A Fashionista’s Confession > WX, 21, 1.58m, UK 6/8

Ruche Overlap Bandage Skirt

Fuchsia, Black

How can a girl ever resist a hot pink addition into your closet! Just had to get this fuchsia skirt when I saw Sheila wearing it during the Maybelline’s event! The pink is just too intense, simply match with a white or cream top to complement the intensity or try another bright colour for colour blocking. Love how the fuchsia matches with anything white, and the super gorgeous ruches that are to-die-for,  adding so much punch to a bandage skirt ! The ruched details are just too pretty to give this skirt a miss!

Unable to resist the stunning ruched detailing, I have decided to get another one in Black for slightly formal events or dinners. Despite being a deep shade of black, the ruched details are still visible even from afar! This is really the best buy of the whole collection! Dark colour is perfect for feeling-fat-day to tone down the hip area and yet still strut down in a pretty little skirt. My first time getting two colours for the same piece, completely obsessed with the fit and design!

Tulip Sleeves Peplum Top


Another must-get after seeing Sheila’s instagram post on how flattering this top is! It is stretchy for fit and snugs in nicely at the waist area to give an illusion of a smaller waistline. The flattering peplum details let you swish and swash around feeling like a ballerina, elegant and classy! The tulip sleeves are such pretty little details to add even more plus points to this top! The shade of the grey is perfect for formal or casual wears, making it a super versatile piece. Completely smitten with this top!

Dear WX, for your confession, you are entitled to a SGD 4.50 discount applicable on your next purchase at http://www.hollyhoque.com! Simply forward our reply email to you (which will be affixed with the link of this confession) along with the payment for your next purchase to qualify! Thank you for participating in A Fashionista’s Confession!


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