Sponsorships > NUS Business School Bash – Jam and Hop 2010 and NUS Law Bash 2010

Hollyhoque was honoured to be invited as the Official Ladies Wear Sponsor for NUS Business School Bash – Jam and Hop 2010 and NUS Law Bash 2010 held at Zouk which took place on 13 August 2010 (Friday) and 14 August 2010 (Saturday) respectively. The bashes, which encapsulated smashing good times throughout, showcased the apparels launched on Hollyhoque till to-date!

The gorgeous, Hollyhoque’s owner, Sheila Mandy Tham, and her friend, Samantha. 🙂

Samantha – Cross Front Toga Alike Dress (Dusty Pink)

Now, keep your eyes peeled as we saunter you through the runway pieces from Hollyhoque featured on the pageant contestants!

NUS Business School Bash – Jam and Hop 2010
All images are copyright of Pamela Yeo

F2 – Double Elegance Cross Strap Dress (Blue)

F5 – Diamond Dazzle Cutout Dress (Purple)

F6 – Bold Spirited Bodycon Dress (White/Green)

F7 – Water Colour Splash Dress (Purple)

F8 – By My Side Toga Dress (Cream)

F9 – Edging into Lace Romantic Dress

F10 – Topsy Turvy U Dress (Black/Fuchsia)

NUS Law Bash 2010
All images are copyright of Ae Image

F1 – Pleat Front Crochet Lace Tiered Dress (Yellow)
F2 – Spiral Ruffles Spaghetti Dress (Pink)
F3 – School Girl Knit Dress (Grey)
F4 – Garden Party Bodycon Dress (Yellow)
F5 – By My Side Toga Dress (Grey)
F6 – unreleased on Hollyhoque

F1 – Mesh Front M-Shape Dress (Black)

F2 – Edging into Lace Romantic Dress (Black)

F3 – Unreleased on Hollyhoque

F4 – Indie  Flavoured Tube Dress (Black)

F5 – Double Elegance Cross Straps Dress (Black)

F6 – Drama Queen Sleeveless Dress (Black)

Testimonial for Hollyhoque

As the co-organiser of NUS Law Bash 2010, I would like to thank Sheila and Hollyhoque for the sponsorship and support that they have given to NUS Law Bash 2010. Hollyhoque not only sponsored the female pageant contestants with the cute and glamourous dresses for the casual wear and evening wear segments, but also generously provided attractive prizes for the Law Queen and the five finalists.

Sheila was exceptionally helpful and kind in providing all the items that were required for the bash despite her busy schedule. Law Bash 2010 would not have been such a resounding success without the sponsorship from Hollyhoque. I would also like to thank Sheila for her support and company in attending Law Bash 2010. Her attendance and company is greatly appreciated. 🙂

As a longtime supporter of Hollyhoque, I approached Hollyhoque for this sponsorship as I really like their apparels and have enjoyed good service from them.  It was a joy working with Hollyhoque and Sheila, and I will definitely continue to show Hollyhoque my support!

Here’s a big thank you to Hollyhoque and to Sheila for helping to make Law Bash 2010 possible!

Jane Tan
NUS Law Bash 2010

It has been our greatest pleasure working with the committees of NUS Business School and NUS Law School, till the next sponsorships!

If you are interested to purchase any of the above apparels (without links affixed), please send an email to sales@hollyhoque.com indicating the item you are interested to purchase as the subject as stocks may still be available in their last pieces. Thank you and we wish you a happy experience shopping at Hollyhoque!

Sponsorships ♥ proudly brought to you by Hollyhoque

For all sponsorship enquiries and proposals, please drop us an email at business@hollyhoque.com.


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