Launch > Hollyhoque Collection 79; My Girly Poise! /Edit

Hello ladies! Are you geared up for Hollyhoque Collection 79; My Girly Poise?

Well, the collection is out!

As previously mentioned, we have been singling out deadbuyers who do not make payments for the items carted out; and/or partial deadbuyers who cart out items in orders to which payments were made for less than the number of items carted out for.

We regret to inform that deadbuyers and/or partial deadbuyers will have their accounts with HollyHoque freezed at random for any collections in the near future without prior notification, such that they will not be able to cart out any items.

Newly created accounts will also be screened via their residential addresses, and have their orders render null and void. Slot(s) for the item(s) carted out will be re-added to our system. These orders will only be acceded to subjected to the availability of in-stocks after all other orders have been catered for; or receive full refunds in the event payments have already been made for the orders.

For this collection, all parcels will be duly despatched on 27 April 2010/Tuesday @ 1530 hours  for orders with payments made for items (in-stocks) before 27 April 2010/Tuesday @ 1100 hours.

Thank you for shopping at Hollyhoque, we appreciate everyone of you! (:



  1. Just received the old english laced trimmed cardigan, love love it so much!!! Thanks for the wonderful design and cutting, should have ordered more colours from the backorder:P

  2. hey, i saw many extra dresses from the old collections, but was removed after the clearance sales was put up )): would you help me ask sheila if she’s going to post it up again? cause i really like many dresses up there and wanted to buy )):

  3. boohoogirl says:

    Hi sharon,

    Will there be BO for Drape Chiffon Toga Top in cream ?? =(( I’ve missed the launch and all were pending. Super SAD! =((
    Please ask sheila to open BO for the top !!! =((

  4. May I know if all the prints exclusive to HH?

  5. wadonearth says:

    hey babe!

    Hope there’ll be BO for the cream toga top! I missed the item by a few seconds! haha! *emo*

  6. galleria7835 says:

    Hi there,

    Will there be BO for the opaque tights… have been looking for 1 for ages, finally found one but I missed the launch… 😦 😦

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