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Have you joined the backorders for our latest collection yet?

Well, if you have to opt for one item to join backorder for, I think, it has got to be Buttons Line Up High Waist Shorts! For those of you who are interested, here’s a close up shot, with the buttons and zip undone:

I have the shorts in all 3 colours and I’m loving them! I wore the navy one out yesterday and I feel it’s such a nice bottom to play mix and match with. I paired it with a white top for the lazy weekend!

You may wish to gauge your size with reference to mine; I’m a Levis 26 (loose fit) and I’m wearing Size S/ UK6 (perfect fit).

The backorders (Button Cuff Sleeves Top, Buttons Line Up High Waist Shorts)  for Hollyhoque Collection 91; Corporate Casual Mix will close on 27 October 2010 @ 2359 hours, or earlier, when all slots are filled. Do join quick if you are interested! Click right here to be navigated. 😀


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