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Dear girls,

I hope you have had helluva good time shopping at yesterday! Please do not be disappointed if you did not manage to get the item(s) you were eyeing, for backorders will be up soon. Please allow Sheila sometime as the Hollyhoque team has been overwhelmed with posting out of parcels as of yesterday. 😦

Please also be informed that we will be sending out updates via minutes before the launch of each collection so do add us in your safe sender list for your email account  in order that our email safely lands in your inbox and you will be able to receive first hand updates.

Finally, with effect from this collection, due to time constraint, we will no longer email each and every one of our backorder participant the arrival of their item(s) that is/are on backorder. However, you may regularly check the backorder status here, which will be updated pronto, as follows:

Name of itemArrived, parcels will be despatched on date.

We thank you for patronising us and look forward to serving you again! Have a good week! 🙂



  1. Hi, i have made payment before 3pm (2 june)for knitted dress in grey for the latest collection and understand from hollyhoque’s email to me that all paid items will be mailed out on Wednesday (2june) before 8pm. However, i have yet to receive my item..:( pls kindly advise on when i shd be expected to receive my item as I rarely shop online..thanks:D

  2. minejas says:

    Nope, I’ve received a reply from HH and they’ve admit they’ve missed my parcel twice.
    Thank God I ordered it via registered postage:)
    thanks for your reply.

  3. minejas says:

    Hi there!

    Just to let you know I’ve still not received the Uptown Biker Girl Jacket in grey. It has been weeks since I last received the confirmation backorder email.
    Please be more efficient and not miss out customer’s parcels.

    p.s. I ordered it via registered postage.

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