Blogger’s Notes > Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress

Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress
Navy Blue/Silver, Fuchsia/Purple, White/Green

Hollyhoque Label

This sophisticated bodycon fit is tres gorgeous and of so much Herve Leger favour, you ought to own one for your runway! We assure you won’t be cast down at any mileu, not ever, when you are wrapped in such a dress. Match this alluring piece with a patent clutch and black boots to complete the bold look you were always after.

Featuring thick quality satin, unique neckline, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Not sheer.

Fuchsia/Purple, as seen on Nicole and Sheila:

Credits: Zoe,

Green/White, as seen on Sheila:

Our Picks ♥ Joyce in Navy Blue/Silver, Nicole and Zoe in Fuchsia/Purple, Sheila in Fuchsia/Purple, Green/White



  1. omg i love this dress! wore it to my friend’s black-tie birthday party! haha did you get that pic of me from fb? 🙂

    • Hello Nicole, how are you? (: Oh and no I didn’t! Sheila sent it to me, I think Sheila might have stalked you on Facebook though. Haha!

      • HAHA yes i think so too! 🙂 she doesn’t even normally use fb, i bet she logged in just to kope my pictures! hahahaha. I’m pretty good, how are you back in Singapore?

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