A Fashionista’s Confession > eL, 22

Contour Bodycon Dress

Without a doubt,this is the perfect dress with the perfect cut. It makes u look one size smaller – great slimming effect. I know exactly how frustrating it gets even when the smallest sizes offer by these high street fashion brands still seemed enormously huge. Honestly, I was rather skeptical about it’s fit and all at first but after donning it, I’m loving it. More colours for it?

Water Colour Splash Dress

A woman can never say ‘no’ to more dresses yeah? I like the fact that this dress can be worn for work, for casual outing with girlfriends, for dinners, for concerts, etc. The quality did not fail me, and the colours work on this dress was what appealed to me the most.


Strip Across Knit Top

I got this to keep me away from the freezing moments in the classrooms. This is a unique sweather unlike others as it can be worn as an off-shoulder. Again, there is nothing to complain about it’s workmanship. My first knit piece from Hollyhoque. Its quality is superb and I later got myself the School Girl Knit Dress (Grey).


School Girl Knit Dress

When the mint color for the knit dress was in-stock, my friends were still asking if they should buy it. I told them to just buy it and I even got one for my friend’s birthday. It looks as if this is a little towards casual wear but surprisingly, it works fine for presentations as well with a blazer on. With it giving off a soft touch of feminine, I can’t find any fault with this dress.


Button Cuff Sleeves Top

Navy is seriously never my choice of coluor. But for some reason, navy adds some sophistication to this top. It just reminds me of one of the casual tops I have seen on “The Sartorialist” before and I have since been looking for something similar. Till the day I saw this on Hollyhoque, the rest is history. I only managed to get this through its backorder, nice apparels do not come easy but it is definitely worth the wait.

Dear eL, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD7.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!


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