A Fashionist​a’s Confession > J, 19 (1.68m, UK6)

2-Pocket Military Chiffon Top

I absolutely love the slouchy look of this top! Not only that, it is also lightweight and looks really good when matched with the Mini Ruches Bandage Skirt (Red). The pockets gives the top a cutesy feel!

Multiway Fitted Pantkins
Blue (Size S), Red (Size S, Size M), Yellow (Size S, Size M)

When I first saw the preview for this pair of pantkins in Blue on https://hollyhoque.wordpress.com, I was deeply captivated by its unique shade and I knew it was a piece I would not miss. It is very versatile as it can be matched with various tops; it can also be worn either high-waist or mid-waist!

Dear J, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD3 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!


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