Notice > School Girl Knit Dress (Grey, Blue, Navy) and Backorders

School Girl Knit Dress
Grey, Blue, Navy

This post is to inform all backorder participants for School Girl Knit Dress (Grey, Blue, Navy) that its backorder is delayed. The shipment had earlier arrived but failed our quality check as the wrong knit was used by the manufacturer. We have thus rejected the shipment and asked for a remake, which is estimated to arrive in the first week of September.

Notwithstanding, we are deeply apologetic over the delay and all backorder participants will be receiving emails from us by 4 August 2010 (Thursday) to account for the delay. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. 🙂


For most backorders, the shipments are likely to arrive within a month from the time orders are placed. However,  please note that the estimated dates for the arrival of backorders are tentative and there may be unanticipated expeditions/delays due to unforeseen circumstances, please participate if you are comfortable with the wait as we seek to avoid unhappiness arising from the situation. Please also be assured that the parcels for backorders are despatched almost immediately after they arrive so that you receive your items within the shortest time possible. 

With effect from the next backorder, participants may opt for a full refund of their any item under backorder only if the shipment of the backorder is delayed for one month from the estimated date of arrival.   

We thank you for noting and hope that you will continue to have a great shopping experience at Hollyhoque! 🙂

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