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and a reply/invoice will be sent to you shortly. If you do not receive a reply/invoice within 24 hours, it would mean that the item(s) you are interested in is/are pending/sold (as stocks are extremely limited – down to the last 1 to 3 pieces) by the time we reached your email.

Do note that prices are inclusive of local postage charges, but exclusive of registered article charges (+$2.24) and certificate of posting charges (+$0.20).

Happy shopping!

Hollyhoque Collection 83; Heart Basics

Braid My Top, $20

Hollyhoque Label

This has got to be one of the most flattering tops ever, we kid you not. It’s something more than your usual boring spaghetti top, look at it and be totally mesmerised by the unique factor, we will you. A picture perfect top for those camwhoring sessions, sure to win compliments wherever you go!

Featuring lycra, happy summer colours, cross front braided straps that accentuate the shoulders and smock at back for good fit.

Hollyhoque Collection 84; Season Turbulence

Lace Trim Button Front Dress, $22

Hollyhoque Label

Parade in this lovely dress and watch while your crowd gapes in envy! An irresistible number not to be missed, pair it with a mini tiara in your hair. How about matching it with the cute cardigan you recently acquired? A pair of flats and a clutch, you should so captivate and enchant with your princess look. Otherwise, Joyce thinks this piece to be good for school days too!

Featuring linen, flutter sleeves, functional buttons at front, elastic band at back and comes with side zip for easy wearing.

Hollyhoque Collection 85; A Tiara for Me

Stripe Across Knit Top, $23
Baby Blue/White

Hollyhoque Label

You have got to own at least a colour of this. Miss it, and you miss the world, for there is hardly any other design like this one! Definitely a super value buy, it can serve as a throwover and take you from the freezing lecture theatres to the movies. You can even wear it on its own or reserve it to be worn for your next holiday getaway for some low temperature loving! If that’s not all, this is just the right number for you to flaunt your fashion sense. Create varied auras by matching this top with a cutesy hat, a flower in your hair, a flora hair band, a long necklace and even a pair of super opaque leggings. If any items in this collection are to be selling like hot cakes, this top will definitely be one of them, we assure!

Featuring unique boat neckline, full length sleeves and bands at hems of sleeves. Made of quality stretchable knit.


Hollyhoque Collection 86 Part II; Seamstress Interest

Skip to Work Puff Sleeves Top, $23

Hollyhoque Label

Be a statue of poise in this work top. We love how it is formal but not too over the top. Up your fashion sense quotient in this top made to perfect cut, it all depends what and how you match and mix it with. A pair of tailored pants and your prized watch and you are ready for your weekly meeting, or a black bandage skirt and wedges for a dress down Friday. An easy to match top, it can even double up as an outerwear! Versatility is key and now, you have the key to unlock the lock. What are you waiting for?

Featuring puff sleeves with functional buttons at ends and functional buttons at front. Made of slightly stretchable denim.

Edging into Lace Romantic Dress, $14

Hollyhoque Label

Stand in line and be enchanted by this lacey masterpiece! It’s the most invincible get-together! Twirl and swirl like a princess through the night, paired with your shiny pearl necklace/bracelet and your tresses pulled back in the most wonderfully elegant manner. Be sure to put on your megawatt smile to dazzle the crowd!

Featuring lace overlay at collar, fuctional buttons at back of collar, ruches at front, cut in neckline that enhances the shoulders, elastic band at back and comes with side zip for easy wearing. Made of stretchable lycra.

Hollyhoque Collection 87; Fashion Spy

Rosette Corset Polka Dot Toga Dress, $26
White, Black

Hollyhoque Label

This dress reeks of classiness, flatters the collar bones, and its fabulous cut really had us sold. We love everything about it, from the one shoulder, the detachable dainty rosette corset that will evince all the femininity to the cutesy polka dots. Definitely one of its kind, style this dress up with a hair pin, peep toe heels and your favourite hand carrier. Now, if you still need one more reason to go for this dress, think of all the dinners you have to attend, the parties you scurry all over to be the best dressed, and you’ll be certain that it’s never too late to own a mind-blowing piece like this one for those emergency get-ups!

Featuring m-shape at bust, pleats to accentuate bust, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Fully lined, not sheer. Made of chiffon.


