A Fashionista’s Confession > SJM, 20 (1.6m, UK6/8)

Tie Strings Round Pleats Dress
Duke Blue

One word to describe this dress – awesome! It hides armpit fats well, and the curve hem is very nice! I wore it to a wedding dinner, and I think it’s really comfortable to be in. This dress is definitely for keeps as it’s so simple yet unique. I believe this dress is also suitable for a casual day out as I need only to pair it with a tote and sandals or slippers to look as good! I love the tie strings since I can go as many rounds I want, for it to end in a big or small ribbon. This is a really versatile dress!

Peacock Print Collar Dress
Light Blue (Size S)

I had a hard time choosing the colour I would like to purchase for this dress! All the colours look nice. After much consideration, I chose Light Blue! Out of the four colours, Light Blue has the coolest tone. The peacock feather prints on the dress are gorgeous! The tie strings at waist enhance my curves and gives a better silhouette. I paired it with a pair of sandals for a date out with my boyfriend!

Fold Collar Chiffon Top
Black, Sunshine

This top is love at first sight! I’m a total fan for chiffon tops, and this top is just too pretty to be missed! I was caught between Black, Ivory and Sunshine initially but being greedy, I got two colours for this top. It’s really versatile, isn’t it? Tuck in or out, with shorts or jeans, it’s up to your imagination! It’s really worth the price as there is acomes with a complimentary thin belt in brown and a boob tube of matching colour that is made of good quality lycra.

Mini Ruffles Waist Toga Dress
Black (Size S)

I have been searching high and low for a toga dress that suits me. This toga dress caught my eye because of the contrast in material. I decided to give it a try! I immediately slipped into the dress upon receiving it. The cutting is very flattering! Although there is an elastic band at waist, it’s totally hidden by the mini ruffles. This dress looks really elegant and is suitable for wedding dinners or even a date out with your boyfriend or friends! Minimal accessories are needed as this dress is good on it’s own. There’s a little sheen to the bodice of this dress because of the material. The length of the strap fits me just right!

Open Back Chiffon Tunic

Like what I mentioned, I love chiffon tops! I purchased this tunic as the back is really special. It really does feel like I have wings behind! The elastic band at back gives shape to the tunic as it is quite loose. The peter pan collar makes this tunic look cute. It would be a great outfit for school, when matched with shorts!

Pleats On Wings Cape

I chose black for this outerwear as it is the most versatile colour, making it easy to match with different tops of different colours. The design actually gives an illusion of slimmer arms and smaller shoulderw. If you are sick of the usual cardigans that you have worn for ages, this cape will do a good job in replacing it! It is very easy to be thrown on over tube tops, spaghetti tops, tank tops, or even dresses! I matched it with Crochet Trim Flora Bustier Tube Top (White)!

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