Sponsorship > NTU SPMS Mystified 2010

Hollyhoque was honoured to be invited as the Official Ladies Wear Sponsor for the brand new event organised by the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Club (SPMS) Club from NTU. NTU SPMS Mystified 2010 is a pageantry event, complete with a school bash, to kickstart a brand new academic year in the SPMS. It will be held at DXO on 9 September 2010 (Thursday).

All images are copyright of http://spmsmystified2010.wordpress.com/, view more here.


If you wish to, you may even vote for your favourite pageant contestents here!

It has been our greatest pleasure working with the committee of NTU SPMS Mystified 2010, till the next sponsorship!

If you are interested to purchase any of the above apparels (without links affixed), please send an email to sales@hollyhoque.com indicating the item you are interested to purchase as the subject as stocks may still be available in their last pieces. Thank you and we wish you a happy experience shopping at Hollyhoque!

Sponsorship ♥ proudly brought to you by Hollyhoque

For all sponsorship enquiries and proposals, please drop us an email at business@hollyhoque.com.


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