Hollyhoque Collection 89; Frolick in the Sun

Button Front Ribbed Tanktop, $20

Hollyhoque Label

You have been waiting for this top, we know that! You surely will adore it for the sunshine girl look it hugs you with! We simply cannot resist how the satin trimmings add a touch of identity to the otherwise ordinary top. This tanktop is bound to attract an onslaught of girls who are avid outdoor fans we assure! You may even choose to pair it with a black skirt for a semi-formal look. Now, fashion is all about creativity! 

Featuring functional buttons at front and satin trimmed under buttons. Made of stretchable ribbed cotton.

Hollyhoque Collection 90; Autumn Culture
Pleated Frills Sweetheart Tube Top, $20.50
Denim Blue, Yellow, Mint
How about a dainty tube top with pleated frills and a m-shaped neckline to match the array of bottoms in your wardrobe? We love how fun and flirty this tube top can be, and how it is so delish you need worry about your weekend dates no more! Go for a cycling trip, a picnic or a skating session with your favourite clique, and still end up looking your best! We suggest you pair this cute little number with a pair of denim shorts for a day out, or your sexy bandage skirt for a night out. Don’t forget to don on your sunshine smile alright!
Featuring pleated frills at bust, m-shaped neckline which enhances bust and elastic band at back. Made of stretchable cotton.
Bohemian Embroidery Babydoll Top, $21
White, Navy
If you love colourful stitches and embroidery, or the bohemian favour, then this babydoll top is for you. Look at how forgiving a cut it has, you can safely go for buffets in it, with no fear of revealing an after-meal tummy that is unsightly. This babydoll top is perfect for school, for it is fuss free and goes well with any bottoms! One thing to note, we like how the stitches and embroidery are in stark contrast to the colour of this babydoll top too!
Featuring exquisite embroideries and elastic band at back. Made of rayon cotton.


Socialite One Button Blazer, $26
Black (Size S/ UK4/6), Navy (Size S/ UK4/6), Cream (Size S/ UK4/6)

This formal blazer is of the most unique cut, ever. We are head over heels with every inch of it, the collar lapel, cloth wrapped button and the general chic feel it evinces! Take the breath off your audience and charm them during your presentations, when you come dressed in this number. Walk into the meeting room oozing with confidence, or the tutorial room all prepared to ace whatever may head your way! We think it best for this blazer to be matched with a pin-striped blouse, formal pants in matching colour and peep toe heels for the ultimate socialite instinct. 

Featuring unique collar, double lap with chiffon overlay at lapel and satin lined interior for maximum comfort. Made of structured matte satin.


Chiffon Ruffles Toga Dress, $25
Grey, White

A party dress for keepsake? This is the perfect one. See how alluring the chiffon ruffles are aligned diagonally on this toga dress? Your eyes are not kidding you, this dress is yours to have, if you let it be. Be in delight over how a usual dress turns unusual with the chiffon ruffles, and they do add a tinge of class, no? This dress is a must have for those days you are late for your dates, you have to agree with us. Slip it on with minimal accessorizing, a pair of patent heels and be prepared for all eyes on you, wherever you are going.

Featuring chiffon ruffles across for slimming effect, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Not sheer (Black, Grey). Slightly sheer (White), nude undies advised. Made of stretchable cotton.


Hollyhoque Collection 91; Corporate Casual Mix
Buttons Line Up High Waist Shorts, $25
Black (Size S/ UK6) 

If you think this pair of high waist shorts somewhat ring a bell, you are definitely not alone! Sheila wore hers in red (original piece from Miss Selfridge) to Jeju Island, Korea and once she posted pictures of her in it on her wordpress, she has been receiving requests to have it manufactured!

Marvel over the descend of Hollyhoque’s first ever pair of high waist shorts, with its design meant to give you ultra comfort and slim your silhouette! The buttons line up also acts a twist to the otherwise boring pair of high waist shorts. Now, we adore how a pair of bottoms like these instantly perks up any outfit and can carry one from day through night, when paired with the right top, leggings/stockings and accessories, depending on the feel you are after. Every girl should at least get a colour of this pair of gorgeous high waist shorts!

Featuring functional buttons and zip at frontal, belt hoops and smocked at back. Made of thick strechable cotton. 

