Preview > Hollyhoque Collection 82; Summer Affection

Schoolgirl Knit Dress
Denim Blue, Navy, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

Run afoul to streetwear and clad yourself in this simple yet adorable number! Take a spy on this dress pretty please? We are mighty sure you can’t get enough of it! This dress will take you comfortably from shopping trips to dinner dates, throw it on, pair it with the right accessories and off you go!

Featuring stretchable knit of excellent quality, exquisite knit details and slight pleats at skirt.


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Denim Blue, Navy, Grey


Pleats Ahoy Sweetheart Dress
, Pink, White

Hollyhoque Label

If you are in agreement that girls drool after pleats and pastal colours, this dress is catered for you! We have always been fanatics of timeless pieces that can last us through the seasons, and this is one such gorgeous design we think. Don’t forget to express thanks to this dress for the spell it is going to shroud your eye candy on!

Featuring lycra, assymetrical pleat details at front, m-shape neckline to accentuate bust, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer.


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Jade


The Chanel-esque Cardigan
Black, White

Hollyhoque Label

Chanel is widely known for its black and white combinations and raved for its classiness index. How about owning a cardigan soaked in chanel-esque essence? The outstanding contrast is so heartening, it’s instant joy to be seen in this outerwear, really!

Featuring stretchable quality cotton, full length sleeves and functional row of buttons at front.

Our Picks ♥ Sheila in White


Tie-Me-Pretty Lace Overlay Dress
Blue, White, Light Grey

Hollyhoque Label

If you think love at first sight is cliché, you probably haven’t seen this dress yet. Our adoration mounted an all time high over it, so breathtaking it instantaneously puts you in the limelight and catches the attention of anyone who hasn’t noticed you since the time you fondly strutted to the dance floor. We love how it’s not too over, and versatile enough for a drink or two late at night, but apt to be in for any dinners or parties.

Featuring matte satin, matching colour trims at neckline, adjustable tie details (versatile), lace overlay at bust, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Inner lined, not sheer.


Our Picks ♥ Zoe in Blue


Butterfly Flutter Lace Sleeves Top
, Navy, Jade, White, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

Ever dream to change your image to that of a conservative next-door-girl? You can, with this top! We love how comfortable it is, the most suitable top for lazy dress down days! Not to omit, this top also pulls together the look, be it for work or play! The lace flutter sleeves definitely add a feminine touch to the tres chic design! We reckon it to be best paired with shorts or A Line Pocket Skirt (Hollyhoque Label).

Featuring stretchable cotton rayon and lace flutter sleeves.


Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Black, Navy, Jade, White, Grey


Pleats Overdose Tube Top
White, Pink, Grey, Blue

Hollyhoque Label

Ooh, scream with us at the arrival of a lovely design like this one! A definite headturner, we look to this piece for effortless style! Pair this top with your bandage skirt to flaunt your endless legs or tuck it into your tailored shorts for that cool feel.

Featuring lycra, assymetrical pleat details, band under chest to accentuate bust, elastic band at back and side zip for easy wearing.


Our Picks ♥ Joyce in Grey


Lady Chiffon Sleeves Top
Navy, White, Black

Hollyhoque Label

We welcome a top like this one to our brimming wardrobe, for the simple reason that it’s so versatile and wearable on different ocassions! Rejoice in simple accessorizing, like a flower pin in your hair and sky high stilettos, and you are more than ready to hit the street! 

Featuring stretchable lycra and chiffon for sheer area, row of non-functional buttons at back and elastic band at hem of sleeves that can be ruched up for puff effect.



A Line Pocket Skirt 
Navy, Black, Grey

Hollyhoque Label

This skirt has got edginess decorating it, and is fabulously suitable for the workplace. It’s so staple we are head over heels on the countless permutations on what it can be matched with. Don on the corporate image with a simple button down shirt or delight in fun and laughter with a casual top. A long necklace, or dangling earrings, it’s your call while the onlookers admire!  

Featuring quality blazer-like cotton, functional side pockets, smock at back for good fit and functional side pockets.


 Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Navy, Black, Grey, Sharon in Navy, Black, Grey



  1. sherstupid says:

    Hi so sorry to bother again! ;( have u guys all verified bo slot payment? Cause the last time I sent email, u guys didn’t rcv it, idk what happened either. I sent email to via *screened. I’m scared my bo slot will not be verified 😦 do contact me as to whether you guys have rcvd my email!

  2. sherstupid says:

    hi dear, i need ur help. i have made payment to hh for my pink pleats overdose tube top, on wednesday and sent in the receipt picture etc on wednesday night. but up till now no one has replied me to tell me if payment has been verified or item sent out. i sent a 2nd email to alr but no one replied.. im worried my email didnt reach hh due to the post labelled “notice”on wednesday… my email is *screened, are you able to help me verify and give me a piece of mind? thank you so much!! 😦

  3. hey. for Pleats Overdose Tube Top. stated 24” . is it really that long for the length? is it measured from the shoulder or the tube itself is 24”?

  4. redhotchillipepper7 says:

    will there be a bo for lady chiffon sleeves top?

  5. any backorder for Butterfly Flutter Lace Sleeves Top

  6. Phua Wei Qi says:

    hey! would there be any backorders for Braid My Top because i didnt manage to see any of it at the website. may i know how much is it?

  7. rachbutterfly says:

    Why isn’t Braid My Top up in the new collection? =(

  8. Hi, why is Braid My Top not included in the launch?

  9. jeanenn says:

    Lady Chiffon Sleeves Top, is the white pure white/creamish? able to fit uk 10?

  10. hey, i’m loving the knitdress 🙂 can’t decide which colour to get it in! just a quick question, do you think the braid my top can fit a small UK6?

  11. missfayth says:

    hi, able to reserve the items? cos im not able to access or even check when will it be launched? 😦

  12. simplyunting says:

    can the a-line work skirt fit uk10?

  13. misslindssmiley says:

    Adding on to my previous comment,I am also liking the Schoolgirl Knit Dress! Great job with this collection! 🙂

  14. misslindssmiley says:

    Hihi…what a yummy collection!! Loving the Butterfly Flutter Lace Sleeves Top, Pleats Ahoy Sweetheart Dress and
    Lady Chiffon Sleeves Top!!! Can they fit UK8? and how much are they going to be? I got a feeling I might not get the items…Hahas…

  15. Phua Wei Qi says:

    great collection! when would it be launched? may i noe how the back of the braid my top look like? is it cross or just like a normal spag? thanks dear:)

  16. galleria7835 says:

    Hi there,

    I like the Butterfly Flutter Lace Sleeves Top but how come the navy looked purpish in the picture? Is it due to the background or light? Can HH launch in the morning instead of midnight timing??? Really hope to get the Butterfly Flutter Lace Sleeves Top


  17. rachbutterfly says:

    *DROOOOOLLLL* Love this collection! I anticipate major damage to my wallet. Don’t know whether to be happy or sad!
    I’m lemming for the Schoolgirl Knit Dress, Braid My Top, Butterfly Flutter Lace Sleeves Top, Pleats Overdose Tube Top, and A Line Pocket Skirt!
    Do they all fit a UK10? *hopeful*

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