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In collaboration with Cotton Candy Friends, who has kindly sponsored us 200 Christmas cards, Hollyhoque will be writing to our dearest customers as a form of appreciation for your support over the years! 

Credits:  Cotton Candy Friends

 If you are a regular customer/high spender who has been shopping with us at and, then you could be 1 of the 200 customers to receive a hand-written card from us by the end of next week!

To determine the regulars/high spenders, please be assured that the a fair process of selection had been exercised as Sheila had handpicked the 200 Christmas card recipients with the help of Hollyhoque’s database. Unfortunately, frequent deadbuyers were excluded from the selection process. 

Christmas is a season of giving and to show our heartfelt thanks for your continuous support, each Christmas card includes one of the following giveaways*! 😀

♥ One time complimentary registered article delivery
♥ 3 dollars off any purchase
♥ 5 dollars off any purchase
♥ One time 10% off any purchase
♥ One time 15% off any purchase
♥ One time 50% off one item from New In
♥ One complimentary apparel from Past Collection
♥ One complimentary apparel from New In

*All giveaways are valid till 31 January 2011. To redeem, simply include your email address and a snapshot of the written giveaway on your Christmas card in your reply to the invoice issued to you.

If you are interested to purchase these Christmas cards for your family and friends, do visit Cotton Candy Friends now for them and other knick knacks!

The Hollyhoque Team wishes you a Merry Christmas in advance!

Collaboration ♥ proudly brought to you by Hollyhoque  

For all business enquiries and proposals, please drop us an email at


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