A Fashionista’s Confession > TM Wong, 29

Twirl Mesh on Satin Sleeveless Dress
Dark Grey

I set my eyes on this lovely dress I saw it from the preview on www.hollyhoque.wordpress.com! I was so excited when I received this dress. Believe it or not, of so many dresses I bought from the various online shops, this is the only piece that I treasure like it’s my precious and I also joined the backorder for it in mint!

 I love the soft material that is so light weight, unique design especially the bottom portion which makes me feel like a ballerina, and yes, it really creates a slimming effect. 

Hollyhoque! Can we have more yummy colors for this sweetie?

Dear TM Wong, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD1.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at www.hollyhoque.com! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!

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