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Waist-Enhanced Tiered Dress
Taupe (Size XS, Size S, Size M), Blue (Size XS, Size S, Size M), Royal Purple (Size XS, Size S, Size M)



Size XS: 13″ – 16″ Across, 13″ Waist, 27″ – 29″ Down

Size S: 14″ – 17″ Across, 14″ Waist, 27″ – 29″ Down

Size M: 15″ – 18″ Across, 15″ Waist, 27″ – 29″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

The sweetheart bustline, well-defined pleats at frontal and three-tier skirting meet seamlessly to make this ensemble more than perfect. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, don this head turner at the year end events and functions to instantly steal the limelight!

Featuring asymmetrical hem and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Made of chiffon. Fully lined, not sheer.

Stripes Oversize Crop Top
Grey, Red, Navy, Dusty Pink, Green, Black


Measurements: 28″ – 31″ Across, 17.5″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

If you haven’t already, it’s high time you turn to a crop top with stripes for the casual chic line up! With a myraid of colours to choose from, back to basics has never been this easy!

Featuring wide neckline, batwing sleeves and crop design. Made of quality (stretchable) knit.

Origami Pockets Shirt
White, Black, Navy


Measurements: 18″ – 19″ Across, 23.5″ Down, 21.5″ Sleeves

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

The origami pockets with pleats of this shirt scream cute many times over! The choice rests in you to wear it the prim and proper way – buttoned, or with a twist – hems tied. One top that achieve two looks, this shirt may be your best investment ever!

Featuring functional buttons and origami pockets with pleats at frontal. Made of quality cotton.

Asymmetrical Hem Picnic Dress
Forest Green, Sunshine, Blue


Measurements: 15.5″ – 17″ Across, 32″ – 42″ Across

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Exuding a laid-back resort feel, look every bit a diva in this dress and score an A+ in the fashion department. We think this casual dress that comes finished with a asymmetrical hem is a gem to wear for weekend picnic sessions with your friends!

Featuring flower-shape buttons at frontal, asymmetrical hem, and comes with elastic band at back for a better fit. Made of cotton. Fully lined, not sheer.

Cotton-Textured Babydoll Top
Fern Green, Mustard, Blue, Burnt Orange


Measurements: 14″ – 17″ Across, 23″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

A love at first sight for us, this top is the testament to the belief that comfort level should never be compromised with style. The gorgeous pleats on textured cotton of this babydoll top surely had us won over!

Featuring pleats at frontal to accentuate bust, adjustable straps and comes with a elastic band at back for a better fit. Made of textured cotton.

Crochet-Lace Affair Tea Party Frock
Blurple, White, Dusty Pink


Measurements: 15″ – 17″ Across, 32″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Crochet-lace and chiffon silk make for a romantic concoction, and this dress is definitely a stylish option to bring you from dusk to dawn. With girly details like these to flaunt, bear in mind to keep your accessories at bay!

Featuring exquisite and intricate crochet-lace at frontal and hems of 3/4 sleeves and comes with a side zip for easy wearing. Made of chiffon silk blend. Fully lined, not sheer.

Ruches Tube Midi
Cream, Grey, Navy


Measurements: 11″ – 18″ Across, 33.5″ Down

Manufactured for Hollyhoque

Be enthralled at the ruches adorning the bodice of this dress as they literally took our breaths away! This tube midi is simple, yet interesting. A timeless classic, sashay through this season in it!

Featuring ruches to accentuate bust and hidden thick elastic band at tube top. Made of quality Japanese cotton (like that of 3/4 Basic Sleeveless Maxi Dress).


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