A Fashionist​a’s Confession > JM, 20 (1.61m, UK6/8)

Bare Shoulders Lace Dress

This dress did not catch my eye at first when I saw it on http://sheilamandy.onsugar.com as it did not look special, perhaps because I could not see the lace of the dress from her pictures. However, once I saw the preview for it on https://hollyhoque.wordpress.com, I was totally attracted to it! I was quite afraid that this dress will make my shoulders look broad, but I was totally wrong. It’s a right choice to get this dress. The lace is awesome. You have to get this dress to know how gorgeous it is! I will be wearing it to my cousin’s wedding in the middle of June. I really love this dress!

Oversize Mania Knit Dress
Gunmetal Grey

I was pretty afraid that the dress would be oversize on me! When I purchase it, I doubted if I would really like this dress. When I received my parcel, I tried it, and I realised it made me looked petite! I can pair it with al kinds of belt. Like what Sheila said on http://formspring.me/sheilamandy, “The trick is to tighten your belt and then tuck the dress out a little”. The slouchy pocket made the whole dress looked even cuter! Gunmetal Grey is an awesome colour! It even comes with a complimentary petticoat in Black, which I think is totally worth the price as the knit material is fabulous. It’s really a must get!

Crochet Trim Flora Bustier Tube Top
Available via backorders

I had difficulty choosing the colour for this top! All the colours look equally great. I got White in the end as I feel it to be a cheerful colour! I never regretted getting this colour. To me, most of the tube tops will make my arms looks flabby or thick. I was surprised that when I tried this top, it actually made my arms looked a little slimmer. The top won’t slip off, as there is an elastic band behind which give the top maximum hold! The flora prints on the top is really pretty, not to forget the crochet trim, which is nicely laid on the bust area. I matched it with Buttons Line Up High Waist Shorts (Denim) for a casual day out. I love the combination!

Retro Rewind 3/4 Linen Skirt
Available via backorders

This skirt was love at first sight for me! I like the flare and ripples, and specially the length of the skirt! Though it’s at the knee, it does not cause any hindrance when I walk. The skirt is really very pretty and gives a really retro look! At first, I wanted to get it in Mustard, but wasn’t sure how I could match it with, so I chose Black. Black is always the safest colour. I can pair it with Crochet Trim Flora Bustier Tube Top, or any bright coloured tops to enhance my outfit. I will definitely join the backorder for Mustard if there’s one, or get the Sand!

Dear JM, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD4 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!


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