Launch > Hollyhoque Collection 85; A Tiara for Me

Stay tuned to Hollyhoque Collection 85; A Tiara for Me on 25 June 2010 (Friday) @ 0900 hours.

In conjunction with GSS, Hollyhoque is extending a 10% discount on this collection! Simply enter the discount code HH10per upon check out by clicking on My Cart on the top right hand corner of our dot com to qualify!

Happy shopping! 🙂




  1. sherstupid says:

    Hello ^o^
    my payment sent on the 2nd july has yet to be verified 😦
    was wondering if my mail didnt get thru again, or you guys havent read it? Cause last time ny mail didnt get thru 😦
    so sorry for being anxious, im worried my item will go oos 😦

    my email is, would appreciate it if u cld check for me! ^^

  2. sushixpepz says:

    hihi HH,

    i tried entering the discount code HH10per but the web says its invalid:(

  3. khanompang says:

    hi babe, i forgot to check the website and mailing updates for the discount code thingy before i checked out, so does it still apply? 😦 stupid me! brr.

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