A Fashionista’s Confession > Kel > 1.56m > UK6/8

Crochet x Denim x Chiffon Top


Super comfortable in weather like Singapore. Chiffon is those soft type and not those itchy type of chiffon. Easily matched with HH contrast stitch shorts and my cousins asked where I bought my top, not just 1 cousin, but 3 cousins asked about it.

Shimmer Accent Crop Top 


Didn’t really like this top at first because it look quite oversized on me, but still wore it out for a Spa session with my friends and after they commented that I look nice in the top and a few of them asked where I got it from, I think I am beginning to love the top. My friend was quite disappointed that it was out of stock cos she wanted to get it after seeing me in this top. Told her to wait for the BO and I am getting the cream color on during BO too. Please open a BO for this soon.

Roll-up Destroyed Denim Shorts

Dark Denim (S)

This shorts was initially a little tight on me when it first came, and so I didn’t really wear it out yet. But seeing it sitting there for quite sometime, I decided to wear it out yesterday pairing with Shimmer Accent Top and it is a little loose on me, but really love the fit. The denim is soft type, and my friend even asked me is this shorts from Forever21, expensive looking shorts.

Scarf Print Peterpan Collar Dress 


Love at first sight for this dress after seeing Sheila posted it on her blog, and I must buy this dress, so I sit in front of my macbook and wait for the launch on that Wednesday night, add to cart and cart out immediately with another dress. Collected it the next day, skipped the washing and wore it to work on Friday. I am so in love with this dress that I wanted to cart out other colors but my friends stopped me. The cons about this dress is a little too short and I have to wear a shorts inside, even thought I am not that tall. I love the cut of the dress and I even bring one of my dress to the tailor to alter a similar cut as this dress.

Sleeveless Slant Hem Dress 


This dress didn’t really caught my eyes when I first looked at it, but I decided to purchased it after reading Zoe Raymond’s blog and see her in it. Didn’t even have a bit of regret getting this dress because it just look beautiful. Not too long for a short me. Paired it with HH Tassel Chain Suede Belt and it looks prefect. 

 Tassel Chain Suede Belt

 Beaver (Dark Brown)

 This belt is a must get, goes well with almost every dress I have. Wore it with Sleeveles Slant Hem Dress, Scarf Print Dress and even with HH Rust Buttons Collar Shirt.

 Ruche Sleeves Peplum Top 

 Forest Green 

Gotten this top from the latest collection, was too late for the Burnt Orange one and that was my 1st choice, and the 2nd nicest was Forest Green, so I got the forest green instead. Waiting for the BO for Burnt Orange. Haven’t wear it out yet but took a photo to show my friends how slim this top fits and they are all so amazed by it. I love all HH clothes and I am always so excited for all launch. My bf calls me a HH addict.

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