Blogger’s Contest > Hollyhoque’s New Logo

♥ lovingly designed by Sheila

Thank you all for the overwhelming participation to Blogger’s Contest > Hollyhoque’s New Logo! After racking our brains over the entries, the results are finally out! Our heartiest congratulations to the 3 winners!

1st (HH$50) – L

On first sight, the logo appears to just be a capitalised H in cursive script. However after further scrutiny, I realised that the bottom right curlicue actually forms a small H so it reads Hh in one single logo

Also, the left side of the capitalised H looks like a J while the right looks like S; possibly standing for JY and Sheila, the people behind HH. I think it’s a great way to incorporate it into the logo, making it very special

Lastly (and very randomly but I think it’s meaningful), the loops of the capital H at the top right and bottom left corner forms a diagonal 8, which I feel can be seen 2 ways the first; it is like the infinity symbol (usually shown as a horizontal : a wish for HH to develop and reach great heights with constant room for improvement. Also, it is like the number 8, which in Chinese sounds like ‘fa’; for HH to continue to prosper and earn big bucks from providing awesome yet affordable fashion to the masses

2nd (HH$30) – Sarah

The new Hollyhoque logo indeed epitomizes Hollyhoque; her past, present and future.
Like a cognitive optical illusion, the logo may be conceived in several ways. One may see the logo as one symbol with two adjacent alphabets, ‘HH’, which is what Hollyhoque is affectionately known as to her avid fans and loyal customers. Alternatively, one may perceive the logo as a single ‘H’ for Hollyhoque. These multi-variate interpretations suggest versatility and individuality of Hollyhoque’s apparels; as well as highlights Hollyhoque’s vision of catering to every girl’s wardrobe.

Set in a pastel purple, the colour created by combining red (warm colour) and blue (cool colour), the logo symbolizes Hollyhoque’s creative designs that complement everybody – hot chicks and ice-queens alike. On its own, the logo exudes a certain sweet charm and classic vibe which embodies Hollyhoque’s style philosophy.
Drawn in a delicate, single stroke, the Hollyhoque logo further ties in with Hollyhoque’s association with the Hollyhock – a herbaceous but hardy flowering plant. Much akin to the herbaceous stem of the Hollyhock plant which climbs up for sunlight, the forward-slanting curly logo symbolizes Hollyhoque’s relentless strive for success and ‘fruitfulness’.

3rd (HH$10) – Jaycelyn

When i first saw the newly created logo on the Hollyhoque website, I was surprised by the explicit meaning hidden behind such a unique yet simple design. Featuring a large capital H being entwined with a smaller h, this represents the abbreviation of Hollyhoque – HH (which is widely known by many in the blogshopping community). In addition, the cursive strokes that were made when creating this logo depicts the journey and the many ups-and-downs that the HH team went through from being a small livejournal blogshop in April 2008 to a now popular and successful registered blogshop with uniquely self-manufactured designs being highly sought after by girls.

Perosnally, as to why the Hollyhoque logo has a large capital H followed by a small h, instead of two large capital H being jointly located, this may be due to the fact that Hollyhoque still has the potential and is capable of progressing to even higher grounds. The capital H signifies what Hollyhoque has achieved during the past 3 years, from creating a solid reputation (which is shown by their expanding customer base) to self-manufacturing apparels and shoewears that are of high quality and yet affordable at the same time. On the other hand, the small h, which is similar to that of a newborn, signifies Hollyhoque’s start in aiming to create a deeper and more impactful mark in the blogshopping market. This is shown by Hollyhoque moving to a new office space, a sign of preparedness for their upcoming goal.

Overall, I feel the new Hollyhoque logo portrays a unique identity, and the it depicts a signature brand due to the cursive font which is common to most signatures.
Wishing HH all the best!!

We wanted to throw in a little contest to celebrate the dawn of our new logo, and 3 of our favourite entries will be entitled to Hollyhoque dollars, or HH$, as we affectionately calls it.

We have been contemplating so many designs for our logo, and when we set our eyes on this one, we know that, “Yes, THIS is it.” You will definitely agree with us without reservation if you are made aware of  the special meaning tied to this logo, and instead of us launching into its full-fledged meaning right away, we are hoping for you to help us unveil it! How about that?

Simply drop us an email at in the following format to enter this contest:

Subject: Blogger’s Contest > Hollyhoque’s New Logo!

The winners will walk away with HH$50 (1st), HH$30 (2nd) and HH$10 (3rd) each!

The deadline (no extension will be entertained)  for submission of your entries is 12 March 2011 (Saturday) @ 2000 hours.
We will be releasing the winning entries on by 12 March 2011 (Saturday) @ 2359 hours and all winners will be notified by 12 March 2011 (Saturday) @ 2359 hours via email.
Please note that the HH$ is for one-time usage and applicable only to Hollyhoque Collection 104; City Girls Avenue.


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