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This post is dedicated to addressing some issues that have sprung up of late, relating to Hollyhoque and its operations. We would therefore really appreciate your patience and understanding in reading it through! ❤


A million apologies for the lag experienced at during the latest launch. We understand that it must have been an ordeal for you to have to expend time checking out your purchases. That aside, we have already upgraded our server since the last launch, if you had noticed, since the server crash was momentary. That said, please be assured that we will be monitoring the situation in order to prevent reoccurences in the near future. We cannot thank you enough for your supportive gestures! 🙂

Mailers, Archives, Backorder > Hollyhoque Collection 103; Spring Language

We have taken in your feedback to send out our mailers earlier for the latest collection. If you have yet to subscribe to our mailing list, please do so now to be apprise of our latest updates!

At your request, we will also be archiving our collections (from Hollyhoque Collection 103; Spring Language) at Please click on the tab, ARCHIVES (Collection 103 to —) at the top right hand corner to be navigated!

Backorders for Batwing Sleeve Shirt Dress and Paperbag High Waist Skirt that were sold out minutes following the launch of Hollyhoque Collection 103; Spring Language are now open! We have heard your pleas and are happy to announce that both backorder items come in sizes (if we are able to garner enough orders for the new size)!


♥ Batwing Sleeves Shirt Dress (Teal, Brown, Navy)
16.5″ Across, 31.5″ Down (original size)
17.5″ Across, 33″ Down (new size)

 ♥ Paperbag High Waist Skirt (Navy, Black, Cream)
11.5″ – 16″ Across (Waist), 16.5″ – 21″ Across (Hips), 15″ Down (original size – Size S)
12.5″ – 17″ Across (Waist), 17.5″ – 22″ Across (Hips), 16.5″ Down (new size – Size M)


We will try our best to attend to any emails received in our inbox within 24 hours. Please refrain from resending your email so that its order in our inbox is not disrupted and we are able to get to it without delay. Please also allow us a slightly longer time frame (> 24 hours) to attend to any emails received in our inbox over the weekend.


For a better gauge of our apparels on a UK6 for your reference, Zoe has been engaged to model them. Therefore, you will be seeing more of Fashion Inspirations at featuring Zoe.

Hollyhoque Face

  Finally, we are on the scouting for the next Hollyhoque Face! If you 

 ♥ are between 18 to 23 years old;
♥ stand at between 1.60 metres to 1.65 metres;
♥ are a UK6/8;
♥ are pleasant and sweet looking;
 ♥ are photogenic; and
♥ are willing to be an exclusive model for Hollyhoque,

then you could be the one we are looking for! Please drop us an email at* stating the following:

name and age
height and weight
UK size
current occupation
 blog and/or facebook URL

along with at least two full length shots of yourself! We hope to hear from you soon! 😀

We regret that only shortlisted Hollyhoque faces will be contacted. 


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