Hollyhoque Collection 92; Fall’s Melody

Lace-Kissed Shoulders Button Down Top, $24

Hollyhoque Label

Behold, working ladies. It’s been quite awhile since you come across such a unique button down top, how often it is that you get to reveal your well-endowed shoulders insidiously, and get away with it? The lace frames your shoulders in a way no other material would, plus, you can either tug the top in your work bottoms or tie it up for a touch of fun during your dress-down days. This button down top will ensure that you look smart chic and lovingly professional in it, trust us on that! Wear it loose fit or tie up the shirt ends for a night of partying!

Featuring three quarter sleeves, lace at shoulder, functional buttons and tie front and cuffed sleeves. Made of cotton.

Ripped Web Knit Throwover, $24
Dusty Jade

Hollyhoque Label

What’s not to like about this piece, with its flattering cut and unique outlook? We are heads over heels with the combination of knit and throwover, perfect for those much dreaded I-feel-fat-days. Otherwise, we deem this throwover to come just useful for a dress-down Friday or a laid back weekend! We can so imagine ourselves chilling with a few friends at a coffee establishment, while they marvel at our fashion sense! Be the bold and daring, start your wardrobe on an entirely different note today, we are sure you have to have a colour of this throwover for your basics – tank and spaghetti tops and dresses, to exude a totally different aura!

Featuring wide scoop neckline and slightly banded at hem. Made of stretchable intricate ripped knit.

Crochet Kimono Top, $22

Hollyhoque Label

Not one girl on earth can get enough of kimono tops, really, especially one with such a delish outlook that is totally hard to come by. Turn heads wherever you go, you will be amazed how a refined top like this one ensures that you get the right attention. A plus point that you can easily match and mix this piece with your three-quarter pants, or your bandage skirt, if you wish!

Featuring crochet neckline, batwing sleeves, slightly smocked at back and comes with complimentary matching full length tube as pictured. Made of chiffon.

Sleeveless Pleat Front Ruffles Top, $22.50

Hollyhoque Label

Discard your idea of formal wear being boring right this instance. Not anymore, not with this lovely and chic top, that looks good whether paired with mono tone skirts or denims alike! Pull on a casual top like this one instead of your usual prim and proper blouses. It’s wonderful for smart casual events too, when coupled with stunning footwear. Wear it with a belt cinched at your waist if it pleases you!

Featuring semi-mandarin collar, chiffon ruffles at front and functional buttons. Made of stretchable polyester cotton.


Hollyhoque Collection 93; Sweet Nothings

Slim Fit Lace Panel Maxi Dress, $28
Grey, Black

Hollyhoque Label

This maxi dress is one of timeless femininity, the only that is not too over the top yet captivates the epitome of class. If you have been awaiting the chance to own a maxi dress, grab this one. We love how the lace panel subtly brings out the girly charm, and adds just the right bit of glitz and glamour. Be mesmerised too, by the unique neckline that lets you flaunt your cleavage effortlessly. For the less daring, you may wish to consider matching it with a tube. Get a patent clutch and sky high heels to complete the look!

Featuring lace panel at front, v-neckline, racer back and tie string details at back for better fit. Made of Japanese cotton.

Ruffle My Shoulders Mini Dress, $25

Hollyhoque Label

Finally, a mini dress for the petite! Ooh wait, this one comes with cute ruffles at the shoulders that are ever so endearing, you are bound to fall in love with them at first glance. Start your weekend off clad in this dress, you can never have enough of such a fun and simple basic dress in your wardrobes! Cinch a thick waist belt and stride off in your newly acquired covered toes wedges for a different look!

Featuring ruffles at shoulders, scoop neckline and elastic band at back. Made of cotton. Fully lined, not sheer.

3/4 Sleeves Tie Waist Dress, $25

Hollyhoque Label

A statement-making dress suitable for both work and play, which can definitely makeover a plain Jane! We love how black contours the entire dress so succinctly, and you can play around with the tie string details! Really, we need some highlights in our wardrobe. A dress like this that matches well with with a blazer for work, or on its own for a casual day out is priceless! Remember to have a flower pin in your hair and your sunshine smile!

Featuring scoop neckline, 3/4 sleeves and tie string details at front or back for better fit. Made of lycra. Fully lined, not sheer.

