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Please send an email to sales@hollyhoque.com if you are interested in the items from our What’s Available/Sales (due to deadbuyers and extras from backorders) in the following format:

Subject: Item No./Item Name – $X
Content: Enquiry/Order

and a reply/invoice will be sent to you shortly. If you do not receive a reply/invoice within 24 hours, it would mean that the item(s) you are interested in is/are pending/sold (as stocks are extremely limited) by the time we reached your email.

Do note that prices are inclusive of local postage charges, but exclusive of registered article charges (+$2.24) and certificate of posting (+$0.20).

Happy shopping!


Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels – $27
Noir Black (Size 39, 40), Dusty Navy (Size 36, 39, 40) , Khaki Nude (Size 36, 38, 39, 40)

 Hollyhoque Label

Are you a heels person? Well, I am. The worse thing that can happen to any female, in my opinion, is to lack the appropriate footwear to pull off her sophistication.

Owing a pair of Hollyhoque’s Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels definitely alleviates your problem a little!

Go for Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Noir Black if your black pencil skirt is awaiting some adorning.

 Flora Motif Kimono Top in Navy Blue and Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Noir Black, as seen on Sheila:

 She successfully pulled off the semi-casual look, so if you think heels are only for formal ocassions, chuck that idea aside!

Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Dusty Navy Blue, my absolute favourite. It’s an uncommonly seen colour for heels, yet it spells nothing but elegance. Did I mention that the inner hot pink is such a stark contrast to the external dusty navy blue and is so lovely?

Otherwise, strut away in Careerist Single Tone Suede Heels in Khaki Nude, if you are one who is always on the cutting edge of fashion and have an inkling that this colour is definitely this season’s must have!

Needless to say, Joyce walked home (figuratively) with a colour of each!

Sizes run true to local brand, Charles & Keith.


 Buckle Me Up Sandals – $18.50
Yellow (36, 37, 38, 39, 40)

Yellow, a colour not commonly seen elsewhere, for the adventurous you.

If your usual shoe size for Charles & Keith is X, opt for size X + 1 for Buckle Me Up Sandals.


Ribbon Cut Out Back Ballet Flats – $21.50
Nude (Size 40, 41))
, Black (Size 37, 38, 39, 40, 41), Lilac (Size 37, 38, 39, 40, 41)

Nude, to reinstate your fashion taste bud.


Black, for endless sashaying.


Lilac, need we say more?

Sizes run true to local brand, Charles & Keith.

Please direct all enquiries/orders to sales@hollyhoque.com so that they may be attended to expeditiously! Thank you!


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