Hollyhoque more interesting for all of you. 🙂

This is a gentle reminder to you that we will be singling out

deadbuyers (via email addresses and residential addresses) who
– do not make payments for the items carted out; and/or
– cart out several items in an order but make payments for less than the number of items carted out for

who will
– have their orders render null and void in the following collection, that is, subsequent to the one they were deadbuyers for. Slot(s) for the item(s) carted out will be re-added to our system. Their orders will only be acceded to subjected to the availability of in-stocks after all other orders have been catered for; or
– receive full refunds in the event payments have already been made for the orders.

All parcels have been duly despatched on 22 April 2010/Thursday for orders with payments made for items (in-stocks) before 22 April 2010/Thursday @ 1400 hours. All parcels will be duly despatched on 23 April 2010/Friday for orders with payments made for items (in-stocks) before 23 April 2010/Friday @ 1200 noon.

Please kindly allow a grace period of between 2 to 3 working days for parcels to reach you from the day/date of despatch.

Lastly, thank you for shopping with Hollyhoque! We look forward to serving you again! (:


  1. mandapiglet says:

    I wanna get the mini vintage yellow dress! When would the BO be open?

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