A Fashionist​a’s Confession > JM, 20 (1.61m, UK6/8)

Roman Pleats Front Dress

The pleats of this dress are awesome! Though it is a plain looking dress, the pleats at frontal are very flattering, and the material is so smooth and lightweight. This dress makes you feel really comfortable in it, and it’s great for a shopping day out in this warm weather. I love the complimentary thin rope belt, which is in a matching colour of the dress!

Crochet Romance Mini Dress

This dress caught my eye during the preview for it! I love the crochet – little hearts and flowers which make the whole dress looks really cute. Though it is a “mini dress”, it is not as short as it sounds. The length of this dress fits me perfectly! I matched it with a leather belt and I’m good to go! This dress will never go wrong as it is simple yet good enough to head to town in.

Origami Pleats Chiffon Top
Available via backorders

I love this top when I saw it on http://twitter.com/sheilamansy. The design on the collar is really special, I love the flaps! I would pair it with high waist shorts as I prefer to wear it for a casual day out, but of course, this top is also suitable for work. There is a complimentary piece of inner spaghetti in Black to go along with this top, but I think it’s fine to not wear it as nude undergarments would do the trick. The chiffon is soft and smooth, thin and cooling! It is most suitable for our warm weather nowadays! I did not regret buying this top, it’s definitely worth the price with its quality!

Tassel Woven Leather Belt
Camel, Orange
Available via backorders

I have been aiming to get one of these belts since I saw Sheila wearing it! I love the dangling tassel, it makes the belt look interesting. These belts are so essential that it can go well with anything! It is made of great leather material, you can even sniff the leathery smell. The buckle of the belt is made of gold plated metal, with some places wrapped with leather. I think this belt is really worth the price as those selling at brick and motor stores cost more.

Orange is a really vibrant colour that will go well with White, Black, Navy. Camel is more of a neutral colour that can go well with most of the clothings. Since backorders are up, I may consider getting it in other colours as well! You should too!

Dear JM, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD5 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!


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