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Asymmetrical Layer Ruche Sides Dress
Bronze, Teal, Black, Salmon


Measurements: 14.5″ – 17.5″ Across, 32″ – 34″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

This dress is made for you if you desire to create maximum impact with minimum effort! We adore the asymmetrical layer and ruches at sides that gives the ultimate slimming effect! With thoughtful details like these, do go easy on the accessories!

Featuring asymmetrical layer and ruches at sides. Made of quality (stretchable) lycra. Fully lined, not sheer.

Asymmetrical Loop Sleeve Tee
Navy, Lavender, Coral Blue


Measurements: 23″ – 26″ Across, 25″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

A love at first sight for us, this top is the testament to the belief that comfort level should never be compromised with style. The loop at one shoulder is not only suitable for the bold and daring, the simple and conservative should have a spin in it too. The devil’s in the details, and this top has it all!

Featuring wide v-neckline and asymmetrical sleeves with loop at one shoulder. Made of light weight cotton (stretchable) that is cooling on the skin.

Scallop Trim Sleeves Knit Top
Sky, White, Powder Pink, Jade, Black


Measurements: 23″ – 32″ Across, 26″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Knit tops need not only come into play when the weather turns chilly, they are here to stay because they suit all seasons, rain or shine! Let the oversize fit work for you by overlaying it over a basic top, we simply adore the peek-a-boo illusion thus clinched!

Featuring exquisite knit pattern and band at hem. Made of quality knit.


Lace Drape Shrug Cardigan
Gunmetal Grey, Taupe, Jade


Measurements: 17″ – 23″ Across, 16″ – 26″ Down, 22″ Sleeves

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Inspired from a Korean brand, a lovely shrug cardigan adorned with lace is for keeps. Your solution to the low temperatures indoors, it also serves as a timeless classic when keeping you from the cold!

Featuring lace drape at frontal, full length sleeves that is slightly puff and lace at back. Made of lace and quality silk cotton blend.

Military Duo-Pocket Dress
Blue, Lavender, Pale Grey, Jade


Measurements: 17.5″ – 18.5″ Across, 31.5″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

This dress works brilliantly on casual days – channel effortless chic by cinching a belt of your own at the waist to add definition! Bask in silence and let this military number do the talking!

Featuring functional buttons and pockets at frontal and comes with an inner piece in matching colour and a detachable sash. Made of cotton. Not sheer.

Ribbon On Shoulder Toga Dress
Black (Size S, Size M), Cream (Size S, Size M), Gunmetal Grey (Size S, Size M)


Size S: 14″ -18″ Across, 30.5″ Down
Size M: 15″ – 19″ Across, 31″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Tailored to accentuate your curves, this dress absolutely flatters the collar bones and its flattering cut had us sold. The contrast in material of the bodice (cotton) and ribbon (chiffon) adds brownie points to the design!

Featuring ribbon on shoulder and dart details at back of dress for a better fit at waist and hips to eliminate excess fabric. Made of quality cotton with chiffon ribbon.

Diamonte Bling Bracelet


Measurements: 7″ (First hook) – 10″ (Last hook)

Imported for Hollyhoque

Make an effortless attempt to enhance your feminine get up with this dainty piece. An essential accessory for the fashionista in you!

Featuring diamonte beads and adjustable hook.



  1. Will there be backorders for this collection? Really love the knitted tops but they are sold out!

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