Loop Front Spaghetti Top, $21.50

Hollyhoque Label

A playful 2-piece for the price of one! How about that for a good deal! Layer the outer piece with the matching tube as pictured, to create a stark contrast! This top is best suited for an outdoor get together with your friends, when paired with your favourite sneakers! We foresee it to sell like hotcakes during the launch for the versatility that it evinces wholly!

Featuring double straps, unique loop detail at front and comes with complimentary matching tube as pictured. Made of cotton.

Hollyhoque Collection 95; Strut Party Queen

Puff Sleeves Velvet Frock, $25

Hollyhoque Label

Less is more, with this frock. An inspiration borne right out from Vivi Japanese fashion magazine, this frock spells of ultimate flirty fun. We think it perfect for girls who are of bigger frames, for the flattering cut of this frock reeks of a tinge of conservative nature which lets you conceal the unsightly buldges, while the A line skirting effectively hides those thunder thighs. Girls who are of petite frames have it all, you will appear slimmer than you already is! 

Featuring loop details at neckline, puff sleeves, elastic band under bust and lace trimmings at hem. Made of stretchable velvet.
Triple Flaps Sash Frock, $26.50

Hollyhoque Label

Admit it, this dress had you experiencing the feeling of love at first sight. For the less endowed girls, this dress is a must-have for it creates the illusion of endowment! The cross flaps at the skirting also had us swooning. It’s too pretty a dress to be missed. You may even wish to tuck in the straps and turn it into a tube dress! Let your hair down and turn heads with it, this dress lets you be different. 

Featuring adjustable straps, anti slip at frontal, elastic band at underbust and back and comes with a detachable black satin tie sash. Made of stretchable lycra. Fully lined, not sheer.


Hollyhoque Collection 96; Workaholic Greets Weekender

Multi-Way Knit Tube, $25

Hollyhoque Label

A ultimate versatile tube, opt to wear this knit tube multi-way – as a top, a skirt or a midi-dress! Wear it over your jeggings as a top, pair it with an inner top with a cardigan coupled with a belt cinched at your waist as a skirt, or on its own as a midi-dress! This knit tube serves as a wonderful accompaniment to your daily outfits, so make it your perfect prelude to winter! 

Made of stretchable knit. Not sheer.

Crochet Cutout Neckline Dress, $24.50
Dusky Blue

Hollyhoque Label

A dress made for that simple date out, this masterpiece chases away your woes of finding a dress apt for the weekend! We are loving the crochet cutout neckline that functions as an adornment to our bare neck without the need for a chunky necklace. We foresee this dress to be your next favourite, you will be reaching for it in your wardrobe endlessly! A corset hairpin and a pair of ballet flats are all that matters to complete the outfit!  

Featuring crochet cutout at frontal and elastic band under-bust Made of stretchable Japanese cotton. Not sheer.


Stitch Thread Embroidery Dress, $25
Blue, White

Hollyhoque Label

This dress is love at first sight for us, the stitch thread embroidery in such happy colours melted our hearts! The sweet girl-next-door look wouldn’t be achieved if you don’t have a dress or two like this one in your treasure cove. Pair this dress with a pearl bracelet and a pair of nude wedges.

Featuring exquisite stitch thread embroidery, elastic band at back and puff sleeves. Made of cotton. Inner lined from skirting onwards, not sheer.


3/4 Sleeves Shirt Dress, $25.50

Hollyhoque Label

Formal attire doesn’t only revolves around monochrome affairs. Make your work place interesting when you enter office clad in this shirt dress! A beautiful number, this is one shirt dress all office ladies cannot do without. Match it with a pair of peep toe high heels and a work satchel to channel the corporate image.

Featuring functional buttons at frontal, hem of sleeves and elastic band at back. Inner lined from skirting onwards, not sheer. Nude undergraments advised for White (slightly sheer).

Hollyhoque Collection 97; Casual in Style 

Dreamy Pleats Chiffon Dress, $26
Mint, Blurple

Hollyhoque Label

This is the perfect dress for you to appear in at year-end parties in, it’s construed to perfection and evoke the dreamy feel! Be the head turner you deserve, for this dress is so special, onlookers will stop in their tracks to give praise. We suggest matching it with an evening clutch and a pair of patent wedges. 

Featuring exquisite ruche details at bust, elastic band at back and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Made of chiffon for bodice and contrast with satin for straps. Fully lined, not sheer.



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