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Rosette Corset Polka Dot Toga Dress
White, Navy,

Hollyhoque Label

This dress reeks of classiness, flatters the collar bones, and its fabulous cut really had us sold. We love everything about it, from the one shoulder, the detachable dainty rosette corset that will evince all the femininity to the cutesy polka dots. Definitely one of its kind, style this dress up with a hair pin, peep toe heels and your favourite hand carrier. Now, if you still need one more reason to go for this dress, think of all the dinners you have to attend, the parties you scurry all over to be the best dressed, and you’ll be certain that it’s never too late to own a mind-blowing piece like this one for those emergency get-ups!

Featuring m-shape at bust, pleats to accentuate bust, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer. Made of chiffon.

Our Picks ♥ Sharon in White, Navy

Pleat Front Crochet Lace Tiered Dress
White, Daffodil Yellow, Dusky Blue

Hollyhoque Label

This number is uber sweet and dolly, you ought to have at least a colour for it melted our hearts the moment we set our eyes on it! We are head over heels with the peek-a-boo crochet/lace adorning the skirting of this dress, and the crochet/lace hem adds an ultimate bonus to it definitely! How about pleats at the bust for some structure too? Ooh, this dress is so picture perfect we can’t believe it! Depending on your personality, go for White for a swig of innocence, Daffodil Yellow for some summer aura or Dusky Blue for versatility!

Featuring m-shape at bust, pleats to accentuate bust, intricate crochet/lace details, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer. Made of textured cotton.

White, as seen on Sheila:

Our Picks ♥ Sheila in White

Tie Waist Drape Knit Cardigan
Almond, White, Blurple, Mint, Black

Hollyhoque Label

The weather has taken a turn to be a little on the chilly side, no? And we figure a chic drape knit cardigan like this one can up the style index, be it at school, work or play. This really easy to throw over piece is to die for, literally, so much so that we wouldn’t mind having to pile on another layer just to look and feel good! Wear it over your everyday basics, play around with the sash or simply put on a skinny belt for a change!

Featuring bat wing sleeves, loops for sash/belt to go through and comes with complimentary matching sash. Made of knit (slightly translucent).

Our Picks ♥ Sharon in Almond, White, Blurple, Mint, Black

Lace Element Spaghetti Top
Light Blue, Black, Blue, White

Hollyhoque Label

We welcome the arrival of casual tops, especially so when they are hard to come by! This fun and flirty piece spells girly chic, and let you be the baby doll everyone loves! Our soft spots are once again attacked when we spot the hem, yes? Pair this top with your denim shorts, deck on those sunnies, a feodora hat and let that beach hunk drool all over! Otherwise, you may opt to tuck this top in a bandage skirt, throw on your blazer and the board meeting’s yours to impress!

Featuring adjustable straps, m-shape at bust, exquisite lace details at bust and sides, elastic band at back, and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Not sheer. Made of linen cotton.

Sky Blue, as seen on Sheila:

Our Picks ♥ Sheila in Sky Blue

Peel Petal Brooch/Hair Clip
White, Black

Hollyhoque Label

This brooch/hair clip is Hollyhoque’s first manufactured hair accessory so do not miss it! It matches best with your evening wear! Nothing too elaborate, it is crafted with the finest materials for the luxe vibe we hope to achieve. It’s high time to neglect your hair no more!

Made of chiffon, feathers and beads.

Sailorette Nautical Dress
Black/White, Black/Grey 

Hollyhoque Label

The nautical vibe is here to take over the style scene again, so do not fall behind the trend! We are in absolute love with the simplicity of this lovely dress, while not losing out on any goodness for sexy is back! We are not revealing the back of this dress until the launch! Pair this dress with your sky high heels and a hobo satchel and be all ready to rock the boat!

Featuring m-shape at bust, v-shape at back and elastic band at waist. Made of Japanese cotton (stretchable).


Colour Block Knit Tunic
Royal Blue/White, Pink/Grey, Sky Blue/Grey, Cream/Navy, Purple-Grey/Black, Almond/Black

Hollyhoque Label

Banish nothing-to-wear days with a tunic like this one, for we know how difficult it is to wake up on the wrong side of bed and running super late for the day’s events. This tunic is a real life saviour for it can function as both a top and dress for petite frames. You might want to pull back your hair and don on those translucent leggings with this tunic for a socialite feel, or match it with a pair of shorts for a weekend getaway. The colour block for each are so unique and with it in 6 lovely colour combinations, there’s bound to be one that suits your personality! This one’s a wardrobe keeper we tell you, and will outlast all your clothings as your favourite companion down the years.

Featuring big sleeves and thick band at hem. Made of excellent knit (stretchable).

Black/Purple-Grey, as seen on Sheila:

Sheila stands at 1.6m and is a UK6/8.



  1. is the bottom of the color block knit tunic made of elastic band whereby we cant adjust the length to our liking?

  2. passionluv says:

    Hihi, can e colour tunic fit a petite?? Ard uk 6 or smaller than tad?? Thank

  3. bobobimbo says:

    hihi! Can I wish for something? I wish Sheila would be model forever! I haven’t been buying from HH for a couple of months now but now everything looks soo good! 🙂 Thanks Sheila!

    • Haha! I’ll tell her that! Her confidence level dwindles with modelling though I think she does it well! She’s sooo pretty right sending all us girls in mad jealousy! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for your continuous support babe, we hope you find something you like during the launch! 🙂

  4. can the pleat front crochet lace dress and Lace Element Spaghetti Top fit a uk 10? 🙂

  5. please launch at night!! i think most customers will only be back after work/sch/day activities and we’d love to catch the launch on time 😀

  6. Thanks for e reply 🙂 hw much will colour block knit tunic it be priced at? 🙂

  7. Which colour is nice for Colour Block Knit Tunic? i cant decide >.<

  8. Colour Block Knit Tunic is not a hollyhoque label?

  9. HI 🙂 for the description of the hair accessory “it’s time not to neglect your hair no more” actually means ‘it’s time to neglect your hair’ hehehehe be careful of the double negativity 😀

    HH’s #1 fan

  10. Hi Sharon!

    May I know how much will the hair clip be priced at? Thank you! 🙂

  11. daffodilsunicorns says:

    hi dear! what’s the ptp for the pleated lace dress?(:

  12. hi! how much is the hair clip going for? do you know whr did sheila get the hair clip in the Rosette Corset Polka Dot Toga Dress picture? thanks!! 😀

  13. turnandturnagain says:

    Looks like it’s gnna be a fabulous collection!

    May i know how much is “Pleat Front Crochet Lace Tiered Dress” going for? 🙂

  14. beanieandklb says:

    Hi Sharon. Is the color of the Lace Element Spaghetti top in Sky Blue true to Sheila’s pic or studios’s pic? How much would it be priced at? And how much is the Pleat Front Crochet Lace Tiered Dress? Thks!

  15. mellodellobobello says:

    fab collection! cant wait! how much is the Pleat Front Crochet Lace Tiered Dress and when’s the launch scehduled! 😀

    • Hi dear! Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 The dress will be priced around $26! The launch should be tomorrow, so look out for the mailer for the time alright! We hope to see you then! 😀

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