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Flora Motif Tie String Kimono Top

This top is the very first item I bought from Hollyhoque through my friend’s recommendation to try out online shopping. It was love at first sight when I saw the pretty chiffon material with its exquisite embroidery details on the model, who was then Nicole. As navy is my favourite colour, I set my eyes upon the top in navy with white embroidery details. The contrast betwen the navy chiffon material and the lighter hue of white embroidery details is absolute love! However, since it was my first time buying something online, I was initially pretty lost in going about purchasing my items.

Thankfully, www.hollyhoque.com was, blatantly put, fool-proof for first timers like myself! Purchasing items rest in the ease of just creating an account and a matter of clicking a few buttons, coupled with a step-by-step guide when checking out. Thereafter, an invoice would be sent in no time to my email contained therein, the payment details.

I was ecstatic upon recieving this top in my mailbox just a few days later and couldn’t wait to wear it out with my date with my friends the next day. My friends couldn’t stop raving about it and were asking where I’ve purchased this top from. After revealing them my source, they commented that they’ll definitely check out the apparels. Guess what? A couple of weeks later, at our next date, one of my friends was already wearing a dress from Hollyhoque! 

This top comes with an inner spaghetti top, so it was to me, a purchase of two pieces for the price of one! However, one may also wear a inner piece of another colour like what I have done! Just pair this top with an inner piece and shorts, I would feel it’s more than enough for that special date, or just to have fun!



Button Front Trimmed Casual Dress

Once again, it is another navy dress me. Initially I wanted to purchase this dress along with the Flora Motif Tie String Kimono Top but this dress in navy was already pending by the time I decied to do so. Fortunately, I was able to join the backorders for this dress and upon receiving the dress, I believe the long wait for the backorder was definitely worth it. The dress is soft and comfortable with the pretty button front sewn on that gives the dress that extra oomph! I decided to wear this dress to my cousin’s wedding and my relatives were asking me where I purchased this dress from, even my sister said that she would definitely want to borrow this dress from me in the future.

What I love about this dress is that it is casual enough for daily dates with my friends, yet formal enough to be worn for functions. Not to mention, this sleeveless dress is so appropriate for the hot weather in Singapore as well! However, if the weather does turn chilly, just throw on a cardigan and you are good to go! Furthermore, the Hollyhoque Team’s patience and great customer service really made my shopping experience even better! I have no doubt that my queries on stock availability and other miscellaneous ones would receive a prompt reply. All in all, Hollyhoque has definitely found a fan in me and I can’t wait for the next collection! Kudos to Hollyhoque!


Dear JT, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD3.00 discount applicable on your next purchase at www.hollyhoque.com! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!



  1. Kimberly says:

    will the floral motif tie string kimono top be making a comeback?

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